Nest burrows are stocked with a range of Diptera: Brachycera from various families. See our policy to learn more about the cookies we use. Larsson, F. K. (1990). Female body size relationships with fecundity and egg size in two solitary species of fossorial Hymenoptera (Colletidae and Sphecidae). Bembix rostrata is a protected species of sand wasp native to Central Europe. 16:45-51. It is not always good to be large; some female fitness components in a temperate digger wasp, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 21:39. The species has become rare due to loss of large open-sand surfaces in warm areas, such as in the sand dunes of the upper Rhine Graben. Hylaeus signatus male emerging from roost. Thanatosis: Or, leave me alone; can’t you see I’m dead. General information about Bembix rostrata (BEMXRO) THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES Our website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible online experience.

Because of this intensive maternal care, a female can raise at most only eight larvae during the high summer. B. rostata is very faithful to its nest sites, often nesting in the same places year-on-year, even if these change over time and alternative habitats are available. Some take it cool, some like it hot — A comparative study of male mate searching tactics in two species of hymenoptera (Colletidae and Sphecidae). As the larva grows and consumes its meal, larger prey items are brought to the nest, with the female sealing the burrow after each visit. ©Bees Wasps & Ants Recording Society 2020. The genus Bembix - of which B. rostrata is among the most distinctive species - has over 340 species worldwide and is found mostly in warm regions with open, sandy soils; Australia and Africa have a particularly rich variety of species. tarsata Giner Marí, 1943 Apis rostrata Gmelin, 1790 Apis rostrata Linnaeus, 1758 Bembex dissecta Dahlbom, 1845 Bembex gallica Mocsáry, 1883 Bembex paradoxa Giner Marí, 1943 Bembex rostrata (Linnaeus, 1758) Bembex tarsata (Giner Marí, 1943) Bembex vidua Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845 15:167-171. Its size (15–24 mm or 0.59–0.94 in), striking yellow and black-striped abdomen and the labrum, extended into a narrow beak, are distinctive features. Bembix rostrata is a protected species of sand wasp native to Central Europe. Entomol. The behaviour of B. rostrata led the famous naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre to conduct intensive studies of the species.

The female carefully re-seals the nest tube after each feeding. Nesting biology Nests are dug in sandy soil in level areas exposed to full sun, with nesting often occurring in large aggregations. B. rostrata displays distinctive behaviour in front of its nest, digging its burrows with fast, synchronised movements of its forelegs. In Fennoscandia, Lomholdt cites the non-British chrysid wasp Parnopes grandior as a parasite, together with Sarcophagid flies. Bembix rostrata is a protected species of sand wasp native to Central Europe. Found in a range of open habitats with light soils such as heathland and coastal dunes.

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