Each day's top stories and analysis -- and more stories of why we all love sports, Weekly look at the stories of good throughout the sports, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. Eddie Slovik was a draftee. No longer would I hurriedly scarf down Sunday dinner, change from church clothes into play clothes and run outside to play. Sports offers us so much, but most of all, if you’re a Jones, sports mean family. NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah analyzes Redskins' pick of Chase Young at No. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! But more than anything, I loved the family time that sports created. HISTORY reviews and updates its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate. Here's what you need to know before the Washington Football Team and Arizona Cardinals matchup in Week 2 of the 2020 NFL season. The images and emotions of January 31, 1988, remain vivid. Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera share importance of women in NFL coaching jobs. He and my father let out hoops, hollers and cheers after every big play. We want to publish your stories on USA TODAY Sports and share it with our community. Watch as Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Halls records four interceptions vs. the Chicago Bears in Week 7 of the 2010 NFL season. The world around me. At halftime, he and my father, Rick, explained the deeper significance of Washington’s dominant performance. Every player with a PFF grade of 90+ in Week 2 of the NFL season. “Grandson, do you understand what this means? His MVP performance and 43-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XVII remains one of the most defining moments in Super Bowl history. Super Bowl XXII: Doug Williams highlights. On ...read more, At Westminster in London, Guy Fawkes, a chief conspirator in the plot to blow up the British Parliament building, jumps to his death moments before his execution for treason. Sanders and Smith set their own Super Bowl records that day: Sanders for receiving (193 yards) and Smith for rushing (204 yards). I grinned and told Granddaddy I understood. Quarterback Doug Williams and head coach Joe Gibbs led the Washington Redskins to a Super Bowl victory 30 years ago. They described the plight of the Black quarterback and how Williams’ heroics were at last shattering decades of stereotypical shackles. I came to admire how these athletes made the impossible possible. Williams injured his knee shortly thereafter and was replaced for two plays by Jay Schroeder. Sports still dominates the conversations my father and I share, and now as a dad, I’ve got a sports-loving household of my own. The offensive was ...read more, Los Angeles prosecutors announce that they will retry teacher Raymond Buckey, who was accused of molesting children at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California. Now we're sharing the stories that answer that question. This was the first Super Bowl played at Jack Murphy Stadium (now currently known as SDCCU Stadium) in San Diego, California. It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience. June 6, 1944 is considered one of the most pivotal moments in modern history. I wanted to hear the arguments about strategy and what they should have done. Carl Lewis remembers the career of Darrell Green, who comes in at No. Better known by its codename, D-Day, the Allied assault on five beaches in Nazi-occupied France was the result of over a year of planning and jockeying amongst various military and political leaders. Throngs of people line up to pay the equivalent of several days’ wages for Big Macs, shakes and french fries. Watch and learn about the legendary career of Hall of Fame halfback Bobby Mitchell. Our stories and yours. Pvt. All Rights Reserved. Sign up for one of our sports newsletters to get more stories like these: YOUR INBOX APPROVES:Each day's top stories and analysis -- and more stories of why we all love sports, delivered, GOOD SPORTS:Weekly look at the stories of good throughout the sports world. Perched on the edge of his La-Z-Boy, Chester Jones gripped the arms of the chair and fidgeted with excitement. Sprawled on the floor of my grandfather’s living room in tiny Frytown, Virginia, I could sense the excitement as Doug Williams and the Washington Redskins racked up touchdown after touchdown during that legendary Super Bowl XXII second quarter. About football. Originally classified 4-F because of a prison record (grand theft ...read more. I wanted more of the excitement. What are they doing now? 2 overall pick in Round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft. The career of Redskins Hall of Fame QB Sonny Jurgensen is featured on NFL Films Presents. That’s why I fell in love. The soldiers seized the embassy and held it for six hours until an assault force of U.S. paratroopers landed by helicopter on the building’s roof and routed the ...read more, On this day, Pvt. Don't miss any of these memories by signing up for our daily newsletter, where we'll be spotlighting our stories – and yours – each week. On January 31, 1988, in San Diego, California, Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins becomes the first African American quarterback to play in a Super Bowl, Live TV Shows All rights reserved. What are they doing now? Washington Football Team DE Chase Young joins "Good Morning Football" to discuss his adjustment from college to the NFL, Dwayne Haskins and the team's stacked defensive line. The unity of the moment – three generations sharing such strong emotions – that drew me in. But that’s the night I fell in love with sports. The reactions of the players on the screen. Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera share importance of women in NFL coaching jobs. NFL owners voted to award Super Bowl XXII to San Diego on May 24, 1984 during their May 23–25, 1984 meetings in Washington, D.C. Also in the first half, he passed for 306 yards, just 25 short of the Super Bowl record for an entire game. signaled this, as did the reactions of two of the biggest figures of influence in my life. All that changed, however, when Williams and the Redskins began to obliterate the Denver defense, scoring 35 points in the quarter. 75 on NFL Films' Top 100 Greatest Players. The Washington Redskins select Ohio State Buckeyes defensive end Chase Young with No. The story below is from USA TODAY Sports' NFL columnist Mike Jones. Go to main menu Each Sunday, I waited my turn to pour over the pages of the Washington Post Sports section – after my granddad and dad finished it – then gobbled whatever information I could. I wanted to camp out in front of the big, old TV with Granddaddy and Daddy. On the eve of a general parliamentary session scheduled for November 5, 1605, Sir Thomas Knyvet, a ...read more, U.S. President Harry S. Truman publicly announces his decision to support the development of the hydrogen bomb, a weapon theorized to be hundreds of times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II. Send us pictures if you can. I was hooked. His four touchdowns in the first half tied the Super Bowl then-record for most touchdowns thrown in an entire game. 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