It is constant. There’s a part of Peter Lawwell’s brain which really does believe he could be the first CEO to have a statue in the car-park. Like 14th century peasants putting up two fingers to their erstwhile feudal lords as they abandoned their tied hovels to seek a better life elsewhere – no-one ever imagined it – but it happened and serfdom was never the same again. Celtic had been having a bit of a bad time of it, results-wise. Phil is also a social worker and also had his training. How can you possibly reconstruct a League when you don’t know how many teams are going to be around to play in it? RIP, Cesar. 3. The power of advertising changing behaviors. CFC haven’t got in for the last two seasons and a third would be poor show. Author, Blogger, Journalist & Writer. Continue reading “The unforgiven”, Reasoned analysis rarely arrives just after the final whistle in a derby defeat. He also scored the last minute winner against Vodjvodina in the 1966/67 European Cup quarter final victory, saving us travelling to Amsterdam for a play off. Hateful. Like everything that came his way in life, Billy faced it all with courage and dignity. Merchandise started being advertised on tv and in press with adults wearing it. Never put a penny in. I wrote confidently of that deal from that point on, and I was not disappointed. With further outbreaks in Germany and China I can’t see any football in the UK till there is a vaccine avaialble to beat the pandemic. Menu. Continue reading “The transparent Stenography Corps and a special Fenian birthday”, Consider this… Continue reading “The Teddy Bears’ fascist picnic”, An attack on a journalist is an attack on journalism. Phil attended the University of York for his studies and completed his graduation from there only. Phil has good sources, and has broken many a big story from inside and outside Celtic Park. There is a common misconception about our board of directors which I feel I have to tackle here; it’s that these are people who would be “quite happy” to see the Ibrox club win this title, to keep them in business and to continue the “Old Firm rivalry.”. In 2017 in The Supreme Court we heard sworn testimony and documented facts that proved a fraud had taken place in Scottish football. My reason for doing so was the role that they had played in creating the new club from the body parts of Rangers. I was 12 years old and that memory is still fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. Milan Danger Man Not Zlatan – Celtic Warned Celts Are Here (Weblog) 11:37 21-Oct-20. Consequently, they will continue to be in breach of contract if any new deal with Castore is not sold through SDIR. If Mike Ashley truly has exclusivity then I’d expect one of three things to happen. Some of his popular plays are Flight of the Earls: a play about modern Ireland, Hame, and Rebellion. I can see this story playing out in similar fashion. Is there a time limit to this or can they only buy their way out? I invited the two other sites - Video Celts and The Celtic Blog to join The Celtic Star to give the three Celtic sites - all different in their own way - the opportunity to be part of a vibrant Celtic community. One movie that I have sat through twice in the last couple of months is Contagion. It is the iconic image that reassured generations of the Celtic Family through some tough times. However, despite some artistic licence, I am told that most of the technical data contained in the script would pass muster at the CDC and WHO. The Tartan Army always wore Scotland shirts for as long as I can remember. Author, Blogger, Journalist & Writer. Discuss. The SPFL already have it in the rules, that all clubs signed up to, to end the season when they decide the league is over. But remember Marcus Aurelius – the best revenge is not to be like that. What a gentleman and humble person he was. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The SDIR Facebook page last week  (July 1st) stated that the Castore strips would be available exclusively through SDIR and no one else – contrary to what the stenographers were saying and what the Castore chap was saying. They had a vote to see if everyone could behave in the face of this pandemic, sadly they did not. Continue reading “The unforgiven 2” Author Phil Posted on 21st October 2020 21st October 2020 Categories Uncategorised … The thing is he is way in to deep with sevco now to take a step back and call them out on any shenanigans from 2012 . Plus CA change …….. Hi Phil, I thoroughly enjoy reading about the ongoing trainwreck that is Sevco! Let’s hope the monster is frozen forever. Some people are living in cloud cuckoo land, have you not been watching how professional football has commercially evolved over the last 30 years, Bosman, TV contracts, advertising, agents, hospitality, etc. Don’t be surprised to see sevco blow the lid on Doncaster and the 5 way Agreement if it means taking a few bodies with them on the way to admin and liquidation . My own reading of this shambles is that it was done to sell season tickets and nothing else so, looking at it this way, it was a success. And it's not even a one-off with people like this blog, Phil McBain etc - it's a career. Castore fulfill the orders and square up Big Mike for his losses and inconvenience. What else do you want them to say? However, it was also true about Stein’s men on the pitch. Over 55,000 were infected in one day as 2angersitis-2012 spread like gossip On a Monday morning at Singers on John Street…, Maybe a true to novel screen production of ‘Frankenstein’ would be an appropriate movie to add to your viewing queue…, After all… the monster causes death and destruction to all in its vicinity before turning on those who show some compassion.. ultimately the creator of the monster knows it must be stopped and commits to a perilous journey chasing his obscene creation to a barren, frozen wasteland for the showdown. . Long may it continue. Dermot Desmond has been involved with our club since Fergus McCann was here, and he is a phenomenally successful man who does not even countenance failure far less tolerate it. Burgers how you want them – aye. Last Night Was Like Show Racism The Red Carpet. The Celtic Report. My God, seeing and listening to the reaction to Billy’s death has hit the Celtic family hard and emotions are running high. Phil Mac Giolla Bháin. He also has a Facebook account. Of course, the Ibrox klanbase always showed some symptoms of not being well. Maybe his details on net worth are under review. His response to the mere possibility that we were under threat was to hire Brendan Rodgers. Author Phil Posted on 11th May 2020 12th May 2020 Categories Uncategorised. Menu. RIP our greatest captain. Continue reading “The fearless women journalists who terrify cowardly fascists”. Simpson, Gemmell, Murdoch, Jinky and now big Billy, all gone but will never be forgotten by the Celtic family. It is only now that I recollect a story that was doing the rounds when Cesar was our manager. Gone but never forgotten. How Much Longer, … They cannot afford to live at the level they do, it’s a fact, nothing will make it less of one. Celtic have always been proud of their roots of being more than just a football club. You must assume that all other clubs will perform to the new miraculous capabilities of the select few, the losers in this case that everyone is saying “could have would have”, and that all the others up their game too? News; Match Reports; Articles & Features; Opinions & Rants; League Table; Live. keep digging please Phil – no other ‘Journo* in Scotland has the guts.. Until a vaccine is found for the Stenography Corps, the originator of the virus should probably be quarantined.

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