It was launched in February … Although risk assessment methodology in general has been around for quite a while, its prominence in the compliance field is a fairly recent phenomenon. After this information is gathered, the team can appropriately scope the risk assessment, including additional information-gathering meetings, in order to build a comprehensive risk profile. Communication Compliance reasons over language used in Teams—and now also Yammer—which may indicate issues related to threats (harm to oneself or others). High inherent risk is not an indictment of the bank; it just signifies an identified elevated risk level. Where possible, a formal risk register should be created wherein each significant organizational risk is mapped against the existing or future mitigating control that the organization relies upon. Certainly terms such as high, high/mod, moderate, low/mod, and low work, but some may try to get creative and use terms such as “acceptable” or “allowable.” In compliance there is really no such thing as an “acceptable risk,” and we’ve all had conversations with those who claim they’ll “accept or take on the risk.” The risk assessment should not lead examiners (or anyone else) to think that the bank is prepared to allow violations of law or regulations. Where available, the full report should be presented at periodic and defined meetings of the organization’s board of directors. It wasn’t designed to detect all issues before they’re allowed to occur; thus it’s not a highly effective control overall. This document defines over 50 Compliance KPIs, including metric definitions for Internal Audit, Policy Enforcement, Risk Management and more. Regulators are looking at the ways in which organizations employ people, third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes, and controls to enhance business performance. Risk Management Best Practices Guide. This guide details 15 high value best practices for Risk Management operations organized by function, including Compliance, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Internal Audit, Risk Assessment and Risk Reporting. Many argue these aren’t controls at all; they are quality control or testing mechanisms instead. Founded in 1996 (HCCA) and 2004 (SCCE), and incorporated in 2011, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Association is a member-based 501(c)(6) non-profit organization for compliance and ethics professionals worldwide, across all industries. He is also tasked to establish and maintain frameworks to manage and mitigate regulatory and financial crime risks in the region. A risk assessment can cover a wide range of risks depending on the nature of a company`s activity. FCPAméricas encourages readers to seek qualified legal counsel regarding anti-corruption laws or any other legal issue. But controls should be performed within the lines and business units must take ownership of the process.” Pry points out that buy-in isn’t a given. Both elements are essential to properly evaluate compliance controls. Evaluate Controls. An approach that aspires to make everyone’s lives easier, by focusing time and effort on processes that present greater risk, is a much easier sell. In fact, where needed, a risk assessment can be very narrowly concentrated on only one aspect of the four categories above. We have detailed, documented, and anonymized data, at the activity level, for proven best practice. That takes detailed knowledge of both the regulatory requirements as well as the business processes. It is not intended to provide legal advice to its readers and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Most importantly, risk assessments can be used to pinpoint risk within specific business units, geographies, or even vendors, agents, and other third parties (e.g., a risk assessment might focus solely on operations in countries with a high corruption risk, or on recently acquired companies). Stephen Martin ( is Partner, and Toby Ralston ( is Managing Director at StoneTurn in Denver, Colorado, USA. We do many things to ensure everything is done correctly and timely when it comes to flood.”. Conduct interviews. We combine that with original research to create easy-to-use guides that give you an instant edge. Email :, Types of enquiry / feedback * And management at many banks present the process as something that must be done solely to meet regulatory requirements. Given this, companies should be aware of the steps that others in their industries are taking to address risk. You’re merely obtaining a thorough understanding of the products, services, and processes involved in order to evaluate where compliance risk may lie. For multinational organizations specifically, understanding the impact of international standards and laws on these operations is imperative. FCPAméricas gives permission to link, post, distribute, or reference this article for any lawful purpose, provided attribution is made to the author and to FCPAméricas LLC. The majority of OpsDog's best practices require no new technology and can be implemented without infrastructure or regulatory-related organizational changes. He had a long career with the Reserve Bank of India in Banking Supervision, Regulation and Foreign Exchange Management Departments. For example, consider a control designed to ensure an adequate amount of flood insurance is in place on all structure-secured loans. In the 100 years since, there has been a slow but steady rise in regulatory activity across all industries—leading to the 24,694 pages of final rules published in the Federal Register in 2015.2 As a result, financial regulatory activity is taking u… This is often the most difficult concept to explain to those in the business units. It does not seek to describe or convey the quality of legal services. Data ad nauseum. A key point here is to ensure that the ultimate rating is supported by documentation, so examiners, auditors, management, or other interested parties can see the assumptions, methodology, and process behind the rating. Simply email us ( or call us at 866.650.2888 and one of our friendly professionals will be happy to answer all your questions. “But increasingly, banks are taking advantage of the governance, risk management and compliance [GRC] systems out there. Within this area, regulators will be looking for deficiencies in corporate governance, strategic risk, crisis management, brand, and reputational risk. This can lead to underestimating risk. Similarly, the Brazilian regulation on compliance programs sets forth that a risk assessment is one of the elements that will be taken into consideration when authorities evaluate a company’s compliance program. The compliance department exists to assist business units in identifying and developing controls to mitigate the risks but those controls should be performed within the lines. Examples of documents to be reviewed include: i) company planning documents on current business operations and strategic business plans; they can show, for example, that the company is looking to expand business into markets where there is a high probability of corruption or that local partners will be used in such jurisdictions; ii) compliance policies and procedures; iii) previous risk assessments; iv) internal audit / investigation reports; v) hotline reports; vi) financial management materials; vii) list of third parties used by the company; and, viii) list of main clients. This could be an automated process, where the closing package would be halted by the system unless proper documentation is present indicating coverage, or it could be a manual check-off procedure. Are all systems and business lines covered by design? Our analysts would be happy to create a custom-tailored Best Practice Guide just for you. Although risk assessment methodology in general has been around for quite a while, its prominence in the compliance field is a fairly recent phenomenon. Partner Financial Services Industry Practice Deloitte Singapore. This guide details 15 high value best practices for Risk Management operations organized by function, including Compliance, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Internal Audit, Risk Assessment and Risk … He can be reached at [email protected]. Execution or operational effectiveness evaluates how well the control performs in practice; does it do what it was designed to do? General counsel, a chief legal officer, and external counsel serve to inform and advise organizations in the area of legal/regulatory risk. In the 1990s, she founded and edited Financial Service Online, a magazine covering Internet-based forays into banking and investment services. So how best to do it? Whether administered internally or with the help of outside experts, conducting an effective risk assessment is an essential step to develop and/or enhance a strong compliance program. Presentation-ready benchmarking data, reports, and definition guides. In other words, if a control is not designed properly, it won’t matter how well it operates – the control will not be effective. Copyright © 2019 Health Care Compliance Association. If there is anything to take away, it is this: There exists no one-size-fits-all approach to the assessment of risk, nor is there predetermined guidance as to which testing structure and audit schedule work best for your organization. From the outset, the professionals involved in conducting the risk assessment should determine which areas to address in the assessment (e.g., anti-corruption, antitrust, environmental, labor). Therefore, it is important to conduct ongoing assessments of regulatory risks in order to understand how laws and regulations are changing in all jurisdictions in which a firm operates. To get started, companies should consider current and potential compliance risks, including systemic, organizational, or industry-specific risks and any other unique risks to their organization. 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