So we’re in big trouble. That’s what the CIA has been doing for years, but now, wealthy individuals have the same tools at their disposal. In the US alone it’s roughly a 8 billion dollar industry right now, but growing with almost 25% year to year. Any way you come after it, this industry will blow up as humans are already evolving to being more and more anti-social, so it’s up to you if you want to make bank on a trend like this. The employees and families we have under our company are all getting value based on the incredible innovation that is the internet. you decide to achieve what people in their 40s achieve and experience what they experience or have what people in their sixties have and also the other side of it. Yes, everybody wants to be a billionaire. We’re already seeing a lot of money going to Insect Farming Startups all around the world, so if you’re planning to jump on this trend you gotta hurry. It will realize how meaningless we are a species and wipe us all out as it evolves to god-like status. Open a miracle performing church and you will surely be a billionaire in ten years time. Before we’ll be able to do that, our computers, homes and even cars are electric. Good luck to you. While you probably need to already be a billionaire to join the exclusive club of people who are looking to mine asteroid and take people from planet to planet, those who will take part in it, will enjoy richest beyond those we’ve seen on earth… literally! The bulk of this industry cost is carried by men, who simply do not want to be bald so they’re willing to pay a premium, to have hair moved from one part of their body to their head. Number 9: Internet for Everybody So they make a daily effort to grow their wealth and use it on future endeavors, instead of blowing it on the latest “must have” purchase. Achieving freedom means having the ability to do the things that bring your life the most value. Unfortunately, as time passes by, we begin to forget the reason we're working so hard to become rich and start to focus on the money itself. Self-made billionaires realize the enormous value of compound interest, and that a small amount invested now can become a fortune later. If you doubt in yourself, you won’t be able to face your co-workers. Wait, you don’t need to answer that. Just keeping up with the big numbers, 2.5% of the global domestic product goes to the military in one form or the other. Point is, governments want to have the option to both protect and attack from their comforts of their bunkers. You Can Never Be A Billionaire! That’s why there’s 1% controlling one third of the world’s wealth while the other 99% are trying to figure out if they should sleep an hour more. “Look at a business in all its depth and think of every detail with maximum accuracy and minimum risk.”, 10. The world doesn’t want to… get frisky with Sophia the robot.. Because she’s creepy as hell, instead we’re all waiting for the West-World equivalent or at least something like ex-machina. Who else was there? Starting with personalized prosthetics, to 3d printed skin for burn victims, bone printing to actually printing working organs. Did you know that the global hair transplant is a 9 billion dollar industry? Number 11: Male Birth-control If you have any other tips to add to the roster, leave a comment or give me a shout-out on Twitter! We’re currently in the middle of a 30 billion dollars race to create the first premium sex-robot. The trick is to keep swimming against the tide. Worth even up to 50m in property or raw cash. We’ve already seen companies like Tesla come into this space aggressively with their powerwall storage options, but the tech hasn’t gone mainstream yet. There are several sub-industries to this which will be worth billions of dollars each as the technology advances. Yes people, we’re talking about eating bugs. The difference between the dreamer and the maker, though, is that the latter actually makes it happen.”, 8. Researchers found that when people use their money to pay for services that increase their free time, they report increased life satisfaction. Take a page out of this mega mogul’s book and commit to learning something new about your field or industry every day. Check out LexION Capital for more advice on becoming wealthy! You Can Never Be A Billionaire! Now ask yourself, what would your life look like if you could do those things the majority of the time? Number 3: Bio Printing & Organ Printing Don’t aim for perfection. Even they also keep you update regarding your account by providing some necessary measures. So there I was, surfing the web and reading different articles on saving money when I stumbled upon an article on Forbes. Anyway, the point is, if one wants to be rich, one must at least think like a rich person. You may opt-out by. Something like a creme or even a laser-like treatment which would reverse the balding process and allow your body to create new hair. Most of that money comes from companies and businesses who are looking to protect their information and are willing to pay a premium for it. Are you working full-time, part-time, or not at all? Either way, if you want to be free, understanding what that freedom looks like is the first step in getting there.

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