The entire set up of sitting and dining at a banquet is very likable and people get the chance to socialize easily within such a jolly atmosphere. kick-offs and product launches. configuration with the audience facing inwards. - Audience interaction is hindered as audience members don't face each other. The seats are looking forward towards the front and the attendees face the stage. Ideal for Birthday parties, Sangeet, Receptions, Product launches, gala dinners, awards night, weddings and other informal events. workshops, meetings. The open end allows for a focal point or presentation area. The Cabaret has “cabaret-style” seating. Serve finger food and other small bites in lieu of a sit-down meal. Cabaret style seating is when a number of tables are scattered throughout the room, with seating arranged only partly around each table. The tables are high-rise and are covered with floor-length ties to give an ethereal appearance to the table settings. Popular for wedding receptions, banquets and other informal events, Round tables with guests seated on one side so everyone has a view of the presenter/s. The seating is in shape of “U” with the tables and chairs arranged in an open-ended manner, all of them facing forward towards the projector screen or podium. For over 30 years we've maintained a Audience interaction greatly enhanced, with audience members able to freely mingle and roam. The square table that is used for the setup has a hollow centre but unlike U-shape has no open end. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy. An ideal seating style for audience-type events or events combining presentations with group work. passion for creating extraordinary experiences that drives our 750+ team. It seems that you are well aware of the types of seating arrangements you could have for your event. They form an arc and the table is opened from one end. Aisles are required to ensure sufficient access to seating area. This style is similar to Banquet type seating style, however there is an open end, with the audience seated in an arc facing forwards. business presentation, training classroom, hosting a full scale gala dinner or product launch, the arrangement of Popular for lectures, meetings, seminars and training sessions, A single or oval table with a maximum of 25 attendees. With more number of guests arriving for your presentation, you cannot have a Horseshoe seating arrangement for the function! All the chairs are facing forward towards a podium or the speaker.

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