This includes cookies from third party social media websites and ad networks. This is the first firm I’ve found that keeps my lawn looking top notch. James who does the treatments is knowledgeable and professional. Hope it helps. Wasp nest removal in Orlando can be very hazardous and is best left to our professionals. Great to learn that it wasn’t more serious. Not only is my yard and garden spectacular, it’s healthier than ever before. We have been very happy with their service for our yard and home. After one visit my bug concerns were solved. It’s good to find a company that performs to it’s word. There are plenty of places for them to build their They are doing a very good job and don’t make excuses when something needs attention. PLEASANTLY surprised! We were always finding dead bugs in the house. The second problem is that, depending on the type of wasp and the size of the colony, that could mean an attack by more than 10,000 wasps. Their internal office staff are accommodation and a pleasure to deal with. Good, reliable & knowledgeable techs. They also leave comments on their service card pertinent to your service. One is that wasp colonies are highly defensive, and if just one is provoked, it releases a pheromone that sounds the alarm so an attack could be a likely outcome. Thank you! They come on time, are polite and professional, and the cost is very reasonable for the great service. It is so nice to be able to recommend a company so highly. Problem Solved. First of all, you are probably dealing with a much larger colony than you think if you go by just what you can see on the surface. I am very pleased with the results. Highly recommend them. They typically like to find protected areas to build their nests. We hired them to just treat the lawn and we have already seen some improvement. The chemicals used are not diluted and really address weed and insect problems.I highly recommend Problem Solved. He told us that it would take a few months to get it in shape but by spring we would have nice grass and he was right. Then one day I was and learned their service included even more than I thought. We have used their yard and pest services for 2 years. We have the Reasonable and very efficient. We are very happy with Problem Solved. Wasp Nest Removal in Sarasota, FL, © 2020 BeeMan Stan Bee Removal, Saint Petersburg, Lakeland and Polk City, FL. First let’s identify which wasps you may have around your house. Problem solved came out and inspected my grass. routinely visits and treats your yard and house give us a call. There are two things … Leave it to the experts. 3/4 to 1-1/2 inch long. We also appreciate their recognition of American Veterans. I have referred Problem Solved to numerous homeowners. Punta Gorda, FL 33950 If you are a current client and you notice something Excellent service. If you see wasps around your property, it is likely there is a nest and colony nearby. Very happy with the services Problem Solved provides us–fire ant control and fertilizing our trees and shrubs. But it is immaculate now with just a few treatments all our problems were solved. Give Problem Solved Pest control a call today and we can help protect your house from termites, roaches, wasps, ants, spiders and other pests common to Charlotte County Florida. While there are many types of these wasps, they are easily identified by the nest they make. We already see improvement in the appearance of our lawn over the previous company. Now we have them for all our pest control. Problem Solved is very attentive when they are here to do a treatment and respond to concerns quickly. My service man (Arturo) is outstanding. We have been using PSPC for several years now for our lawn and are very satisfied with their performance. Great customer service! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a superior yard. You will see these on your porch ceiling, under eaves and gutters. Timely and effective. I have referred several friends to Problem Solved Pest Control, because they follow BMP from the University of Florida. Bug free and beautiful! Just switched to them 5 months ago. We had to get the nest at night when all the wasps were sleeping. Best one I have found in Florida for both St Augustine and pest control! Been with Problem Solved for three years. If paper wasps are an imminent threat, or if there are allergic individuals in the home, control can include any of the aerosol insecticides labeled for wasps. 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America's native bees and wasps are finally getting the attention they have long deserved- they have been pollinating our crops and gardens for eons- and doing it better, faster, and more efficiently than the imported european honeybee! Children and older people can be particularly vulnerable. Great doing business with them. They are the nicest, most hard working guys I have ever seen. Lower West U.S. Lower Mid. U.S. nests, they should not be left alone if you have them around your house. Our neighbor’s yard always looks great so we asked them who their yard company is. I have used Problem Solved for more than a year (service for my plantings) and they treat every other month and notify me when they have visited. We put the cup sideways on the ground and take off the lid, the wasps are so distraught they fly out to the trees and you just walk away. We live in Florida so wasps building a nest on the outside of the house is common. The first visit they were brushing off our pool cage screens. Problem Solved is worth it. In the morning you drive back to the spot you left the cup and pick it up because we don't litter. Each of these insect varieties builds their home from wood fibers mixed with saliva. Florida's Native Bees and Wasps. He has been a framer/carpenter, painting contractor, construction manager and maintenance contractor in central and south Florida for over 30 years. My lawn is outstanding looking with no issues.I am notified before each treatment and the technician is thorough and courteous. We recommend them to all our friends and neighbors. Fair price with a discount for being a veteran. they don’t look to attack humans, they will attack if bothered. Very good service provided by Problem Solved. They have help restore my yard over the past year. For this reason, you should not just kill all “bees or wasps”. I would highly recommend them. Very dependable and great service. Our lawn looks great. Since we started using problem solved grass has gotten better looking. Once captured, the wasps were taken to a wooded area about 2 miles down the road. However, no sting should be ignored or taken lightly. We are very happy customers. Thanks so much – and indeed, PROBLEM SOLVED! I recommend them to everyone seeking a good good lawn chemical program…. I plan to be a customer for s very long time. Everyone who has come has been friendly and efficient. Our lawn has never looked better, and the service men they send to spray our lawn are kind and courteous. Info from Licensor: "I was recording and my mom who is 70 years old. Mud dauber (or "mud wasp" or "dirt dauber") is a name commonly applied to a number of wasps from either the family Sphecidae or Crabronidae that build their nests from mud; this excludes members of the family Vespidae (especially the subfamily Eumeninae), which are instead referred to as "potter wasps".Mud daubers belong to different families and are variable in appearance. We are new customers of Problem Solved Pest Control. Look forward to a pest free home. Great find! I called around for pest control services and was very impressed with Problem Solved’s professionalism and friendliness. Wasp Nest Removal in Tampa, FL Problem Solved is an excellent company to do business with. The lawn, shrubs and trees look good and appear healthy. We use No Problem Pest Control. experience to deal with pests, like wasps in a safe manner. First you need to observe how you feel. I can single out Erik, who did an amazing job of answering all of my questions as we walked around the property. Your service has been professional and very responsive to our needs. Then they treated it over the course of a year – and even though it looked like a goner, they revived it and it looks beautiful again. Much appreciated. Type . Been a customer several years and never had a problem. Three week after first treatment the customer service representative came to inspect the lawn, and retreated a couple miner spots. We back up our wasp nest removal services with a one-year warranty because we are confident in the effectiveness of our methods.

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