Very little footage is shown of the two actually out on the open road and the music that gets played is a scattershot mix of ‘70s tunes that runs the gamut of musical genres and never gives the film any unifying sound or mood. The automotive star of the film: Bobby’s rodded out 1968 Camaro. However, one night, while in a liquor store, some thoughtlessness on his part and a bad reaction on hers lead to a death. The soundtrack is Great. Tanks Inc. Champlin, Charles (April 23, 1975). Mid 70s LA is ancient history and "Aloha, Bobby and Rose" serves as a surprisingly good time capsule for that era. By chance the two meet one day and instantly hit-it-off. The dream starts to go wrong almost from the very start, and the young lovers are left with something less than an idyll. Written and directed by Floyd Mutrux, who also wrote Freebie and the Bean! All these years later, I think of this movie every time I hear "Bennie and the Jets'. The couple are now on the run from the law and themselves. its all okay. PG Aloha, Bobby and Rose is the kind of film that would never get made today. The prank goes horribly wrong, resulting in the death of a young shop keeper. But the joke backfires when the shop owner emerges from the back room with a shotgun pointed at Bobby. The setting is Los Angeles, but several characters speak with southern tinged accents and just about all of them convey small town sentiments. For a 1970s ‘B-list’ movie, Aloha, Bobby and Rose is a surprisingly watchable and well-crafted film.In part, this can be attributed to evocative cinematography by William A. Fraker, known for his work with Bullitt and Rosemary’s Baby, however, the actor’s performances yield the most weight here.Le Mat is wonderful, but Tim McIntire steals the movie. This film has a great soundtrack, and the footage of the places along the Sunset Strip is excellent. Secondly the clerk was shot by the store owner, not by Bobby or Rose and the gun is clearly in the man’s hands when he falls to the ground. Floyd Mutrux. The supporting cast helps a bit. Pingback: The Fifth Floor (1978) | Scopophilia. This car was originally built out of a 1967 Z28 and completely race prepped by Traco engineering for The Garner (actor James Garner) racing team. Directed by Floyd Mutrux. In San Diego, the pair meet flamboyant Texans Buford and his girlfriend Donna Sue driving a Lincoln Continental Mark III, who invite Bobby and Rose to go to Mexico with them. This movie could be ones life just based on what if's happening on a typical 70's nite out. To save Bobby, Rose hits the owner over the head with a bottle, and as he falls, the gun goes off, accidentally killing the young clerk. Bobby and Rose wander aimlessly around southern California and the Mexican border, making casual acquaintances and encountering casual violence. "[17] Gary Arnold of The Washington Post called it "an inarticulate film about inarticulate characters. I think the Elton John soundtrack really makes it. I can remember the engine blows and he starts driving a black Vette. of course, they go to Pinks for hot dogs, and roller skating. Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? 9503 A slight detour here from the usual theme of this website, but stay with me, I haven’t taken a complete leave of my senses.....yet. McBride, Joseph (April 16, 1975). I am surprised by two things - the number of other people who actually remember this film, and the number of people who remember it so fondly. Bobby and Rose are each leading dead-end lives in Los Angeles. Some times I am glad my old Chevelle was not dependable enough to stay running all night long or long enough to get me in trouble, so I would spend my night waiting for any sober buddy to come and rope tow me home. I am however aware of the vacacious point of death assigned. "Japan Box Office: Latest 'Doraemon' Cartoon Opens on Top", "Japan Box Office: 'Furious 7' Opens in Third, Hits Franchise-Best Numbers", "Top 10 Grossing Domestic Japanese Films of 2015 Listed", "Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island", "Aloha, Bobby and Rose, Worldwide Box Office",,_Bobby_and_Rose&oldid=974946684, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 August 2020, at 22:55. Bobby and Rose are sensitively played, and if the acting and dialog aren't always the best well so what, the actors have heart and are good to look at and don't disturb the zen experience a movie like this can bring about. I had the whole world before me, I was going out with a beautiful girl, (Named Sue) and I'm not sure if everyone can understand how great it is to listen to "Daniel" while your girlfriend rests on your arm in the soft twilights of the movie theatre.. but I hope they can. [5] As of May 20, 1975, it had grossed ($35 million) at the American box office. His friend Moxey (Robert Carradine) is excited to be accepted to transmission school and build his skills for a better paying job. More notable for its soundtrack than its plot. Though the plot and acting were B, the Soundtrack to Picture was pulled off well. Poor Bobby. As Bobby runs towards the car, the police mistakenly think he has a gun and, despite Rose's screams, shoot Bobby down. Like Vanishing Point and Two Lane Blacktop, it is an existential road movie with no intricate plot or big message to drive home. Highly watchable mid 70s car culture film. It's one of these films you'll remember for the rest of your life and you don't really know why! | Bobby’s 1968 Chevrolet Camaro is the star of the show with its cherry red paint, blacked out hood with pins, flared bodywork, side-pipes and massive tires on Ansen Sprint wheels. This film is a decent time passer for about 90 mins, but not a film that demands repeated viewings, see it at least once. jetting down to mexico for a quick adventure. Still AB@R is a cult classic and I think a lot of young folks would enjoy it. Loud and brash, the car is a beauty to behold, and is given the spurs on a number of occasions, such as the epic burnout pulled in the middle of Van Nuys Boulevard. Bobby calls his Uncle Charlie to bring him a getaway car, but Rose separately contacts the police, who have her son, and tells them she wants to talk to them about the recent "accident", giving them the name of the motel where she and Bobby are staying. Unsuccessful at getting a ride back to his shop, Rose agrees to drive him after work. Rose misses her son and at one point boards a bus to return home, but finds she cannot leave Bobby and gets back off the bus. I'm not sure this kind of film exists anymore. My sentiments echo many already posted here. (P. Falk, A. Arkin) It's pretty good. The owner came along ( a guy named Rick) and gave me a closer look. Aloha, Bobby and Rose theatrical movie poster. After some time, Bobby and Rose decide to stay in Mexico where they can evade prosecution for the liquor store incident indefinitely, but Rose wanted to return to Los Angeles to get her son, who had been looked after by her mother. It was my good buddy Bruce Thompson who told me about this movie, Aloha Bobby And Rose. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. I was 8 years old. Its almost one long Elton John video in a way. Truly under rated. I know I will. "[16] Charles Champlin of the Los Angeles Times wrote that the film "plays like a rehash of several dozen movies that you've sat through before, restlessly. "Dismal duo for a drive-in double bill". The moving story of a young couple on the run. Truly under rated. ** from ****, This is a hard movie to appreciate if you never experienced watching it from a car I think Vickey and I saw this movie four or five times at the old Shasta Drive-In Theater in Klamath Falls. Especially the writer who saw this movie with his girlfriend Sue. Awards The music to this movie is fantastic! This is one of those movies so dull, that specifics about it blur from memory, but the distressful viewing pain lingers on. Mid 70s LA is ancient history and "Aloha, Bobby and Rose" serves as a surprisingly good time capsule for that era. User Ratings I first saw it on release when Paul Le Mat was familiar to younger audiences from his role as fading hot rodder John Milner in George Lucas "American Graffiti". Rose's mother is planning to take her grandson to the movies and then on to Disneyland for the weekend, and, seeing Rose and Bobby are attracted to each other, encourages Rose to go have fun with Bobby. It was then Purchased by cine-artist for the filming of Aloha Bobby and Rose. Rose (Dianne Hull) is a young single woman trying to raise a small child on her own while still living with… I give the film six and a half out of ten pistons. Same here. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I just wish he could have turned himself in and explained so the movie could have a better ending! During a stop at a convenience store for wine, Bobby pulls a prank on the teenage store clerk by pretending he is a robber with a fake gun (actually a stick of beef jerky). It also helped me appreciate matching a soundtrack well with a movie. The car is in original movie condition and will be touring with actor Paul LeMat this year. The film is now available on DVD. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. But from that story, Mutrux makes something less like a drama than like a piece of music, a mood piece centered on cars and the night. For the car nut, there is plenty to enjoy in the movie. The music was all first class, the plot pline reasonable enough for one to actually believe. By Richard Winters My Rating: 2 out of 10 4-Word Review: They dream about Hawaii. Solid and commendably tough-minded, "Aloha, Bobby and Rose" measures up as a worthwhile and unjustly under-appreciated little sleeper. Bobby and Rose contemplate their future on the run. At about 43 minutes, when the cops are pushing Bobby's car to help him get it started at the gas station, one of the cops falls down and, if you listen closely, you can people off camera laugh. [8] It grossed $31.12 million after 19 days of release. Paul LeMat does a 360 in the middle of the Sunset Strip with his race ready 67 Camaro. '"[15] Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune gave the film two stars out of four and dismissed it as "one of those overwrought sob stories about a young couple who are always getting in trouble. Unfortunately, Mutrux's script seems cobbled together from the lyrics of the pop songs he loves so much (particularly those sung by Elton John), while shaggy-haired Le Mat seems a little too mature and seasoned for his role. For a 1970s ‘B-list’ movie, Aloha, Bobby and Rose is a surprisingly watchable and well-crafted film.In part, this can be attributed to evocative cinematography by William A. Fraker, known for his work with Bullitt and Rosemary’s Baby, however, the actor’s performances yield the most weight here.Le Mat is wonderful, but Tim McIntire steals the movie. Buford’s enormous 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. Now the two must go on the run and evade the police who are after them.

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