. PAKANTOT KA SA ASO MO. You’re never rude… Me? Thank you for giving your very best in representing our country. Pia is my next Miss Universe! Ps: Hindi dahil pinatulan si angelo ay wala na kaming pinagkaiba. Di andyan na naman ang mabahong bunganga ni “Reyes”. } She gave it her all. Perfect girl. element = document.createElement("div"); She didn’t seem to walk around and flaunted her Venezuela sash. Her top 10 finish has nothing to do with the “cursed” crown or Bea’s attitude. else but hey ho, this should serve as a lesson to all, when janicel failed to grab MUP tittle, many raised their brows and spread nasty words and pictures of pia, questioned pia, and concluded pia will never win.—->. Sa lahat ng mga “minura” at pinagsalitaan ng masama ang nanay ni Anghelo Reyes – it s time for us to rejoice at least . ano to battle of grammar? It should have been more appropriate if it was already the announcement & she was called as the winner). Miss International 2015 Winner - Bio, Wiki: Miss Venezuela Edymar Martinez was declared the champion of the contest which took place at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan. This is just the beginning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RezFFncRCo, Edymar Martinez for Belankazar modeling agency in 2018, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2zxVDekXAk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RezFFncRCo, "Venezuela's Edymar Martinez and other beauties at Miss International", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edymar_Martínez&oldid=978914544, BLP articles lacking sources from April 2019, Pages using Infobox pageant titleholder with unknown parameters, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 17:58. Janicel did so well, I thought she could win it all. miss tissa please wag kana mag lie… it will not make janicel a winner. { ['','t11067p'+start+'-miss-international-2015-official-thread-edymar-martinez-of-venezuela'].join('/') : ['','t11067-miss-international-2015-official-thread-edymar-martinez-of-venezuela'].join('/'); Ikaw ang basher ni Janicel. She represented Anzoátegui state at Miss Venezuela 2014 and was crowned Miss Venezuela International by the outgoing title holder Michelle Bertolini.Martinez was crowned Miss International 2015 at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan on November 5, 2015. Beauty pageants are not an exact science. function destroyPagination() renderedElement = document.body.insertBefore(element, document.body.firstChild); } In my opinion, Janicel should be part of the top 5 but Top 10 is not bad since there are great odds against her. if ( display == true ) Hahaha! y = overFlowY > 0 ? element.innerHTML = '
' + string + "
"; start = (start - 1) * 25; Alexandra Abdon: Paying it forward to the Out-of-School Youth, The truth behind Miss Globe Philippines 2020 Rowena Lucero (or Sasuluya if you will). Page 1 of 6 • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SSchwarzgruber on Thu Nov 05, 2015 4:34 pm, MISS INTERNATIONAL 2015 - OFFICIAL THREAD - Edymar Martínez of Venezuela, Re: MISS INTERNATIONAL 2015 - OFFICIAL THREAD - Edymar Martínez of Venezuela. However, there is life after the pageant. [citation needed] She competed with more than seventy contestants from different countries and territories of the world, and at the end of the event, she was crowned Miss International 2015 by her predecessor Valerie Hernandez from Puerto Rico. hahaha, sa mga feelingero dyn at grammarian punta kau japan at suporthn nya idolo nya wag kau mg drama dto mga atey #poorita. Napuyat ako kakabantay sa live streaming kahit putol putol nagtiyaga ako, masasabi ko lang deserving c jlu sa top 5! dpt cya n rin mgdesign kay pia , I just want to say that I am proud of what Miss Janicel Lubina achieved in the recently concluded Miss International pageant. tito norms, shocked pa rin po ako about janicel not being part of the top 5. bka pwd kau gumawa ng review about the pageant. } Iba taste nila. During a recent interview, the winner of tiis year would like to walk on the footsteps of Bea Rose Santiago. As for our representative Janicel Lubina, I believe she can go as far as 1st runner up, but will never get the crown. It was circumstances who revenge . On November 17, 2015 Martinez traveled to Venezuela for her homecoming, her arrival to Venezuela was transmitted by Venezuelan television and she had a press conference in Caracas. About those cheap old crowns beung replaced… its about time! But then again, may judges nga. [citation needed] On November 20, 2015 she was interviewed by Noticiero Venevision. Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006, para la revist... Edymar Martinez, Miss Internacional 2015 , para la... Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wutzbach, Press conference... Miss Universe 2015 es Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach de Fili... Miss España, Mireia Lalaguna, es Miss World 2015, Fotos oficiales en Traje de gala Miss Universe 2015. . Congrats janicel! "By viewing this blog, the viewer acknowledges that s/he has read and agrees to the terms of this disclaimer and assumes total responsibility and risk for his/her use of this blog. what we need to do, especially sa international pageant sites, is to humble ourselves, accept defeat dahil hindi araw araw pasko, and should not bash the winners dahil nakakahiya, parang walang breeding ang mga pnoy! Simula ng makilala ko si Pia naging instant supporter na rin ako. Aminin ko supporter ako ni Janicel, pero hindi inig sabihin basher ako ni Pia. Feeling ko nga itong si pageantryXXXpert ang impostor. That was a spooky decision . i am at shock and extremely sad that jlu did not place as she executed very well, but oh well, the decision is always final. Pano na lang kung nanalo si Janicel. Winning is not everything but it would have been great if she did. [citation needed] After four days of being crowned as Miss International 2015, on November 9, 2015 Edymar visited Mie Prefecture to perform some activities with the finalists, including visited Mikimoto company, Prefecture Office in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Sad ako.as in I thought winner na si Janicel nung I announce ang winner. She added, “What I’m feeling is the best feeling ever. She represented Anzoátegui at Miss Venezuela 2014 and was crowned Miss Venez. My congratulations to Janicel! And she delivered. Ah eh nakailang beauty titles ka na nga ulit, beks? Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 4 September 2020, pukul 16.58. [citation needed] In this contest she won the special band "Miss Face" at the end of the evening she was proclaimed as Miss Venezuela International and represented her country in Miss International 2015. Congratulations Janicel. please know how to draw the lines. But then again talent niyo yan, so whatever. Edymar Martinez from Venezuela was crowned Miss International 2015 in Tokyo, Japan on November 5, 2015. [citation needed] In April, 2016 she won the title Timeless Beauty 2015 and appeared in the magazine Hola! Thank you guys. I’m sure bigger things are in store for her. Yes she did her best but her best wasn’t good enough LoL, Angela Visser di man napansin sa Ms World naging Ms U if (typeof(originalFirstChild) == "undefined") Same with c2f iam both pro Janicel and pro Pia. However, there are judges and we can’t fault them on their preference. The crowning moments of Edymar Martinez, Miss International 2015. She still made us proud and remember, Janicel is still very eligible to become Miss World Ph. But my point is no need to add fuel to the fire. pany english nga di nmn mkbyahe sa japan para suporthn c janicel #pooritas. Lubina failed to reach into the top 5 spots, but successfully  She was chosen as the best dresser special award. Sobrang stellar ng performance niya and sobrang kinilabutan ako sa speech niya. Maka Pilipinas ako ! if (agt.indexOf("gecko") != -1 && agt.indexOf("win") != -1) And I know for a fact that you are not Visayan or speak Bisaya (Angelo Reyes) because you are Kapampangan like Ann Colis. I wish Janicel the best and may good opportunities come her way after her reign. Ia mewakili wilayah Anzoátegui pada kontes nasional Miss Venezuela 2014 dan meraih posisi Miss Venezuela International dan meneruskan pemegang gelar pada tahun sebelumnya, Michelle Bertolini. } I was depressed earlier when she didn’t make it to the top 5 so I felt that I should just sleep it off. Eunice Onyango of Kenya came in as 2nd Runner-Up, with Pham Hong Thuy Van of Vietnam and Lindsay Becker of the USA claiming 3rd and 4th Runners-Up, respectively. else She has a beautiful face & a body to die for but she lacks the maturity to handle situations confidently expected of a queen. destroyPagination(); Your still my favorite beauty queen at never masasagi sa isip ko na sayang ka kasi eto na yata ang pinaka-matinding miss international pageant na nakita KO. [citation needed] On November 7, 2015 as Miss International 2015, Edymar with her runners-up visited Miss Paris Beauty School in Tokyo as Miss International Pageant Sponsor. It confers no warranties, rights or merchantibility and makes no representations as to its accuracy, completeness or validity. Can’t win all the pageants. } Bwisit ka namumuro ka na ha! ... "What I'm feeling is the best feeling ever," Martinez … That’s not nice. { their journeys like I did with these 3. She displayed this when she was called as a semi-finalist, she can’t hold back her emotions, she was crying that she had to wipe her tears (way too early girl! And you are right, I don’t know you. Hindi sya xmas lights…, I know she deserves at least a runner up placement if not winning the crown..but her top 10 finish is still something to celebrate about…imagine, last year overhyped si Guidotti.. but failed to place…sometimes, its not about winning… its about how you play the game…. Di bulan Desember 2010, kala berusia 15 tahun, ia berpartisipasi pada kontes Miss Teen Beauty Venezuela yang mewakili wilayah asalnya tersebut, dan ia berhasil sebagai juara dan menjadi pengalaman pertamanya pada kontes kecantikan.

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