On top of her exit, there’s much to love about the episode, especially as it brings all of our favorites together to save the day-everyone from Raven to Murphy playing instrumental roles-only for Clarke to learn that by saving her people from an artificial life, she may have condemned them to death as she learns her world is on the edge of extinction. After a torturous eleven-month hiatus, the CW’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama, “The 100” is finally coming back with its Season 5 premiere this week, and I for one can barely contain my excitement. It’s so unfortunate that some of Clarke and Bellamy’s best scenes are packed in some of the show’s weaker episodes. You deserve to play that drinking game girl. Cons: I never felt like the writers knew what to do with Jaha in this season. From the second the episode starts there’s a sense of unease, as peace we realize is a territory that no one in this universe can seem to bring themselves to embrace. This is partly due to the moral ambiguity of Clarke and Bellamy’s final decision, and how it continues to echo throughout the rest of the series. I do like seeing Jasper and Raven together however — it’s a pair that doesn’t get a lot of screen time. Elsewhere, Monty and Octavia go through their own, tragic journey as Monty tries to convince Octavia to stay with group, telling her that they’re stronger together. Pros: Flashing back to the ark and returning to the dropship. When a fire destroys all of the rations at camp, the delinquents split up and set out to find food. It’s a slow start, as are most of the show’s season premieres, but the episode overall does a great job of introducing a new world and a new set of people. Directed by the Dean White, the episode pushes the series into even greater thriller inspired territories as Jasper, Monty, Miller, Harper and co., must fight for their lives, resulting in bloody results. It may be a case of love, divorce, snoring, or bad cooking. Pros: This is the last we see of Boris Blake. Cons: Riley fucking shit up. I’ll say it again — the very best episodes of The 100 are the ones that focus on our main delinquents and everyone is working together. Grounders don’t run away or sit idly by; they fight back. Jaha’s really good at forgiving himself super quickly, but he’s a nutter so I guess that’s not too surprising. The show has always been pretty dark, but the view outside of the Ark window as Jasper dies in Monty’s arms, as bodies begin to fall from alcohol poisoning and we realize no one is going to save them, it is perhaps the grimmest the show has ever gone. Another example of putting Bellamy’s character development on the line for the sake of creating tension. *eye roll*. Elsewhere, tensions rise between Lexa and Clarke, which builds on their already simmering tension. Watch the episode to know how the case is solved.About FIR:------------------F.I.R. That wide shot of Clarke standing at the doors of Mount Weather, utterly alone and out of options, is chilling. Meanwhile Jasper and the rest of the delinquents try to secure level five, a reminder that these kids have criminal pasts. Cons: We always knew Clarke would never be able to kill Bellamy, so the outcome of their standoff was predictable.// RIP Jasper. It was so clean. They don’t do too much in this episode except sneak out of camp and wander through the woods, but every one of their conversations is like watching two gears link together and start churning. It does a great job setting up the pieces for an awesome finale. Dragged down by Diana’s terrible acting and the Clarke/Rave/Finn love-triangle, this episode is not one of my favorites. And what episodes would have made your list? Remember Miles? Episodes like “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” or “Spacewalker” — I always understood there was no other way out of those scenarios. Con: Bellamy and Clarke were both shirtless in this episode and yet THEY WERE NOT TOGETHER WHY IS THIS? He says “I [protect my people] everyday” and lines of the sort, but it never feels honest. Pros: The epic Bellamy and Clarke reunion hug!// “Not so fast Pocahontas.”. This episode is also muddled with back and forth scenes to and from Lincoln’s cave, and he chains Octavia to a wall. Cons: Clarke’s hair. This is a great ensemble episode that also takes its time to explore relationships like Bellamy/Octavia, Jasper/Murphy, and finally has Raven break up with the Collins boy because we all know she’s so much better off. is quite touching. Start with Bellamy Blake.”. Cons: Shipper goggles aside, two episodes of Clarke and Finn together, separated from the rest of the group isn’t half as compelling as Clarke and Bellamy in “Day Trip”.

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