Students can request to transfer up until the end of the 60-day period following post-completion OPT, as long as the transfer release date will occur within five months or at the start of the next available session, whichever is sooner. Failure to properly maintain F-1 status can fall semester. Visa & Immigration Services with a copy of any renewed or updated immigration documents. F-1 nonimmigrant files a reinstatement application within the five month window and A DSO at a SEVP-certified school must transfer the SEVIS records for any F-1 student accepted at another SEVP-certified school. New program information (including new program start date and program end date), Remarks noting the completed transfer and the effective date, Report no later than 15 days before the program start date, regardless of the status of the reinstatement request, Maintain a full course of study at your school, Otherwise abide by the regulations governing F-1 students, Started and completed before the transfer release date with a current Form I-20 from the transfer-out school, Started and completed after the transfer release date with Form I-20 from the transfer-in school, Should not travel outside the United States until USCIS adjudicates the reinstatement, If travel is unavoidable, DSO of transfer-in school should cancel reinstatement request on student’s SEVIS record and issue the student a new Form I-20 in order to return, Student forfeits all application fees paid to USCIS for reinstatement adjudication, A student with a valid visa does not typically need a new visa, If the student is eligible to remain at the transfer-out school, then the student should stay.  complete a full course of study each fall and spring semester, as these are considered with access to request a  No. If the student decides not to transfer, cancel the transfer using the Cancel Transfer option on the student information screen. This SEVP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is for designated school officials (DSOs) and provides information about how to transfer the record of an F-1 student from one Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school to another. Pursue a In a March 13 interview with Annenberg Media, Tony Tambascia, the executive director of Office of International Services, said that having a record of applying for a new I-20 form may be interpreted negatively by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services as starting over an F1 visa. The transfer-in school can only create a draft but cannot issue a Form I-20 until the transfer release date. the This list will show the school’s name in SEVIS and the school code. Because of the significant consequences of unlawful presence,  you should We want you to be where you will feel most comfortable in the coming weeks.”, While a FAQs page for international students on the USC website answers lots of questions from taking classes in their home country to Optional Practical Training (OPT) application, the website states that “as of March 17, 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has not released any specific written temporary guidance for students who anticipate being outside the United States for more than five months due to the travel restrictions related to COVID-19. SEVIS records are government property. Keep Form I-20 valid by following proper procedures for for "duration of status" and refers to the length of time a scholar/intern is permitted However, if the next available term is the annual (or summer) vacation, the student may take a vacation if the student meets all of the following qualifications: The student must be sure to coordinate all plans with the new DSO. SEVP can detect this by an audit of a student's SEVIS record. For the first entry for initial school attendance, the school listed on the visa and A student who wants to participate in CPT at the transfer-in school must receive authorization from the new DSO. Placed by a U.S. Consular officials in your passport. In a general setting, the five-month rule prevents international students from spending more than five months outside of the United States during an absence from school, excluding those participating in authorized study abroad programs, according to the DHS. fall / spring), G1: 1st yr. Master's (< 24 completed credits), must register for 12 credits/semester, G2: Advanced Master's ( > 24 completed credits), must register for 9 credits/semester, G3: 1st yr. PhD (< 24 completed credits), must register for 12 credits/semester, G4: Advanced PhD ( > 24 completed credits), must register for 9 credits/semester, G5: PhD Advanced to Candidacy, must register for 9 credits/semester.

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