The one that I believe to be the best is translated by Algar Thorold, edited by Father John Joyce, S.J., and is published by Tan Books and Publishers, Inc. It does not hear this, however, and if it has courage to let the thunder roll, the lightning flash, and the tempest roar, and to walk with a firm tread in the path of love and obedience, of duty, and of the present attraction, it can be compared to the soul of Jesus during His passion, when our divine Saviour walked steadfastly in the fulfiling of the will of His Father, and in His love which imposed upon Him a task apparently quite inconsistent with the dignity of a soul of such sanctity as His. If you are a current donor, log in to see the comment form; otherwise please support our work, and Sound Off! Aside from scripture, it is the only book that I have read through multiple times (at least three cover to cover). Why Blog About a Book Written in the 18th Century? When we accept this, Romans 8:28 is the most radical and life-changing idea that has ever entered the human mind and the necessary source of the active choice to be holy. Fr. These letters really encompass the essential part of his abandonment philosophy so I highly recommend a book that includes them. The hearts of Jesus and Mary, bearing the fury of that darkest of nights, let the clouds gather, and the storm rage. The fourth trial of souls in the state of abandonment: the obscurity of their state, and their apparent opposition to the will of God. Catholic belief, prayers and spiritual teaching, "It is vanity to be concerned with the present only and not to make provision for things to come." Sign up for our free email newsletter to stay up to date on the latest from! And if you have already gone through it some years past, you are probably now at a different stage of spiritual development, and so you may find it is time to make use of Fr. The most admirable thing about it is, that in the eyes of others whom God does not enlighten, and even in its own eyes, the soul appears actuated by feelings absolutely contrary to virtue, such as pure obstinacy, disobedience, troublesomeness, contempt, and indignation, for which there seems no remedy. Fr. It is, however, through this loss that it finds again that same grace substituted under a different form, and restoring a hundredfold more than it took away by the purity of its hidden impressions. The great power of the book comes through Lectio Divina or meditation on the content versus reading at a purely intellectually level. If you do not yet own or have not yet used this magnificent book, you should take advantage of the new Ignatius edition and purchase it. ) | Oct 20, 2011 It is clear in his writings that he is aware of the Quietists and that he rejects their perspective. The trials connected with the state of abandonment.

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