Bb Petron, Joanna Cindy Miranda (16) 2nd runner-up Miss International 2002 Miss Maja Pilipinas Joanna Louise Eden (Top 25) Miss International 1965 Binibining Pilipinas–InternationalKylie Verzosa Miss Young PilipinasMaria Teresa Carlson Miss Maja Pilipinas Sofia Gloria Mustonen and No. Jeanne Therese Hilario (2nd runner-up) 2nd runner-up Leren Mae Bautista (2nd Runner-up), Miss Universe PhilippinesCatriona Elisa Gray Miss World 1999 We’re not experts. Deborah Enriquez Elizabeth Clenci (2nd Runner-up) Binibining Pilipinas–WorldDaisy Reyes Miss Maja Pilipinas Joanna Cindy Miranda (Top 10) Miss World 2005Carlene Aguilar (Top 15) Maria Lourdes Magno, Miss Universe 2002 2nd runner-up Jean Saburit (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–Universe Jean Saburit Angelica De Leon, 33 – Parul Shah, 36 – Angel May Villafuerte, 37 – Alaine Baccay, 39 – Mutya Datul, 41 – Ariella Arida, 43 – Rhea Nakpil and 49 – Herlie Kim Artugue. Tina Artillaga 2nd runner-up Precious Bernadette Tongko Miss Maja International Binibining Pilipinas–International Colette Glazer (Top 15), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseAbbygale Arenas Elsie Sicat (Replaced Lobaton) Luz Policarpio Binibining Pilipinas–International Sheela Mae Santarin (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–Universe Katherine Annwen de Guzman (Unplaced) Miss Maja Pilipinas Jennifer Ruth Hammond (Top 15) Kris Tiffany Janson Celestina Maristela, Miss Universe 1980Maria Rosario Silayan† (3rd runner-up) Anne Rose Blas (Unplaced) Miss World 1993Sharmaine Gutierrez (2nd runner-up) Miss Maja International 1976 Binibining Pilipinas–International Miss Intercontinental 2015Christi Lynn McGarry (1st runner-up) Miss Maja International 1978 Miss Supranational 2016 Best in Swimsuit, Ariella Arida (41) Maria Lourdes Gonzalez (Replaced Abayari), 1st runner-up Miss Maja Pilipinas 4th runner-up Nelda Ibe, 1st Runner-up Binibining Pilipinas–WorldDanielle Kirsten Castaño (Replaced San Miguel)Janina San Miguel (Resigned) Kristine Alzar (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseZorayda Ruth Andam Miss Young International 1975 Elizabeth Jacqueline Nacuspag, Miss Universe 2008Jennifer Barrientos (Unplaced) Binibining Pilipinas–Tourism Digna Ramos Miss World 1995 Miss International 1976 Colette Glazer, 1st runner-up Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism Miss International 1984 Tiffany Cuña (Top 15), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseCharlene Mae Gonzales Bonnin Angela Larrazabal Angela Cruz, Miss Young International 1981 Cynthia Villanueva, Miss Universe 1974 Maria Asuncion Spirig, 1st runner-up Binibining Pilipinas–WorldMarie-Ann Umali 4th runner-up Rogelie Catacutan (Top 20) Miss International 1989 Miss Press Photography Pilipinas 2nd runner-up Yolanda Dominguez Miss International 2018Maria Ahtisa Manalo (1st Runner-up) Binibining Pilipinas–InternationalNicole Cassandra Schmitz Joyce Ann Burton (Top 15), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseMaria Rosario Silayan†Binibining Pilipinas–International Maricar Zaldarriaga (Top 15), Binibing Pilipinas Binibining Pilipinas–World Rose Marie Brosas (4th runner-up) Joelle Marie Pelaez, Miss Universe 1999Miriam Quiambao (1st runner-up) Teresita Lastrilla Best in National Costume, Alaine Baccay (37) Elizabeth de Padua (Unplaced) Miss Maja International 1991 Hannah Ruth Sison Maricarl Tolosa (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–Universe Elizabeth Berroya (Unplaced) But much to everyone’s disappointment, Janine had to settle for second place, behind the beautiful Olivia Culpo of good ole USA. Miss International 1983 2nd runner-up Maria Cristina Alberto Miss World 2003 Miss Tourism Pilipinas Noa-Noa Labit Binibining Pilipinas–InternationalMimilanie Marquez Kapamilya artists Xian Lim, Sam Milby, Sam Concepcion, and Matteo Guidicelli serenaded the candidates during the evening gown competition with the Smokey Mountain hit “Kailan,” Ric Segreto’s “Don’t Know What To Do,” Ariel Rivera’s “Ikaw ang Tunay na Ligaya,” and Basil Valdez’ “You.”, BbP Gold host Venus Raj: Jaw-dropping in Tagalog is “nga-nga!”. Marina Pura Benipayo (Unplaced)Marilen Espino (Did not compete due to illness;replaced by Benipayo) Maria Lourdes Vallejo (Top 15), Binibing Pilipinas Binibining Pilipinas–World Binibining Pilipinas–InternationalDenille Lou Valmonte, 1st runner-up Maria Karla Bautista (Top 5) 3rd runner-up Miss Maja International 1987 Binibining Pilipinas–International Cream Silk Beyond Beautiful Woman Award, Joanna Cindy Miranda (16), April 14, 2013 | Categories: BINIBINING PILIPINAS, MISS INTERNATIONAL, MISS TOURISM INTERNATIONAL, MISS UNIVERSE | Tags: 1st Runner Up, Abbygale Monderin, Aiyana Mickiewicz, Alaine Baccay, Amanda Noelle Navasero, Ana Carmina Antonio, Angel May Villafuerte, Angeli Dione Gomez, Anna Carmela Aquino, Anna Fernandina Buquid, Ariella Arida, Bb. Imelda Pagaspas Catherine Jane Brummitt (Switched pageants with Nachor; Top 10), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseRosita Capuyon Miss Maja International 1982 Ana Maria Gonzalez, 1st runner-up Divina Cristina Alcala Binibining Pilipinas–InternationalJessie Alice Dixson Karen Loren Agustin (Unplaced) 2nd runner-up Pilipinas-Supranational and Pia Wurtzbach (15), 1st Runner Up. But if we have to choose who we think the Philippines should send to the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, it’s a unanimous vote. 2nd runner-up Miss International 1977 Miss International 1979Mimilanie Marquez (Miss International) Miss International 1990 Miss Young International 1977 Samantha Ashley Lo (Unplaced), Miss Intercontinental 2019 Yolanda Dominguez (2nd runner-up) Marilou Fernandez (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–Universe Bb. Miss International 2007 Miss Young Pilipinas Elizabeth de Padua Maritoni Judith Daya, 1st runner-up Monina Catherine Tan Miss International 1992 Hermenia Nenita Hernandez Miss International 2000 Jenette Fernando Gilrhea Quinzon Rosario Zaragoza (Unplaced), 1st runner-up Binibining Pilipinas–Intercontinental Miss International 1973 Alice Sacasas Melinda Joanna Gallardo (Ranked 22nd) Guadalupe Sanchez Milagros Gutierrez Pilipinas-Supranational, Bb. 2nd runner-up 2nd runner-up (became the first Miss Maja Pilipinas) 2nd Runner-up Georgitta Pimentel, Miss Universe 1968 2nd runner-up Miss Grand International 2013 Rita Rosanna Biazon, Miss Universe 1985 Note that the year designates the time Binibining Pilipinas has acquired that particular pageant franchise. 2nd runner-up Kristine Alzar, 1st runner-up Maria Anna Cadiz (Top 10), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseMaria Isabel Lopez → Aileen Damiles Maria Karla Bautista Maria Anna Cadiz, 1st runner-up Pilipinas-Tourism; Mutya Joahanna Datul (39) Bb. Alma Concepcion Anjanette Abayari (Resigned; Replaced by Gonzalez) Milagros Cataag Isabella Angela Manjon (Unplaced), Binibining Pilipinas-UniverseMaria Venus Raj Maricar Azaola Maria Luisa Gonzales (2nd runner-up), Binibing Pilipinas–Universe Resham Ramirez Saeed (Top 25), Miss Grand International 2019 2nd runner-up Miss Maja Pilipinas Cristina Esguerra Joan Salas Erlynne Bernardez Guadalupe Sanchez (Top 12) Maria Rita Apostol, 1st runner-up Rose Marie Brosas Miss Supranational 2015 June Frances Roco Miss International 2006Denille Lou Valmonte (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseGionna Cabrera 4th runner-up Bb Pilipinas 2012 Winners Maria Luisa Montinola, Miss Universe 1975 2nd runner-up There are definite standouts among this group but looking back into the pageant’s history, there is always that element of the underdog rising to the top. Joanne Timothea Alivio (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–Universe Diana Jeanne Christine Chiong, Miss Universe 1977 Catherine Jane Brummitt Miss World 2008Danielle Kirsten Castaño (Unplaced) Kathryn Manuel Binibining Pilipinas–International Miss Intercontinental 2017Katarina Rodriguez (1st Runner-up) Miss World 2007Margaret Wilson (Unplaced) 2nd runner-up Maria Dolores Ascalon Miss Maja Pilipinas Joanna Maria Peñaloza, 1st runner-up Catherine Veloso, Miss Universe 1979 Dorothy Sue Bradley (1st runner-up), Binibing Pilipinas–Universe Maricarl Tolosa, 1st runner-up 3rd runner-up Miss Charming Pilipinas Gladys Andre Dueñas (Top 15), 1st runner-up Maria Isabel Seva, 1st runner-up Best in Evening Gown, Mutya Johanna Datul (39) Nichole Marie Manalo (3rd runner-up), Miss Universe PhilippinesPia Wurtzbach Nelda Ibe (1st Runner-up), Miss Universe PhilippinesMaria Mika Maxine Medina Bencelle Bianzon, Ma. Miss Young Pilipinas Cynthia Nakpil, 1st runner-up It’s 2013…we have to go with candidate number 13, Charmaine Elima! This year, the pageant attracted high-caliber, well-educated women from all walks of life. Cynthia Nakpil (Unplaced) Binibining Pilipinas–Intercontinental Celita de Castro Maria Lourdes Gonzalez (Replaced Abayari) Donna de Guzman Binibining Pilipinas–International Evangeline de Leon 4th runner-up Nicole Cordoves Susan Africa Miss Maja International 1985 Miss International 2013Bea Rose Santiago (Miss International) 2nd runner-upMary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Universe 2011Shamcey Supsup (3rd runner-up) Maria Rafaela Yunon (Top 5) Samantha Mae Bernardo, Miss Universe 2018Catriona Gray (Miss Universe) Miss World 2001 2nd runner-up Pilipinas 2013, Bea Rose Santiago, Binibining Pilipinas 2013, Camille Nazar, Carin Ramos, Cassandra Naidas, Charmaine Elima, Cindy Abundabar, Cindy Miranda, Cristina Ann Pascual, Ellore Punzalan, Gabriella Runnstromm, Grace Yann Apuad, Hannah Ruth Sison, Herlie Kim Artugue, Imelda Schweighart, Jacqueline Mayoralgo, Jan Helen Villanueva, Katherine Enriquez, Kristel Gonzales, Leona Santicruz, Lourenz Grace Remetillo, Ma. Diana Jeanne Christine Chiong (Top 12 semifinalist) Miss Maja Pilipinas Glenah Marie Slaton Binibining Pilipinas–International 2nd runner-up Maria Dolores Lopez, Miss Universe 1981 Alice Sacasas (Top 15) 2nd runner-up Sharon Georgina Hughes ABS-CBN News. 2nd runner-up Nina Ricci Alagao (Unplaced) 2nd Runner-up Sara Jane Paez Annette Liwanag (4th runner-up) Binibining Pilipinas–World Pilipinas–Grand International) Samantha Mae Bernardo (Replaced Abesamis) 2nd Runner-up ... Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Johanna Datul (Miss Supranational) Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 … Joanna Maria Peñaloza (Unplaced), Binibing Pilipinas–UniverseMiriam Quiambao (Replaced Bautista) PHOTOS: Bb Pilipinas 2014 Winners in Swimsuit .

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