Regigigas's known moves are Hyper Beam, Hammer Arm*, Confuse Ray, and Hidden Power. This victory placed Ash in the Frontier Battle Hall of Fame, and a position as Frontier Brain, but Ash refused. In one of these battles, he faced and won a Trainer named Reggie, this battle marked the young man so that he sought a new way to reconcile with the Pokémon. In the end, Brandon corrects Ash in saying that the evil spirit was defeated by himself because of his recklessness. This Regirock is a rock-type Pokémon owned by Pyramid King Brandon. Not long after Ash won his Icicle Badge at the Snowpoint Gym, his rival Paul challenged Gym Leader Candice to a battle! Debut: Pokémon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. As night falls on the Pokémon Center, Zoey is surprised to learn that Paul was Chimchar's Original Trainer, and she remarks on the difference between Ash and Paul. When Ash finally got his sixth Frontier Symbol in Second Time's the Charm!, he learned that the Battle Pyramid was located near Pewter City. Again, after yet another victory over Ash, Brandon leaves him a new lesson before he before pursuing his goal. Magmar is all Paul has left, but Regirock easily defeats Magmar too. Reggie confirms that the Pyramid was the only place he did not win. In the next round, Squirtle was defeated by Brandon's Solrock, which in turn drew with Bulbasaur. Outside, Team Rocket is still split on deciding where to go as James notices Ash and his friends exiting. His usual smile drops into a serious expression, as he remarks that it was also the day he learned that he had a lot more to learn. Regice wakes up and uses Ice Beam to try to freeze it again, but Pikachu dodges and hits Regice before it can launch another attack, knocking it out and earning Ash the Brave Symbol. Pikachu frees itself with Iron Tail and starts charging forward with Volt Tackle. Debut: Regice uses Ice Beam to freeze the stadium more, creating a tomb of ice pillars that trap Pikachu. Gender: Candice arrives on a Dodrio, introducing herself to Brandon and expresses her admiration of the Battle Pyramid. Ursaring then launches Hammer Arm, however, Regice counters with Focus Punch and a massive backlash is created, knocking both Pokémon backwards. Paul has just started his Pokémon journey with Turtwig and took time out from his first journey through Sinnoh to travel to Kanto in order to watch Reggie's battle. Regirock first appeared in Battling the Enemy Within!, where it defeated Ash's Sceptile, despite its type disadvantage and the fact that Ash was possessed by the King of Pokélantis.Regirock was also used to battle Reggie's Drapion and won. His eyes are brown. The brothers then leave in Reggie's van as Samuel and Maria arrive, telling Brandon that a situation has occurred at the Snowpoint Temple. Regirock easily endures Magmar's Flamethrower before knocking out Magmar with Shock Wave, therefore giving Brandon a perfect 6-0 victory over Paul.

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