You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Bulkhead and Smokescreen escaped the trap and the larger Autobot goaded Dreadwing into fighting him. Megatron then contacted him and told him to stop but when Dreadwing insisted he could win, Megatron relented (secretly doubting his survival). While they were distracted, Starscream was able to free and activate the relic: the Apex Armor. Enemys: Soundly beaten, Dreadwing returned to Megatron, who was pleased his underling learned a harsh lesson, and vowed to only obey his Master, no longer seeking revenge for his brother. Starscream, Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Arachnid (The same one Skyquake scanned) It is mostly dark blue with golden yellow colored elevators and ailerons. He later tried to avenge his brother's resurrection by killing Starscream. Outnumbered, Dreadwing scanned Fowler's jet and took off. He watched Starscream's memories, and learned that Skyquake was not lying in peace, but had been turned into an undead zombie by Starscream and was wandering around in an alternate dimension. However, the Autobot leader was tougher than Dreadwing anticipated, and he was soon forced to disarm the bomb he'd planted on Bulkhead after failing to call Optimus's bluff, but retreated back to the Nemesis, where he decided to leave vengeance for another time and pledged his loyalty to Megatron. Not wanting the ship to be destroyed, Megatron infused his recently acquired Dark Energon to re-power the ship to which Dreadwing witnessed. Triangulation, Dreadwing is later sent out to retrieve the second of the four Omega Keys, which is located in a forest. Esta página ofrece cientos de plantillas GRATUITAS para uso empresarial y doméstico que puede personalizar e imprimir de forma interna. He was followed by Wheeljack, whom had almost being killed in the explosion that killed Seaspray and wanted to avenge his fellow Wrecker, and soon they landed on Earth. Y consigue gratis el tercer año de garantía comercial. Upon arriving at the now-evacuated human camp, he and Optimus did battle. With the loss of the relic, Dreadwing opted to return to the Nemesis, vowing to finish Prime another day. However, in the fifth year of the war, Dreadwing finally returned when he saw Optimus battling Thunderwing. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Dreadwing was one of Megatron's most loyal Warriors. He has a yellow face and two yellow horns sticking out from both sides. Loose Cannons, Airachnid's betrayal prompted Megatron to have her rubbed out before she could make a move against him. Patch As a result, he decided to betray the Decepticons by both stealing the Forge of Solus Prime, giving it to the Autobots and by attempting to kill Starscream. Dreadwing took Breakdown along on the mission with him as backup. Using Bulkhead as bait, Dreadwing intended to kill Wheeljack and Optimus Prime in a cargo port, and while waiting informed Megatron of his plan when he discovered him gone. Megatron interfered by demanding that he stop, but when Dreadwing refused, he was shot fatally through the Spark chamber with his own gun, picked up by Megatron. When Bulkhead and Smokescreen arrive, he has set several of his bombs up on the various trees. El correo puede tardar unos minutos en llegar, comprueba tu bandeja de correo no deseado. Dreadwing While heading for Earth, he stopped to kill Autobot Wrecker Seaspray and Wheeljack. However, he choose to go against Megatron's orders and to kill Starscream for resurrecting his brother with Dark Energon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He has a strong desire for bombs and explosives. Elija entre folletos, tarjetas de visita, tarjetas de felicitación, proyectos de "Hágalo usted mismo" y mucho más. Using his cell phone, he contacted the Nemesis and met Megatron, who confirmed the death of his twin brother, Skyquake, and vowed to destroy all Autobots as an act of revenge. Having failed to recover the relic and vowing to kill Optimus the next time they met, Dreadwing then flew off. Para empezar, lo primero que necesitamos saber es el modelo de tu equipo que podrás encontrar en el propio equipo o en su caja. When Wheeljack, along with Optimus Prime who had accompanied Wheeljack, found Bulkhead, Dreadwing had attached a bomb to him as part of a trap to kill both of them. He proposed a challenge to Wheeljack which he accepted. When Airachnid goaded Megatron to finish the job himself, Dreadwing offered to accompany him, but Megatron ordered him to remain behind. Since Starscream now out-powered the two of them, Dreadwing and Optimus were forced into a temporary alliance in order to defeat him. Legacy While he was keen to take on the Autobots, he instead accompanied Megatron on a trip through the space bridge to Cybertron. Megatron escaped during the confusion along with Dreadwing and was impressed by his disobeying a direct order; "You'll make a good First Lieutenant". Aumenta la productividad en la empresa con una gestión eficiente de los equipos de impresión. Friends/Allies: Flying Mind. Dreadwing is the only character to be recast in the video game, with Fred Tatasciore doing a pretty good impersonation of Tony Todd. Alpha/Omega, Megatron intentionally requested Dreadwing to retrieve the second Omega Key, but chose Knock Out instead. He was third second-in-command and valued honor. Dreadwing disobeyed, and lured Wheeljack and Bulkhead into a trap. The cockpit of his vehicle mode sticks out from his chest and is a very dark shade of gray. Dreadwing assessed that the ship was heading there to get the artifact to claim it for himself. Despite Megatron insisting he not engage the Autobots outside of orders, Dreadwing planed to kill Optimus Prime by strapping a bomb to Bulkhead. Regeneration, For years, Dreadwing has had to live in Starscream's shadow. Forced to team up with Prime, Dreadwing attempted to destroy the Armor with one of his explosives, which failed, before Prime gave him an idea, and planted explosives around Starscream, which on detonation sent him falling through the ice. However, after discovering the relic had been taken by humans, Optimus Prime drove out and battled the Vehicons and Dreadwing, ending the fight by burying the Decepticon under an avalanche he created. Voyager Dreadwing, Following his death, Dreadwing was resurrected by Knock Out, but returned not as his usual level-headed self, but a raging berserker filled with nothing but hatred towards the Autobots who took his brother's life. Dreadwing is the split spark twin brother of Skyquake. Dreadwing was the third second-in-command of the Decepticons forces and the most loyal of the three. Skills/Powers: Injustice Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. However, the Autobot leader was tougher than Dreadwing anticipated, and he was soon forced to disarm the bomb he'd planted on Bulkhead after failing to call Optimus's bluff, but retreated back to the Nemesis, where he decided to leave vengeance for another time and pledged his loyalty to Megatron. Like many of the other Decepti… He eventually dug his way out and tracked down Optimus and the traitor to a human facility that had taken possession of the relic. The follow up to Innocence and Beauty. They managed to do so when Dreadwing surrounded him with several of his bombs and set them off, causing Starscream to plunge down the hole created by the explosion and into the ocean. Kevin Rose (Injustice: Huntsmen Among Us), Firestorm (Injustice: Return of the Gods), Lobo (Injustice: Gods Among Us The Extended Cut), Martian Manhunter (Injustice: Return of the Gods), Green Lantern (Injustice: Return of the Gods), Series. Para cualquier ayuda en lo que necesites, estamos at your side. They reciprocated his regards for their talents. 8:32. Dreadwing was one of Megatron's most loyal Warriors. Optimus agreed, but Megatron fired on the Autobots anyway. Like his brother, he goes by a code of honor. Unlike most Decepticons, Dreadwing was portrayed as more of an anti-hero than a villain. Attempting to kill the… He was third second-in-command and valued honor. He is an expert in explosives. When traveling through the galaxy, Dreadwing came across two Wreckers: Wheeljack and Seaspray. Cartoon Network Injustice:Heroes Among Us. This story tracks what happens :) . Flight, explosives He was once captain of a Seeker armada. Using a beacon to let his fellow Decepticons track his position, he soon boarded the Nemesis and reported to Megatron. Dreadwing was the third second-in-command of the Decepticons forces and the most loyal of the three. Dreadwing heard of Megatron's apparent death, and immediately assumed Starscream was to blame. Unfortunately Breakdown's temper resulted in Airachnid attacking them and webbing Dreadwing to a tree. However, he choose to go against Megatron's orders and to kill Starscream for resurrecting his brother with Dark Energon. Played by: In addition to his calculating tactics, cool-minded leadership, and fierce loyalty, Dreadwing has outwardly shown a sense of integrity not normally characterized by the Decepticon agenda. While there however Airachnid taunted Breakdown into attacking her, Dreadwing fought her and managed to shoot off one of her spider legs but was caught in a web. With the apparent loss of Breakdown and no sign of his remains or Airachnid, Dreadwing returned to the Nemesis to face a disappointed Megatron. I want to tell you about the Transformers! Status: Also, if a mission goes south, he is willing to let the Autobots live if it means the survival of the Decepticon cause. In the Arctic, Dreadwing and his Vehicon entourage found Starscream, who had used a GroundBridge to get there. However, he was in the room when Starscream revealed the true fate of his twin, which angered him. ¿Tienes alguna duda o incidencia sobre tu producto Brother?

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