", Find Your Own"Choose a restoration service yourself rather than going through your insurance company. After the last storm put 18 inches of water in our basement, this would come in handy! For a safe and efficient cleanup, follow these tips from Homes.com.

After the Storm: Cleanup and Safety Tips with Ryobi. Then use a hot setting to wash your pots, pans, dishes, and utensils. For a safe and efficient cleanup, follow these tips from Homes.com. Standing water, loose debris, and power loss can wreak havoc on any home long after the storm has passed. Clean up carefully.

So many things are needed. Common sense is #1 rule, preparedness before helps so clogged rain gutters, storm drains, light weighted furniture, pots, plants, wind chimes, decor or any not heavily weighted or anchored down becomes hazards not just for you but others property and lives. I think a rake and shovel are important, too…. However, you can still help reduce the damage by following these steps: Pump Out Water Use either a wet-dry shop vacuum or your sump pump to drain any standing water. We live in Forks … rain, rain, rain. To survive you need to cook, see & believe! As a condition of granting a mortgage, lenders usually require that they are named in the homeowner's policy and that they are a party to any insurance payments related to the structure.". I have several trees on my property and fallen branches are common after high wind storms. Wait to use it until standing water outside your home evaporates and remove any delicate items like planters or decor items. Leaf blower comes in super handy too! usually chainsaw and pressure washer helps. Must have tool would be a chainsaw. Common sense!!!!! Junk Buddy’s team will donate to local charities throughout the area as much as possible. If it just storms and there are lots of leaves, small twigs, and small branches, The tools for the job are my Four Boys (nothing beats hard work for the young boys) and a bagger on the mower, to grab all the leaves. Helps keep the garage floor and driveway clean in no time! Use the least amount of pressure that still gets the job done to prevent any damage to your surfaces— higher water pressure means greater cleaning power, but it also can increase wear and tear on surfaces. Here are some clean-up and safety tips to help you clean up your yard after the storm subsides. If it’s safe to use electricity, turn on fans and face them toward open windows to circulate air through the house. Twelve people lost their lives in Germany, many of them having been hit by downed trees. All debris must be at the curb and not in the street. But remember to remain vigilant and look for signs of any previously hidden damage, such as water stains or noticeable cracks or breaks in the structural elements of your home.

That Ryobi one looks like a bad wamma jamma! Audrey is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Homes.com, with a master's degree in strategic communication. thank you for your generosity. We need a chipper/shredder after all our storms in Oregon!

It's OK if you don't give right away after disaster strikes.

Dead trees surround my home because of pine beetles.

We have been through two devasting hurricanes in our small town of Lumberton, NC. Moving Home Because of a Broken Heart? Germany's insurance industry estimated on Friday that the storm's price tag could end up being several billion euros. Thank you. With six dogs, one horse and one husband there is always a mess that needs cleaning. But ladders, chainsaws, blowers and washers would all be needed. Reopen Your Claim If More Damage Is Found While repairing your home, you can reopen your insurance claim to include any additional structural damage uncovered during the rebuilding process. You may find the wallboard or plaster won't come clean and you'll want to replace it rather than clean it. The death toll was the highest since 1999 when a storm caused the deaths of 120 people. Be cautious when contractors you don't know offer "special deals" after a disaster or want to use your home as a "model home.".

Then reality sets in. After the storm passes, it’s time to take a look at the damage your home suffered.

Crossing fingers for a much needed Ryobi 3000 PSI Honda Pressure Washer! The Generator all the way. I’d love to be able to clean my house good before painting it. A pressure washer along with gloves are what I need to clean up after storms. A pressure washer would be super useful for cleaning the roof, gutter debris, and siding. Bleach and a sponge can be helpful.

A rake is my must-have storm clean up tool, with a wheelbarrow coming in at a very close second!

Brand new organizations may be good, but they are also riskier. My leaf blower is a must have for my tree filled backyard!! ), the storm was the Ask for any guarantees in writing. And a warm one as well. Remove branches that can damage the house before a storm & remove those that have broken after. Would love to own my own someday! Do not mix bleach with other household chemical products, especially ammonia or toilet bowl cleaner; the chemical reaction can create a poisonous gas. ", "Once we have partners on the ground in an affected area, we work immediately to get the things we know are of great need into the community.

I love power washers…definitems must have in my opinion! A lifelong arts aficionado, she's also a part-time dance teacher in Virginia Beach.

Make sure that you are prepared. I use the ryobi blower to clean everything up, gutters, sidewalks etc. Part of the restoration process is to cut away the bottom three feet of drywall in any flooded room, to ensure there’s no mold growth.

Using two buckets keeps most of the dirty rinse water out of your cleaning solution.

Wires in water are to be avoided and clearly marked to avoid contact. Drawers may stick because of swelling. Wash Up If you come into contact with any hazardous materials, wash your skin immediately with soap and water. Shop vac! A ladder and hammer or nailer for loose shingles would also be tools to have at hand after a storm. If we had really bad luck ,and we get water in the basement, then it would have to be the Ryobi wet vac. Also living in Florida a generator is a must-have too. Pressure washer would be great for fall and spring cleaning. After our last storm, when a tree blew down onto our home, we use the chainsaw, rope and our lawn mower the most. The American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency offer the following tips for cleaning your house after a hurricane. My Must-Have Clean Up Tool is my pressure washer. What’s left over can fit into the wheel barrow to be hauled off each tool has a certain job and plays a critical role in clean up duty. If you are a victim of fraud or have problems with a less than reputable contractor, the state or local consumer protection office or public attorney should be able to tell you what to do. Don't sign completion papers or make the final payment until the work is completed to your satisfaction. Bleach: Liquid chlorine bleach, such as Clorox or Purex bleach, can do a variety of flood clean up jobs.

Ours took a ? Must have would be a chainsaw. THANKS, Well if it is a really big storm probably a chainsaw to cut up fallen trees, a cart to move the branches and the rake to cleanup all the small debris. My leaf blower! You can book online or call us at 1-877-910-JUNK. MILDUE AN REASON FOR THE THE POWER WASHER. RYOBI is the best choice for long lasting and efficient equipment. Shingles close to your roof’s edge may be loose or completely missing. A clean-up operation is under way after a seaside village became covered in sand blown off a beach in high winds. If the contractor is not insured, you may be liable for accidents on your property.

I have a giant magnolia that likes to rain leaf litter down on my entire property. Leaf blower because the wind during storms leaves so much dirt, plants, mulch and debris strewn about the property. I must have a chainsaw for limbs.

Shares 0. A Ryobi 3000 Honda Pressure Washer is my must have!!!! Safety First…Carefully check for downed electrical wires. Couldn’t get them all without a rake! After the last storm my go to for the tidyup was actually my Ryobi electric 14″ chainsaw and 40v mower… Love me some Ryobi outdoor tools (have about 7 so far but a power washer isn`t one of them… yet ). To find a member company near you, you can call the Institute at (314) 434-2272. Some guys from GA, cleaning up our down trees after Hurricane Sandy crushed our trees. They may have foam insulation and sealed components that suffered little water damage.

Hurricane Michael left our siding a mess! Our must have post-storm clean up tool is a chainsaw! Look in the yellow pages under Fire and Water Damage Restoration or under Dehumidifying. paper bags for all the twigs and tree debris. A rake is simple but good for gathering up loose stuff around the yard, My must-have storm clean up tool is a leaf blower. to start cutting smaller branches before moving to larger pieces, paying attention to any built-up tension that may result in more debris falling and causing injury. Perhaps the oddest result of the storm is a virus blowing through European computers in a rare real-time attack. A chainsaw is a second must have tool to clean up. My leaf blower is my must-have clean up tool. We have had several trees down. My must have clean up tool is a pressure washer. With all the trees in my area, a chainsaw is a must! Ask for a written estimate. After a disaster, streets might be impassable for a while and there are only so many generators to go around if there’s no power. Druzhba had been shut down once already in January after a bickering match between Russia and Belarus over the price of oil. Beware if you are asked to pay cash on the spot instead of a check made out to the contracting company. And if you plan to file an insurance claim, take photos of the damage as you work. I have an electric power washer! Oh yes and a wet vac!! Nothing has been more effective in after-storm clean-up than our sump pump and a wet dry vac. Never operate machinery on your own, and don’t use it for cleanup if you’re unfamiliar with it. A day after "Kyrill" battered Europe with hurricane-force winds, the continent is struggling to get back to normal. We are all about making a positive impact and you can too when you choose Junk Buddy on your next junk removal. It would be much safer and so much better than wrangling with a long extension cord!

The sides of your house may be discolored due to chipped paint or cracks in the shakes. It might take a few days, or it could take months to clean up your yard and home damage after a storm. A pressure washer, we get big dust storms. Use a. to remove minor standing water as quickly as possible. The high winds likewise ripped the roofs off houses and buildings across the continent. If the sun is out, it should be drier outside. Your gutters may be dented, hanging loose or filled with leaves and shingle asphalt granules.

A great pair of gloves are my go-to, when I venture outside for clean-up. Patience: After a tropical storm or hurricane, most people want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Then sit and drink ! A chainsaw to cut down broken tree limbs!

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