One of our favourite hidden beaches in NSW, Killalea Beach offers 250 hectares of pristine coastal reserve and surfing beaches, tucked away inside the beautiful Killalea State Park. Please visit the operator’s website for further information. Located on the so-called Sapphire Coast, around 450 kilometres south of Sydney, Merimbula is fringed by national parks and serves up a swoonsome choice of shimmering lakes and golden beaches. Starting with the Satinbird Stroll, follow the Wonga Walk through lush rainforest, leaving from the Glade picnic area. Want to flee the crowds flocking to the uber-popular Manly Beach? Enjoy the Mountain Brush circuit or go take a dip at the swimming hole near Potoroo Falls. Lightning Ridge is a small mining town in the outback region of the state. Accessible from the footpath over the bridge from the Rocks, just ascend the 200 steps to the top of the pylon for panoramic vistas of the Harbour City. Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified of new articles, new competitions, new events and more. Choose between guided, self-guided and themed tours. The gardens have been restored with much of the original framework which features towering rows of brick arches alongside modern metal and stone pathways. If you are looking for an island getaway that is a short distance from Bondi and Sydney, then Shark Island is definitely where you need to go. "custEvent": "FYASignUp", The Jenolan Caves are located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales. There is no cafe or restaurant on site, however, there are nearby facilities for you to check out, such as the Kirribilli Club found just across, which is run by a non-profit, as well as pubs and cafes about 5-10 minutes away. Try your hand at fossicking or enjoy the chance to relax in hot, bubbling Artesian bore baths. The piece represents the 50 species of bird that once inhabited the city but were forced out with European settlement. Most of the visitors come to the area to see the famed Three Sisters … Are you looking for unique and beautiful hidden getaways in NSW? Originally set out to be a rock pool created by local residents in the 1920’s, the Maccallum Pool boasts of heritage and character with its restored architectural style and can totally pass as one of the hidden swimming spots in Sydney! Once you reach the island, you can treat yourself to a spectacular 360-degree view of the iconic Sydney Harbour. Sydney is brimming with so much diversity, it would be a shame to deny yourself the call of a different adventure to see the beautiful hidden places in Sydney. In 2009, the park’s design won the Australian Award for Urban Design, and has since been attracting not just regular visitors looking for a place of relaxation, but also artists looking into venues for their art installations, and contemporaries in the fashion industry, presenting their shows and creations on the site. Bronte Baths, considered one of Australia’s best ocean pools, are situated at the south end of the beach and are open to the public year-round. These 10 hidden gems, including hidden beaches and waterfalls, offer the perfect getaway from the bustle and noise of the big cities. The caves in the park have been protected since as long ago as 1872. Bronte is one of Sydney’s best beaches, and unlike its better-known neighbour of Bondi, Bronte is hidden away from the crowds and frequented mostly by locals. "event": "taCustEvent", The rock formations that make up the rustic charm of the pool have some great nooks and crannies which created a wide ocean pool. Especially if you have visited Sydney a few times already, you will want to get off the beaten track and not take the 100th photo posing in front of the Opera House. crystal clear salt-water natural swimming pool at the base of a dramatic rocky cliff face, surrounded with views of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Volunteer gardeners coordinated by the Lavender Bay precinct help maintain this Secret Garden. In the leafy suburb of Glebe, an old tram depot has been transformed into a modern dining destination named the Tramsheds. The beach here has also hosted international volleyball. Leading Remote Teams Successfully | Expert Tips, Expert Guide To Secure Video Conferencing, Luxury Holidays Australia - Stunning Places To Visit Across The Country, Why A Private Chauffeur Is Safer Than Taxis & Rideshare During COVID19, 6 Unforgettable Food Experiences in Sydney. and never miss out again. The pylon, situated in the southeast corner of the bridge, is accessible from the pedestrian walkway leading away from the Rocks. If you need more convincing, then it holds the current record for the whitest sand in the world, according to the Guinness World Record. The coastal city of Wollongong, known in typical Aussie fashion as 'The Gong', hosts the Eat Street Market every Thursday on Crown Street Mall between 5pm and 9pm. Any landmark with the word ‘secret’ in its name deserves a place on this list, especially when it’s as beautiful as this leafy oasis on the doorstep of the city centre. It's time to step out of your comfort zone, explore and experience the real Sydney, an eclectic mix of nature, heritage, and sustainable modernity. The historic baths were opened in 1887 and have been a local favourite ever since. You can even go for a nighttime caving option, if you prefer a unique experience. }, Easy to reach via public transport (just hop on the light rail to Jubilee Park Station), the Tramsheds feature both permanent and pop-up retailers as well as a vintage tram on display. Do you like to seek white sand beaches? The New South Wales Outback is a land of stark plains and broad horizons, so it serves as a natural home to Lightning Ridge. Distance from the CBD: 22-minute drive. There is certainly no shortage of beautiful parks in Sydney, but this award-winning secret place in Sydney is even more admirable because of the story of its creation. Seating is available in the style of an open-air courtyard, so you can pick any seat under the hanging lanterns after choosing a few dishes to try. The Secret Garden today is a lovely picnic site and a beautiful symbol of love and rebirth. Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains (Jenolan Caves). Watsons Bay – 14 min It is, after all, known for great surf spots and salty ocean pools. So if a relaxing weekend adventure is your thing, then Dudley Page Reserve Park is definitely worth considering. Bronte Baths, considered one of Australia’s best ocean pools, are situated at the south end of the beach and are open to the public year-round. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. 100 Incredible Travel Secrets #7 Shelly Beach, NSW .

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