twins in October 1985. always idolized her father, who had gone to Sydney to Kate Raison Left alone on the farm, Molly goes into labour but makes it to hospital, eventually, when Bob drops by the farm. Bernice Hudson Her present family home is just five streets from the house she grew up in. Watch A Country Practice episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Directed by David C. Wilson. Frank, having already determined Mr. Brown's identity, introduces him to the others at the club. Frank is given the task of investigating the case and is quick to see that Betty is attempting to protect her son. With the local dentist out of town, Simon and Terence break into the dental surgery to get the tools necessary to pull Bob's tooth themselves—they even convince Frank to help in the break-in! Robin tells Simon the truth about her now notorious past. Script: Leon Saunders (57) and Luis Bayonas (58) if (linkNo==31){location = "pmanning.html"} Vicky accepted an offer to study in North Carolina and moved there with the twins in October 1985. Cook's Vicky Dean was the show's breakout star for more than 300 episodes, later marrying Dr Simon Bowen (Grant Dodwell) in one of those fraught made-it-by-a-whisker nuptials the network PR machine used to refer to as "the TV wedding of the year". The hospital decides to sponsor Fiona's entry into the Miss Wandin Valley Quest, but despite her strong showing, Muldoon's niece wins on account of his last minute rule change. Guest Cast: Michael Caton as Max Grainger, Les Dayman as Warwick "Wok" Larsen, Kristian Harper as Teddy Grainger, Syd Heylen as Cookie, Joyce Jacobs as Esme Watson, Margo Lee as Caroline Smithers, Sarah Lucek-Rowley as Baby Jones, Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Gordon Piper as Bob Hatfield, Wendy Strehlow as Sister Judy Loveday. if (linkNo==29){location = "mjones.html"} She . Jan Kingsbury as Marilyn Jamieson, Rebecca Rigg as Kerry Jamieson, John Smythe as Mr. Orsini. He and Brendan missed Simon's going away party because they were locked in the morgue. Vicky concerns herself with Laurie Walker, a local area farmer, who after having to put down his arthritic dog, is brought to hospital with severe lacerations to his arms after apparently falling through a window. A sombre mood settles over Shirley's friends and family as they are told the news. if (linkNo==18){location = "jkouros.html"} All rights reserved. Seeing what has happened in her absence, Betty alters her story of the night's events to protect her son when it appears that it was the fall of the cabinet that killed Tom. Esme Watson Credit: A Country Practice. Brian played an important part in Dr Simon Bowen (Grant Dodwell) and Vicky Dean's (Penny Cook) wedding.

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