Perhaps unsurprisingly, this surge in app usage has contributed to a significant increase in the amount of mobile data we consume, too. That club now includes Instagram too, who revealed that they’d passed the 1 billion active accounts milestone back in June last year. Facebook Page Post Reach Benchmarks January 2019 DataReportal. Social Media Platform Global Ranking January 2019 DataReportal. The standout story in this comparison is China, where people spend more than 7 percent of GDP per capita online. Almost half of all mobile connections around the world are now 4G (LTE), according to reports from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSMA), and the number of LTE subscriptions jumped by almost 50 percent in the year to July 2018. Monthly Global Mobile Data Consumption Trends January 2019 DataReportal. Samsung takes second spot globally, with the Korean brand’s fan page amassing almost 160 million fans by the time of publication. OUR GOAL AND STRATEGY. ‘Adult’ sites continues to feature strongly in SimilarWeb’s rankings too, although Alexa’s data tells a slightly different story. So, because of the way in which we believe the Facebook algorithm works, larger pages will see much lower levels of organic reach and engagement compared to the figures reported above. Build a social selling program that drives revenue through advisor engagement while ensuring compliance. Once again though, these figures are averages across a variety of different pages, and the data show clear differences from one page to another. roundup of key data points has given you a thorough grasp of digital today, but let’s finish up by taking a look at the year ahead. Instagram Eligible Audience Penetration Rankings January 2019 DataReportal. LinkedIn Advertising Audience Overview January 2019 DataReportal. That’s it for this year, though; I wish you all the best for your own year of impressive digital growth in 2019, and I look forward to seeing you again, same time, same place, next year. The number of internet users around the world has grown by more than 1.9 billion since our 2014 reports, an increase of more than 75% in just five years. However, perhaps the most compelling story in this year’s numbers is that internet user growth actually accelerated in the past year, with more than 366 million new users coming online since we published our Digital 2018 reports. Connect more profiles and unlock unlimited scheduling with our Professional plan. Annual Growth in Social Media Users (Absolute) January 2019 DataReportal. As you might expect, Google continues to dominate the rankings of the world’s most visited websites, with both SimilarWeb and Alexa putting the search giant at the top of their tables. Social media use is still far from evenly distributed across the globe though, and penetration rates in parts of Africa are still in the single digits. Mobile App Market Overview January 2019 DataReportal. This year’s total of 4.39 billion global users is also more than double the figure of 2.08 billion that we reported in our first Global Digital report back in January 2012. E-commerce sites have been steadily rising through the ranks of these lists over the course of the past year, and Alexa’s latest data puts 5 e-commerce sites in the top 20 ranking. E-Commerce Spend by Consumer Category January 2019 DataReportal. Top YouTube Searches January 2019 DataReportal. However, it’s important to compare these negative trends in active user numbers with some other, equally relevant data. For example, there are some clear differences when we compare results for pages with fewer than 10,000 ‘fans’ to pages with more than 100,000 fans: Facebook Page Reach and Engagement Benchmarks by Page Size January 2019 DataReportal.

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