(Secs. During the 21 days before the election, on the political subdivision's Internet website, prominently and together with the notice of the election, a copy of the sample ballot, and the contents of the proposition, if the political subdivision maintains an Internet website. Saturdays and Sundays for Counties with Population of less than 100,000: Counties with a population under 100,000 are not required to conduct early voting on Saturday or Sunday in the general election for state and county officers. any ballots received by the 6th day after Election Day. 32.033). Friday, October 9, 2020 (25th day before Election Day; Monday, October 12, 2020 (22nd day before Election Day; day before the first day of early voting in person), Notice of Defective Application for Ballot by Mail (PDF), Tuesday, October 13, 2020 (21st day before Election Day). Mail ballots may be qualified and processed (signatures verified, carrier envelopes opened, and the secrecy envelope containing the ballot placed in a secure location), but they may not be counted until Election Day. 127.201(g)). 85.005(c); 85.067). Unless the county voter registrar has already taken possession of the provisional ballots prior to this date, the general custodian of election records must deliver the ballot box(es) or transfer case(s) containing the provisional ballots (or provisional ballot affidavits when DRE systems are used), along with the Summary of Provisional Ballots and the List of Provisional Voters for each precinct to the voter registrar by this day. 87.0221; 87.0222; 87.023; 87.024; 87.0241(b); 87.042). 85.006(e)). 103.001; 103.003(b)). In counties with a population of less than 100,000, the early voting clerk must keep the main early voting polling place open for 12 hours each day if 15 or more registered voters petition the county for the extended 12-hour schedule. (Secs. NOTE: For future reference, please note that this deadline is not the same for elections held on the May uniform election date or on the November uniform election date in an odd-numbered year. 32.034(b)). Note on Notice of Previous Polling Place: 13. Political Subdivisions Other Than Counties: Recommended date to appoint presiding and alternate judges. 2019-19 for more details on web posting requirements; however, the requirements are summarized below. Notice must be posted at least 72 hours before early voting begins on a Saturday or Sunday. (Sec. 85.006 & 85.007). Last day to receive ballots from non-military and any military voters casting ballots from outside of the United States, who submitted an ABBM, (not an FPCA) AND who placed their ballots in delivery by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020, as evidenced by a postal service cancellation mark or a receipt mark of a common or contract carrier or a courier (Secs. Currently, the Election Code does not establish a deadline for appointing election officials; there is only a notification deadline. JANUARY. (S.B. (1 T.A.C. (Sec. 85.062(d)(3); 85.067(c)). (Subchapter A, Chapter 51). (Secs. However, we have long advised different entities who conduct early voting together to coordinate their early voting hours, which may result in entities other than cities also holding early voting on two 12-hour days. 101.057). See Notice of Delivery of Early Voting Balloting Materials (PDF) ,Notice of Delivery of Ballots Voted by Mail. (Sec. This must be done by written order. The L&A test must be conducted not later than 48 hours before voting begins on a voting system. Sec’y of State Election Advisory No. The following form may be used: NOTE Cities, Schools, and Political Subdivisions that Postponed Their May 2, 2020 Elections: If you ordered a special election to fill a vacancy for May 2, 2020, that special election filing period for a place on the ballot and as a write-in is closed, and does not re-open. 13.143(e); 15.025(d)). The rules for temporary branch locations are now the same for populous and less populous counties under the current version of the law. Reminder Regarding ABBMs: If the domestic ABBM (i.e. This is regardless of whether the county is contracting with the entity, regardless of whether the entity is conducting their own election or contracting with the county. The time the board reconvenes is set by the presiding judge of the early voting ballot board. Reminder Regarding FPCAs and Overseas ABBMs: If the EV clerk receives an FPCA (from a military or non-military voter) after the 45th day deadline, then the ballot must be mailed within seven days after the EV clerk receives the FPCA. NOTE: This does not apply to officers of a Type A general law city, see entry at Monday, November 9, 2020. This guideline is based on the office-hour rule under Section 31.122 of the Election Code. On the other hand, depending on the plan, different entities may choose to do different things separately, i.e., not holding early voting together. 7 -15 … 85.006(e)). 67.003). 551.002; 551.041; 551.043, Texas Government Code). Recommended date to appoint the presiding judge of the early voting ballot board or to designate the election workers of one election precinct to serve as the early voting ballot board. Political Subdivisions Other Than Counties: Recommended first day that a general or special election may be cancelled if all filing deadlines have passed, each candidate for an office listed on the ballot is unopposed (except as discussed below), and write-in votes may be counted only for names appearing on a list of write-in candidates. The requirement to mail the original application does not apply to an emailed FPCA. 101.052(e), (i)). 326.0431; 326.0432, Local Government Code; Sec. A Record of Posting Notice of Election (PDF) should be completed at the time of posting. The notice for elections ordered by a county or by an authority of a city or school district must be given by publication in a newspaper in addition to any other method specified by a law outside the Election Code. Notice of Saturday or Sunday early voting (PDF) must be posted continuously for at least 72 hours immediately preceding the first hour that voting will be conducted. 32.009). Last day to mail a copy of the notice of election to each registered voter of the territory that is covered by the election and is in the jurisdiction of the authority responsible for giving the notice if method of giving notice is not specified by a law outside the Texas Election Code and this method of giving notice is selected. In a local (non-federal) election, this means there is no ballot to send the voter. (Secs. (Sec. (Sec. The first possible day to conduct official local canvass of returns by governing authority of the political subdivision. 49.113 Water Code). (Sec. 85.006(e)). 112.002(a)). Exception: If a candidate whose name is to appear on the general election ballot dies or is declared ineligible after the third day before the date of the filing deadline above, a declaration of write-in candidacy for the office sought by the deceased or ineligible candidate may be filed not later than 5:00 p.m. of the 75th day before Election Day. Counties: Deadline for county elections board to appoint (PDF) signature verification committee, if a valid petition requesting one to be created was presented to the early voting clerk by the deadline, Monday, October 1, 2020. 144.006(c); 146.0301; 146.054(c)). 66.060). The law only applies to elections for which the county clerk/elections administrator is not the early voting clerk via a contract for election services or joint election agreement. 84.007(c). Admin. 13.143(e) and 15.025(d)). Currently, the Election Code does not establish a deadline for appointing election officials; there is only a notification deadline. 5:00 p.m. – Deadline to receive “late domestic ballots” mailed within the United States from non-military voters and from any military voters who submitted an Application for Ballot by Mail (“ABBM”) (not a Federal Postcard Application – “FPCA”), if the carrier envelope was placed for delivery by mail or common or contract carrier AND bears a cancellation mark of a postal service or a receipt mark of a common or contract carrier or a courier indicating a time not later than 7:00 p.m. (or the equivalent of 7:00pm early voting clerk timezone if the voter is in a different timezone) at the location of the election on Election Day, November 3, 2020. (Secs. 87.027(a-1), (c)). 85.007(c)). If a candidate withdraws or is declared ineligible by this date, his or her name is omitted from the ballot. Note on Extended Early Voting Hours and Branch Locations, Notice of Saturday or Sunday early voting (PDF), Notice of Saturday or Sunday early voting (PDF). If a municipal officer-elect fails to qualify for office within 30 days after the date of the officer’s election, the office is considered vacant. See Chapter 129, Subchapter B of the Election Code and Tex. NOTE: The election notice shall be posted on the political subdivision’s website, if the political subdivision maintains a website. Recommended date to order election supplies, other than ballots. 87.0221; 87.0222; 87.023; 87.024; 87.0241). The suspension expands the period in which marked mail-in ballots may be hand-delivered in person by the voter to the early voting clerk’s office. Deadline for Secretary of State (federal, state and district offices) and county judge (countywide and precinct offices) to certify names of independent and declared write-in candidates to county election officer for placement on the November 3, 2020 ballot. For timeframes for appointment of various election workers for counties. Last day to submit an Application for Emergency Early Ballot Due to Death in Family (PDF). See entry below under October 19, 2020 (FPCA without a postmark). There is no statutory notice requirement for members of the central counting station, but good practice suggests that written notice be given to them. (Secs. (Sec. (Sec. 141.040; Sec. General eligibility requirements are found in Subchapter C, Chapter 32. See Candidacy Filing outline for more details. 51.003). (Sec. Counties and Cities Only: Last day to post notice on bulletin board for posting notice of meetings for the commissioners court and city council if early voting will be conducted on Saturday,October 17, 2020. Last day of the period for mandatory office hours. This will alert our moderators to take action. 1.006). (Secs. The joint election requirement for school trustee elections under Section 11.0581 of the Education Code is met by complying with the requirement of using county election precincts on Election Day per Section 42.002 of the Election Code. Per Section 129.023, the L&A test shall be conducted not later than 48 hours before voting begins on such voting systems, assuming that the voting system will first be used for early voting in person. (Sec. Sec’y of State Election Advisory No. NOTE: A Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) also serves as an application for permanent registration under Texas law unless the voter marked “my intent to return is uncertain” (2019 form (PDF)), or “my return is uncertain” (2017 form (PDF)). Early voting must be conducted at permanent branch locations for 12 hours each day. See Tex. On Election Day and during early voting by personal appearance, in a prominent location at each polling place; Not later than the 21st day before the election, in three public places in the boundaries of the political subdivision holding the election; and.

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