By his own description, they were curious and friendly, eager to help the new group of people who had landed on their shores. Upon arriving in the Bahamas, the explorer and his men forced the native peoples they found there into slavery. The Santa Maria was the only plane to reach Lima as planned, landing at Las Palmas on the day of the storm. The name was changed to "Day of Respect of Cultural Diversity" by a presidential decree in 2010 issued by President Cristina Kirchner. Several U.S. cities and states have replaced Columbus Day with alternative days of remembrance. [94], A second strain of criticism of Columbus Day focuses on the character of Columbus himself. However, this is controversial on many counts. Local groups host parades and street fairs featuring colorful costumes, music and Italian food. [78], In 1992, in remembrance of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, the Columbus Lighthouse, in Santo Domingo Este was inaugurated. "[17][19][20] President Franklin Delano Roosevelt responded by making such a proclamation. Depending on the state government, local government, or institution, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated in place of Columbus Day or alongside it. Copyright © 2019, LLC. States including Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon commemorate Indigenous Peoples' Day, as well as cities like Denver, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Celebrate old farmers, their wisdom and their tried and tested farming techniques. Columbus Day is a public holiday in some areas (see list below), where it is a day off and schools and most businesses are closed. [31][32][33], As in the mainland United States, Columbus Day is a legal holiday in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Instead, they get the Friday after the fourth Thursday of November as a holiday. In March 1493, Columbus returned to Spain in triumph, bearing gold, spices and “Indian” captives. Is it the Aztecs, who killed an estimated 84,000 people in four days in their consecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan? The same goes for post offices - check with your local post office. 2. Taking pride in Columbus’ birthplace and faith, Italian and Catholic communities in various parts of the country began organizing annual religious ceremonies and parades in his honor. The landing is celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States, but the name varies on the international spectrum. A Defense of Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day By John Hirschauer. Here is the truth about Columbus Day, explained: 1. READ MORE: Christopher Columbus: How The Explorer's Legend Grew—Then Drew Fire. Since then, La Raza has served as a periodic rallying cry for Hispanic activists. In fact, as a result of the campaign against Columbus, more than 30 U.S. towns and cities (including Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, and Minneapolis) have voted to change the name of Columbus Day … All Rights Reserved. There are numerous European and Asian cultures, and few would argue that there are not meaningful differences between Russians and Spaniards or Italians and Norwegians, between Han Chinese and Tamils or Koreans and the Javanese in Indonesia. As a result, a movement exists to replace the national holiday known as Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day. Columbus Day was conceived by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Fraternal organization, in the 1930s because they wanted a Catholic hero. Federico Laredo Brú spoke about Columbus' impact on the land and the future of its settlement. There was a low bar for Joe Biden in the first debate, given his cognitive challenges. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. The first notable proposal of Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day occurred in 1977, at the United Nations International Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americas. It was, first officially observed in South Dakota in 1989, , with the California city of Berkeley deciding to adopt it in 1992 on the 500th anniversary of Columbus landing in the Bahamas.

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