York Air Defense Gun System Mechanic, Communications-Electronics Repair Technician, Communications-Electronics (C-E) Automation, Communications-Electronics (C-E) Operations, Communications-Electronics (C-E) Engineering, Network Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer, Radar Data Processing Equipment Repairman, AN/TSQ-51 System Repairman/Maintenance Chief, AN/TSQ-73 ADA Command & Control System Operator/Maintainer, Nodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer, Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer, Visual Information/Audio Equipment Repairer, Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer, Combat Documentation/Production Specialist, Target Acquisition/Surveillance Radar Repairer, Aerial Electronic Warning Defense Equipment Repairer, Tactical Satellite/Microwave Systems Operator, Strategic Satellite/Microwave System Operator, Unattended Ground Sensor Systems Repairman, Satellite Communications Ground Station Equipment Repairer, Land Combat Support System (LCSS) Test Specialist, Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer, Hawk Field Maintenance Equipment and Firing Repairer, Hawk Field Maintenance Equipment/Pulse Acquisition Radar Repairer, Hawk Fire Control/Continuous Wave Radar Repairer, Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Repairer, Forward Area Alerting Radar (FAAR) Repairer, Sgt. The Army offers a wide variety of Military Occupational Specialties. MOS and AOC codes have also been streamlined so that similar codes are used for enlisted people and commissioned officers in the same field. For example, an enlisted soldier with MOSC 11B works as an infantryman (his MOS), and is part of CMF 11 (the CMF for infantry).

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions The Army is still accepting applications. Finally, you have trade training at the Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham. Other positions require people to be able-bodied, so someone who becomes disabled as a result of military service may be moved to a different Army MOS if he or she wishes to continue serving. York Air Defense Gun System Crewmember, Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) Crewmember or Pedestal Mounted Stinger Crewmember, Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) Crewmember or Pedestal M, Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Crewman, Field Artillery Target Acquisition Specialist, Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition NCO, Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant, Utilities Operation and Maintenance Technician, Telecommunications Systems Engineer (functional Area), Hawk Information Coordination Central Mechanic, Hawk Launcher and Mechanical Systems Repairer, Sgt. Find your ideal job now. Related AOCs are grouped together by specific branch of the Army or by broader in scope functional areas (FA). [1][2][3] Changes took place in 2004 and continued into 2013. The Marine Corps also uses the MOS system, while the Air Force refers to “Air Force Specialty Codes,” and the Navy and Coast Guard use “Ratings.”. exciting challenge of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. These alphanumeric codes are designed to be flexible as specialties are added and eliminated to reflect the changing nature of the military.

I'm doing my mos as a cook. Electrical-Electronic Engineering Assistant, Aviation/Infantry/Armor/Military Intelligence Immaterial, Chemical/Engineer/Military Police Immaterial, Financial Management/Adjutant General immaterial, Infantry/Armor/Field Artillery/Engineer Immaterial, Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Immaterial, Electronic Warfare/Signal Intelligence Emitter Identifier/Locator, Radio Teletypewriter Operator (Non-Morse), Electronic Warfare/Signal Intelligence Morse Interceptor, Electronic Warfare/Signal Intelligence Non-Morse Interceptor, Facilities/Contract Construction Management Engineer (FCCME), Atomic Demolition Munitions (ADM) Specialist, Tactical Automated Fire Control Systems Specialist, Field Artillery Automated tactical Data Systems Specialist, Multiple Launch Rocket System/Fire Direction Specialist, Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator, Field Artillery Metrological/Surveyor Crewmember, Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmembers, FAAD Systems Technician (Reserve Component only), HAWK Systems Technician (Reserve Component only), Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Tactician/Technician, Short-Range Air Defense Artillery (Shorad), PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer, Air Defense (AD) Battle Management System Operator, Air Defense (AD) Enhanced Early Warning System Operator, Air Defense Command, Control, Communications, Computers Maintainer, AN/TSQ 73 Air Defense Artillery System Operator, Man Portable Air Defense System Crewmember, PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer, Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Senior Sergeant, Air Traffic and Air Space Management Technician, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations Technician, Rotary Wing Aviator (Aircraft Nonspecific), Fixed Wing Aviator (Aircraft Nonspecific), Aviation Life Support Systems Repairer (ALSS Rep), OH-58D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer, Air Traffic Control (ATC) Operator (ATC Operator), Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer (RC), AH-64A Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer (AH-64A, AH-64A Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer, AH-64D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer, Field Artillery Missile/Rocket Senior Sergeant, Sgt. There are some limitations in the Army MOS system.


The United States Army uses various personnel management systems to classify soldiers in different specialties which they receive specialized and formal training on once they have successfully completed Basic Combat Training (BCT). The Army calls their enlisted jobs MOSs, or "Military Occupation Specialties." The Army calls its jobs military occupational specialties, or MOS.

Jobs in the Army are quite diverse, with people typically picking or being placed into specialties for which they are best suited. Warrant officers are classified by warrant officer military occupational specialty, or WOMOS.
Women, for example, cannot serve in certain combat positions, and as a result, not every Army MOS is open to them.

Army jobs can be divided into two basic categories: those that participate in combat missions and those that …

Here she tells how she coped with post-surgery chemotherapy during lockdown and how the army has supported her and her family over the last stressful 10 months. Below are the Army enlisted job fields with the MOSs that fall under that branch.

Then you go to the Army Training Centre, Pirbright, to be trained by Regular Army instructors.

Immaterial & Personnel Special Reporting Codes, Information Network Engineering Functional Area (FA 26), Information Operations Functional Area (FA 30), Strategic Intelligence Functional Area (FA 34), Public Affairs Functional Area (FA and CMF 46), Academy Professor Functional Area (FA 47), Foreign Area Officer Functional Area (FA 48), Operations Research/Systems Analysis (ORSA) Functional Area (FA 49), Nuclear and Counter WMD Functional Area (FA 52), Simulation Operations Functional Area (FA 57), Strategic Plans and Policy Functional Area (FA 59), Ammunition CMF, Mechanical Maintenance CMF & Ordnance Branch (OD), 25P Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer, 25S Satellite Communications Systems Operator/Maintainer, 670A Health Services Maintenance Technician, Ammunition CMF, Mechanical Maintenance CMF & Ordnance Branch, (2019) Five thing Army officers and units should know about the Assignment Interactive Module, Michael J. Colarusso and David S. Lyle (February 2014) Senior officer talent management: fostering institutional adaptability, Devon L. Suits, Army News Service (APRIL 24, 2019) Army makes big changes to centralized promotion board system, Army Cyber branch offers Soldiers new challenges, opportunities, Department of the Army Pamphlet 670–1, Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, Pamphlet 600–3 Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management, New marketing job lets officers steward Army brand, https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ARN18403_AD2019_25_FINAL.pdf, AR 611-1 Military Occupational Classification Structure Development and Implementation (PDF), Field Manual 7-21.13, Appendix F: Arms and Services of the Army, MOS charts United States Army PAMXXI Personnel Authorizations Module, PAMXXI (Personnel Authorizations Module) Website, PAMXXI (Personnel Authorizations Module) Website - MOS Charts, "Korean War Educator, Topics - Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)", "What Was my MOS?

How Do I Become a Combat Systems Officer?

Search through a range of Army career categories to find a job that matches your interest or experience.

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