Instead of the usual leafy greens, use broccoli instead! Want a quick and easy salad to go with your fish cakes? To fry: roll each cake in the beaten egg and coat with breadcrumbs. These easy Shrimp Cakes are such a good weeknight meal.

Pull up a chair and enjoy a serving of these wonderfully flavorful fish cakes with homemade tartar sauce! (No SPAM, we'll never sell your email - we promise! Insanely Good Recipes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

They're made with shrimp and sweet potatoes mixed with garlic and other spices. These scrumptious patties are so easy to make and are affordable to boot. These crispy treats are both incredibly yummy and easy to make. Make leftover fish sing with these fish cakes seasoned with fresh herbs, capers, mustard, and scallions.

Fish cakes are on the rich side, so it’s nice to have something a little more plain to balance out the strong flavor. Rice can seem so basic, but the simplicity is what makes it so perfect.

Crab cakes with Dungeness crab are a treat! Quick, easy, delicious tuna patties!

Hey there! Contact Us, What to Serve with Fish Cakes: 9 Easy Options, Click Here to Get Our Top 10 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas, Easy Mexican Rice Recipe (Restaurant-Style). I love running, cooking, and curling up with a good book! Refrigerate the patties for at least 30 minutes or until they've firmed up. (You can make smaller patties if you prefer.) Creating a wonderful meal your family won’t soon forget! I love running, cooking, and curling up with a good book! What I love about it is the versatility. Give your meal a nice southern flair by serving it up with some sweet and savory corn pudding.

Whether it’s cod, walleye, perch, haddock, or trout, fish cakes have an amazing crisp on the outside, tender, flaky, and moist on the inside quality that even non-fish fans will enjoy. I'm Kim. Flake the fish, remove all skin and bone and blend into the potatoes. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Asian inspired crab cakes with fresh crab meat, lime, ginger, and sriracha. That’s why they go great together. Fish cakes won’t be nearly as good without a dipping sauce – and tartar sauce is the best of them all.

A good 20-30 minutes in the oven will result in perfectly yummy sprouts!

Don't skip the tarragon mayo -- it's the perfect sauce for these cakes. To save time, cook the fish and potatoes in advance then mash the ingredients together when you're ready to make the fish cakes.

Here are 10 of the best side dishes to serve with fish cakes.

Aside from a salad, asparagus is also a great, guilt-free way to round out your meal. Here you'll find simple and delicious recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less. A bowl of lemon garlic herb rice pairs especially well with the fish. Not only will the sauce taste great with the asparagus, but you could also use it to season the fish cakes for even more delicious flavor. Fish cakes, especially if fried, might not be the healthiest dish, so you may want to pair them with something more light and nutritious. Mix in some red wine vinegar, sugar, and kosher salt and you’ve got a delightful side salad. Fish cakes pair perfectly with a refreshing cucumber salad. Please try again later. Since they’re budget-friendly, you can serve them with a bunch of sides to round out the meal. Leftovers never looked so good! Every country has its own variation but the classic Western ones consists of fish, potatoes, eggs, onions, seasoning, herbs and often breadcrumbs. These easy salmon cakes make a perfect midweek meal. If you feel that some steamed asparagus stalks are a little too boring you can make things more exciting by making a hollandaise sauce to put on top. Sorry, our subscription service is unavailable. Baked beans are incredibly delicious and filling. It’s the perfect side to serve when you need to feed a large crowd. Overcooking Brussels sprouts causes them to release sulfur, leading to the funky smell and taste. When it comes to nutritious sides, your best candidate is a fresh salad. . Receive the latest recipes from The Daring Gourmet! When it comes to sweet sides, I can’t think of anything better than sweet potato fries. potatoes (about 2 cups mashed), diced, boiled and drained, white-fleshed fish, COOKED (cod, haddock, pollock, halibut, flounder). Be sure to cut your cucumbers thinly. Divide the mixture into 8 and form each portion into a neat cake. Fish cakes are already loaded with carbs, but if you’re feeding a group of hungry guests, serve the patties with rice! And the dressing isn’t so bad either – the combination of mayo, vinegar, and sugar ties all the ingredients up into one heavenly dish. Best thing you can make with canned tuna. Fish cakes in various forms are eaten throughout the world and have a long history, dating back to ancient China nearly 4000 years ago. Perfectly caramelized Brussels sprouts are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside – much like fish cakes! I'm Kim. This crisp, refreshing side is a delightful combo with the savory fish cakes. This crunchy veggie works great with the tender fish cakes, and its vibrant green hue gives a beautiful contrast to the golden brown patties. With it’s custard-like creaminess, this dish is so addictive, you’ll definitely need to whip up a large batch! Chill for a short while to set. « Vanillekipferl (Austrian Vanilla Crescent Cookies). They can be a little delicate, so a chill in the fridge before frying helps them from falling apart while frying. Copyright © 2020 - Quick & Easy Recipes Don’t fret, though, because we’re here to help you make the right choices. Make leftover fish sing with these fish cakes seasoned with fresh herbs, capers, mustard, and scallions. Form the mixture into 8 equal patties and roll them in the panko breadcrumbs. We’ll start with the most obvious yet most perfect partnership. You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make baked beans super yummy – just cook them with brown sugar and top them with caramelized bacon and they’re good to go! You’ll want to pick sides that complement the flavor and texture of your fish cakes. ), The Daring Gourmet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Fish cakes are rich and savory, so you’ll want something sweet to complement those flavors. We are compensated for referring traffic. To avoid ending up with bitter Brussels sprouts, be sure to coat them generously with olive oil and don’t overcook them. Don't skip the tarragon mayo -- it's the perfect sauce for these cakes. Creating a beautiful harmony of textures and contrasting flavors. Corn pudding has such beautiful rustic flavors that go well with both meat and fish. Plus, it’s so easy to whip up: just combine mayonnaise, sour cream, dill pickles, Dijon mustard, garlic, parsley, capers, onion powder, pepper, and lemon juice. You don’t even need to fry them – just pop them in the oven and they’re good to go! Leftovers never looked so good! You can’t go wrong with this good old-fashioned classic – it goes well not just with fish cakes, but with other deep-fried dishes, too. Roasted Brussels sprouts are delicious – they’re nutty, savory, and super nutritious. How to make salmon patties with cooked salmon, bread, green onion, dill, bell pepper, egg, lemon, and paprika. I share recipes for people who LOVE good food, but want to keep things simple :). Mash de potatoes well or pass through a sieve.

Kid-friendly, Budget-friendly. We also participate in affiliate programs with Thrive Market, Shareasale, and other sites. You can use your choice of veggies, nuts, protein, and dressing, and whether it’s topped with a creamy Caesar dressing or a refreshing balsamic vinaigrette, it will taste wonderful with fish cakes. Broccoli salad includes the wonderful flavors and textures of broccoli, raisins, bacon, and cheese.

document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a4c69ef200536baaaa1a69ed475a6d28" );document.getElementById("g6e49f6175").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Delicious cod fish cakes with fresh cod fillets, potatoes, bread crumbs, parsley, Parmesan, garlic, and egg. Add the egg, lemon juice, chives, salt and pepper and mix well. Serve with tartar sauce and coleslaw!

Fish cakes are incredibly tasty deep-fried treats made from your favorite white fish.

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