They had a couple of minor hits [the Phil Spector-produced “Black Pearl” was the Checkmates’ biggest at №13 Pop in 1969]. Of course, she wrote some great songs, in particular “Ode to Billie Joe.” That will always be her main legacy. RIP Little Richard: The Boy Couldn’t Help It, Either, Praise the Lord. I put it in minor, and I liked my melody. When a friend of mine in the music business remarked, “Why can’t you see me today?” I replied, “I’m going to lunch with Bobbie Gentry.” He blurted out, “Oh, the girl with the big nose!” I had never thought of her that way. They then went through a divorce in 1980. You think nice, and you are a gentleman. [Haskell softly sings, “That’s life, that’s what the people say”]. It’s a record with only a girl singing and playing a five-string guitar” [laughs]. The gritty rock and roll “Mississippi Delta” sticks out like a sore thumb on the Ode to Billie Joe album. “Fancy” consisted of a lot of words moving at a fast pace, and it was a very impressive, clever song. I remember taking Bobbie out to lunch. He was an excellent arranger and a really good guy. Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell is an album of duets with label mate Glen Campbell. I guess he was a smooth talker. I guess you’re doing well since you married Jim Stafford.” She snapped at me, “I paid for it myself!” [laughs]. I think so. When Bobbie became wealthy, did it affect her personality? Haskell, will you please take a five-minute break and go talk to Ms. Gentry and tell her that we’re doing everything we can to please her. I thought, ‘What’s my cello player gonna play that has the fewest notes?’ Well, I figured out a bass line with only three notes every two bars. After awhile Bobbie called Capitol and inquired, “Don’t you have any checks for me yet?” They said, “Yeah, we had one check for $1,000, but we gave it to your partner, Bobby Paris.”. The sugar baby relationship was alluded to in Gentry's fictionalized account of her life, "Fancy," in which a "benevolent man" (Harrah) takes in an impoverished Southern prostitute (Gentry). The Checkmates, Ltd. recording had been set-up the week before, and I had written arrangements for that session. Recordings with Glen Campbell, critically acclaimed albums exemplified by The Delta Sweete and Patchwork, television specials, a popular choreographed Las Vegas-style revue, and a film adaptation of her signature song all followed within a few years. You won a Grammy for Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist for “Ode to Billie Joe” in February 1968. Age, Height, and Weight. Another reason had to do with her final album, Patchwork [1971], not selling very well. By the way, Bobbie was working in a little club in Glendale at the time she recorded “Billie Joe.” She wouldn’t tell me where the club was because she didn’t want anybody to see her working in a less than perfect light. Bobbie Gentry-native of my hometown, Greenwood, MS! They want to please you and make sure you’re satisfied with everything.” She replied, “Well, I hope they’re fast, because I’m getting very upset about this!”. It was wonderful. I can’t do it now.”. Capitol liked them, so they signed them to make inroads into the R&B field. After awhile, she got tired of him and kicked him out. The Musicians’ Union eventually didn’t allow arrangers to score music for two artists on the same date. I think I get ’em from God. When she briefly signed with Warner Brothers in 1977, I arranged her final single, “Steal Away” b/w “He Did Me Wrong but He Did It Right.”.

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