Before becoming teammates, the two future Hall of Famers had crossed paths in college — Hayes at the University of Houston and Unseld at the University of Louisville — and early in their NBA careers. Unseld finished with 13,769 career rebounds, the most for a player 6-8 or shorter, according to ESPN. Houston was led by twelfth-year head coach Guy Lewis. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 17 mars 2020 à 21:13. One month later on February 10, he grabbed a career-high 37 rebounds in a game against Centenary. Elvin Hayes on NBA 2K21. Il reste le meilleur marqueur de l'histoire de Washington avec 15 551 points[3]. Michael Jordan interviews Elvin Hayes (1988) - Sports Legends. NCAA March Madness. In 1972, he was traded to the. Under his leadership, the Rockets improved the regular season record to 37 wins and 45 losses, successfully squeezed into the playoffs (the first round was eliminated by the Hawks 4-2). Elvin E. Hayes. In Hayes's senior year, 1963–64, he led Britton to the state championship, averaging 35 points during the regular season. Previously, he wrote about the Houston Astros from 1998-2002, Houston Texans from 2002-05 and the Texas Longhorns from 2005-09. Hayes rode the momentum of his college years into the NBA. Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC. The Wes Unseld-Elvin Hayes combo powered Washington to three NBA Finals and the 1978 crown. The second block of 1.9 steals was selected for the first time in the team of the year. reference date 2015-09-12, Elvin- Hayes(4) . In Hayes' second season, he led the NBA in rebounding, becoming the first player other than Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain to lead the category since 1957 (Chamberlain was injured during much of the season). Elvin Ernest Hayes (born November 17, 1945) is an American retired professional basketball player and radio analyst for his alma-mater Houston Cougars. In 2003, Hayes was inducted into the Breitbard Hall of Fame, which honors San Diego's finest athletes. Elvin Ernest Hayes (né le 17 novembre 1945 à Rayville, Louisiane) est un ancien joueur professionnel américain de basket-ball. “He was a guy you were really glad that you were on the team with him and didn’t have to play against him. He currently covers college athletics, focusing on the University of Houston. The first game relied on Larry Wright's last two free throws to win 99-97, followed by a … Hayes remembered one other part of Unseld’s game that set him apart from others — powerful and accurate outlet passes that usually covered the length of the court. De 1966 à 1968, Hayes est le meilleur marqueur de Houston avec 27,2, 28,4 puis 36,8 points par match. In the 1972-73 season, Elvin Hayes averaged 21.2 points and 14.5 rebounds in the regular season, leading the Bullets to 52 wins and 30 losses, ranking first in the Central Division. He is a member of the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, and an inductee in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Elvin Hayes - WikiMili Cette rencontre vaut certainement à Elvin Hayes de recevoir le trophée de College Player of the Year. [5][6] The "Big E" closed out his career with the Rockets in 1984. Hayes' scoring average is the fifth best all-time for a rookie, and he remains the last rookie to lead the NBA in scoring average. Le 20 janvier 1968, le Big E, son surnom, et les Cougars de Houston affrontent Lew Alcindor (connu ensuite sous le nom de Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) des Bruins d'UCLA dans le premier match universitaire retransmis sur une chaîne nationale. In the final battle with the Sonics. He brought it every night, all the time.”. It was that toughness that allowed the 6-7 Unseld to hold his own against taller players. "He was one of the most amazing passers to ever play this game of basketball.”. Elvin Hayes also averaged 23.0 points, 12.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game. In the 1973-74 season, Irvine Hayes averaged 21.4 points, 18.1 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 3.0 blocks and 1.1 steals. He plays at the Power Forward or Center position in this All-Decade team. The Rockets only scored 27 wins and 55 losses this season, ranking the league's last. Elvin Hayes on NBA 2K21 When Elvin Hayes was traded from the Rockets to the Baltimore Bullets in 1972, he needed a place to stay while he settled in with his new team. Elvin Hayes had the first championship ring. reference date 2015-09-12, Elvin- Hayes(3) . Il est élu au Basketball Hall of Fame en 1990[4]. The traded to the Baltimore bullets in exchange for the jump shooter Jack Marin. But in the playoffs, they were first-round in New York. In addition to his 1968 scoring title, he led the NBA in rebounding in 1970 and 1974. -0 sweep. He is a member of the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, and an inductee in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. At the end of the 1983-84 season, 39-year-old Irvine Hayes announced his retirement, ending his 16-year NBA career. Devant une assistance record de 52 693 fans à l'Astrodome de Houston, Hayes marque 39 points et prend 15 rebonds tout en tenant Alcindor à seulement 15 points et permettant la victoire 71-69 sur les Californiens pour briser une série de 47 victoires consécutives des Bruins dans le « Match du siècle ». Joseph Duarte has been a sports reporter for the Houston Chronicle since August 1996. On January 20, 1968, the Big E and the Houston Cougars faced Lew and the UCLA Bruins in the first-ever nationally televised regular season college basketball game. ▪ [2], Hayes led Houston in scoring (1966 27.2 points per game, 1967 28.4, and 1968 36.8). Elvin Ernest Hayes (born November 17, 1945), nicknamed "The Big E", is an American retired professional basketball player and radio analyst for his alma-mater Houston Cougars. Players with careers of similar quality and shape (thru 2019-20), Note, this is done in an automated way, so we apologize for any errors, & please. With his departure from college Hayes was selected as the first overall selection in both the 1968 NBA draft and 1968 ABA draft. In 1966, Hayes led the Cougars into the Western Regional semi-finals of the 1966 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament before losing to the Pac-8 champion Oregon State Beavers.

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