They're dubbed such because of their ability to bend and then return to their normal shape. Bend the tracks any way you want for a personalized effect that is as easy to install as it is to pick out. Since pliage means "fold or bend" it is no wonder that this collection boasts an incredible ability to fold or bend, making them ideal for traveling. I was bending backward when she walked in the door. It is extremely hard in our files and razors, and extremely soft in our horse-shoe nails, which in some countries the smith rejects unless he can bend them on his forehead; with iron we cut and shape iron. The orographic features of the Pacific Mountain system trend parallel to the coast-line of the Gulf of Alaska, changing with this at the great bend beyond the N., and of the Panhandle from S.E. Stockwell, who was a chestnut with black spots, was the sire of Blair Athol (1861), a chestnut, and also of Doncaster (1870), another chestnut, but with the characteristic black spots of his grandsire; and Doncaster was the sire of the chestnut Bend Or (1877).

You are bending the rod too much. If it had bent, we would have replaced it.

The road began to widen and after a sharp bend she came into the tiny town indicated on the map. Made of flexible foam rubber and available in a wide range of vibrant colors, they easily bend and float. You may find you have to bend down to insert or extract clothes, although some models have doors that are easier to work with. only from the channel of the Euphrates, which here forms a peninsula by a great bend (38° 10' N., approximately 39° 20' E.). You cheat, steal, and, However in the semi-final it was plain for all to see that he is an inside runner for he moved right over to the rails on the way to the, Racing strongly along the rails to the opening turn he quickly shot into a commanding lead that saw him in total control rounding the third, While the altitude axis of an altazimuth mount may, He produced an absolutely stunning performance in Monday's third round when he was in the wars at the, Though they had no true slaves of their own they paid an overseer off the, There is a grade for every use, and redwood is a good choice for railings because its dimensional stability means that components will stay in place and not warp, cup or, The white bass are on their annual spawning migration out of torpid Toledo, Cathy was bent over the broken water pipe, as though she was trying to, About half-way back to Boston I slowed down even further to go round a blind, Where normal street tyres would be screaming in protest, approaching the very high limit of adhesion in a, Heartburn sounds such an innocuous affliction until you actually experience it but stabbing sharp pains in your chest when ever you. As you bend forward, reach your arms to the ground, or to your legs if the ground is out of reach. Continue upwards and round the hairpin bend near the top. try its best to gather and create good sentences. Jerome vainly sought to bend his brother's will in an interview at Alexandria. He rose and began pacing the room as Dean stopped by and proceeded to bend Dean's ear how this was the day he and Paulette were to receive a firm offer on the Lucky Pup property. Bend the right knee to almost a 45 degree angle keeping the upper torso facing forward.

(transitive) To cause (something) to change its shape into a curve, by physical force, chemical action, or any other means.

The rail is thinner, able to bend into complete circles, and it can even be suspended several inches below the ceiling for more contemporary looks. But we may follow Godwin-Austen in accepting the main chain of the Murtagh as merging into the central mountain system of the Tibetan Chang, its axis being defined and divided by the transverse stream of the Shyok at its westward bend, whilst the Karakoram range, in which the Shyok rises, is a subsidiary northern branch. and 10° 47' W., and the most northerly point of the great bend is about 17° N. At Tosaye, just before the bend becomes pronounced, the Baror and Chabar rocks reduce the width of the river to less than Soo ft., and at low water the strength of the current is a serious danger to navigation.

cit. Perhaps the most notable quality about this eyewear is that you can actually bend it! Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " The road has a gentle bend in it. The work lost in pulling a given length of rope over a pulley is found by multiplying the length of the rope in feet by its stiffness in pounds, that stiffness being the excess of the tension at the leading side of the rope above that at the following side, which is necessary to bend it into a curve fitting the pulley, and then to straighten it again. Rise Up - Derek wants Sloan to distract Cristina while the residents squabbling drives Owen Hunt around the bend.

Start by getting an adult with good muscles to bend the wire coat hangers into the right shape. If the breeze lifts your skirt or you bend over without thinking, no one will see your underwear. No man in Medicine Bend knew Sinclair more thoroughly or feared him less than Barnhardt.

The gathering of British supporters on the bottom bend responded with a deafening cheer. Along with the ability to bend the track, comes the ability to hang lights from it as well.
The primordium of the neurochord (neural or medullary plate) referred to above becomes closed in from the surface by the overgrowth of surrounding epiblast, and its edges also bend up, meet, and finally fuse to form a tube, the medullary or neural tube. and Keira Knightly. Light-Pink Hoodies: A very light pink hoodie almost looks white, but the touch of color adds a girly bend and looks fresher longer than bright white.

Best to bend while ’tis a twig. Base Form bend / Past Simple bent / Past Participle bent / Gerund bending.

He was hungry after the stimulation of Jessi's refusal to bend to his will.

Example sentences with the word bent. Rec. confluent petioles protrude from the seed they bend down, as they are strongly geotropic, and penetrate the ground. A gold and stone amulet hanging around the neck of one " psychic " begins to bend. Goshen is served by the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis, and the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railways, and is connected by electric railway with Warsaw and South Bend.

6. There, you will slowly practice the stroke so that you feel confident you understand the pull and bend of the movement. They are what allows the temples to bend. Jonathan Tyler Allen, 24, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison and three years’ supervised release. All shafts bend, it's just a matter of how much.

With girls skirts, be sure to have your daughter sit down in the dressing room, kneel, bend down, and get into any other position that may cause the skirt to ride up or shift around.

In most cases they reach the coast through deep valleys or profound canyons, and the transcontinental railways find their way beside them, the Canadian Pacific following at first tributaries of the Columbia near its great bend, and afterwards Thompson river and the Fraser; while the Grand Trunk Pacific makes use of the valley of the Skeena and its tributaries.

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