Sturm, Ruger &Co. Sturm, Ruger & Co. is a million dollar organization that occupies the first position … The practice became so widespread that even civilians in Frankfort, Kentucky set up a defensive array of fake cannons and prevented a Southern cavalry unit from raiding them made of empty beer kegs. I was also surprised not to see others. While it is accurate to say that Crockett killed more than 100 black bears with her during six months of hunting in 1825 and 1826, he did not use Old Betsy during the battle of the Alamo. How about a thread full of cool names for guns? The company has operations in several countries and has set up headquarters at Brescia in Italy. Home » Slogans » Catchy Company Names » List of 101 Catchy Gun Company Names. Winchester Repeating Arms is an American origin company that was founded in the year 1866 by its founder Oliver Winchester. Some guns were objects of affection for familiar figures in history. With almost 130,00 licensed firearm dealers in the United States, millions of guns are sold each year. Thompson Submachine Gun "Tommy Gun" The "Chicago Typewriter." Barrett Firearms is a private company associated with the firearms industry. The pull of the trigger can create an exhilarating rush of adrenaline that is not easily explained. Springfield Armory, Inc is an American origin gun brand that and was founded in the year 1974 by its founder Bob Reese. It was built in 1940 with the expectation that it would be used on France’s Maginot Line but the Germans won that war too quickly. I am an electrical engineer, and know nothing on gun. It was an unthinkable threat that the Allies never came anywhere near capturing or neutralizing despite a concerted effort. I got patent pending of the design. I love writing about the latest in marketing & advertising. After Admiral Farragut’s two vessels passed by Port Hudson, the Union chose to never attack from the river again. The product portfolio of Taurus International includes models like Taurus CT G2 carbine, Taurus Model 689 6-shot .357 Magnum, Taurus Model 82 .38 Special, Taurus Model 617 .357 Magnum 7 shot revolver, Taurus Model 85 .38 Special, Taurus PT 915, and Taurus Millennium Series. So what are the top gun brands and companies? -Water for Fire fighting. It is a multi-billion dollar business that includes popular and reliable firearms. This wasn’t always the case. It’s a curious naming error since the 15th century noblewoman’s first name was “Lucrezia” and it’s said the way it’s spelled. Beretta has the distinction of being a major supplier of arms and weapons in each and every war that has happened in Europe since the year 1650. Actually I like to call it a Magnetic Launcher instead of Gun, because we can use it to deliver material. Considering that Gerald Bull had already developed weapons for Iraq like the Al Fao, then the most powerful artillery piece in the world with a range of 35 miles with a 109 pound shells, it seems his calculations would have been more than mere pipe dreams. The gun brand offers its products for military, law enforcement and civilians. It acts as a subsidiary of its parent company Herstal Group and is one of the oldest gun brands in the world with headquarters at Herstal in Belgium. Winchester Repeating Arms is associated by firearms industry as it deals in manufacturing of rifles, shotguns, pistols, shooting accessories and ammunition.

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