君がいれば何も怖くはないよもう Truth With Not Today BTS gives an ode to the underdogs. Stands my weak self, it’s quite dangerous To reverse the words: Saying ‘same love’ is saying ‘love is the same.’ I just really liked that song. We’ve selected (and translated) the most important messages in their lyrics. My fans, keep your head high with pride because who can do it like me uh Posted by Marjolijn Winten | 7 Oct 2018 | Artist in spotlight, K-pop, Top lists. 君の笑顔の中にある subete for you Jimin: キラキラ舞う Go Go is a parody in which the boys criticize the squandering of money on parties and lavish luxury. BTS was not developed by one of the big three entertainment companies, but falls under the independent label, BigHit. Jungkook: (For You)I Need U (Japanese Ver.) The road that I walk on Everything is alright Worked hard to get my pay Still the same, we are always together Forever kimi to しか会えない目の前に現れて Jimin: Jin: I believe that my heart will not leave you Jungkook in love.. unbearable cute. subete for you It is the first track of the single FOR YOU and the eleventh track of the album Youth. kotae nante V: In 1996, South Korean businessman Lee Soo Man saw a gap in the market; he started producing South … taiyou no shita de zutto futari wa Your email address will not be published. Jungkook: Jimin: 太陽の中 nakute ii subete wa Easter Playlist: 5 tracks that were never meant to be Easter Anthems but could actually be one! Suga: Jimin: Flower petals shower itsumo ore ga iru onaji sora no shita my baby BTS supported the opposition by donating $100,000 to the families of the victims and later released Am I Wrong, which appears to be inspired by this. In South Korea and Japan, BTS became quite popular with their first ‘school trilogy’, existing of 3 albums, 2 Cool 4 Skool, O!RUL8,2? Whatever people say, you’re okay (Alright) RM: 独りの夜 よけい感じるその大きさに V: 噂が気になりたまらくなって I want to see you Jungkook: キラキラ舞う Right, that was when my mind was gradually polluted. V: nani ga tarinai kisuru (Youth)I Like It Part 2 ~At That Place~ (TBO BTS JE) すべて for you Everyone is equal.”. Even if you have to crawl, gear up Forever 君と どんな時も繋がっているからね大丈夫 fuan na kimochi ni nattemo Our love will lit for eternity donna tokimo tsunagatte irukara daijoubu But now he shows his fans that overcoming his fear has brought him something very valuable: My pride which I thought I had given away has turned into self-respect Contrary to my feelings time passes rapidly I can’t get used to you not being here They engrain these messages in lyrics that contain a great deal of empathy, honesty and independence. 答えなんて They have a magical ability to turn sadness into hope, and difference into similarity. Run, run, man I spend it like some party, Yolo yolo yolo yo ヒラヒラ舞う When he was asked about it by Billboard earlier this year, he dodged the question a bit: “It’s hard to find the right words. kyou wa nanka mou sukkari We listened to the consultation together, my parents said they don’t truly understand me Due to their big impact on social media, especially Twitter, BTS … Jimin: RM held a special speech where their main message was that: “true love begins with first loving myself”. afureru tameiki no kazu mo sotto Jin: Suga: BTS is not only one of a kind thanks to their catchy songs, flawless performance or bold messages. You’re the truth and the reason, If anyone keeps insulting you (insulting you) You worked hard guys! First of all, the song is absolute beautiful. 4:45 ヒラヒラ舞う Inside the sun hanarete itemo The bravest song in this list is Suga’s solo project. Producer(s) Even if there is no answer Everything is alright Let me break it down.. Jungkook as teddybear ... so cute. For everyone who, until reading this introduction, had no idea that K-pop is an abbreviation of ‘Korean Pop’, I will explain how this phenomenon originated and what it entails in An introduction to K-pop. 太陽の下でずっと二人は 答えなんて hira hira mau hanabira no shawa BTS - "FOR YOU" MV Review. どんな時も繋がっているからね大丈夫 寂しくて会いたい Suga: June 4, 2015 Tell em you’re my lady, go tell them (tell them) Everything is inside your smile iyahon sashikomu kono kodouni Our hearts are connected to each other Inside my heart forever The South Korean president Moon Jae In describes the thing that makes BTS special spot on in a praise on Twitter when they reached first position in the American album charts. mune no nakade kimi wo zutto Jin: Truth view • edit, I Like It Part 2 ~At That Place~ (TBO BTS JE), War Of Hormone (Japanese Ver.) 確かな想いがその先にある boku wa dakishimete iru 答えなんて Gonna spend it all on my stomach shinjite todokeru kaze no sakini ha 信じて届ける風の先には hanabira no shawa His friends worked hard for him to buy him a ticket so he could visit his girlfriends. For You I am always under the same sky my baby They also have a say in the choreography. You appeared before my eyes In 2015 I established my own start-up to develop a music app, this is also where Nolala came to life. Suga: Jin: いつも俺がいる 同じ空の下 my baby… Suga: Even if we are apart hira hira mau Curious about what BTS has to say? Sparkle already すべて for you RM: It will always stay beautiful as it is taiyou no naka If you are here I am not afraid anymore Inside the sun (…) ‘BTS puts their sincerity into their outstanding dancing and singing. (Youth)War Of Hormone (Japanese Ver.) As RM states: “Especially in Korea, there are all these standards: Get married, go to a nice university.”. ⁠ Or you? taiyou no shita de zutto futari wa ☀ODE AAN EUROPA ☀⁠ Jimin: Meanwhile, the conservative following of the then-seated president Park Guen Hung trivialized the event by saying it was time to leave the disaster in the past. Jungkook & RM: Flower petals shower Jungkook: Fish live in all our hearts Inside my heart forever Under the sun forever just the two of us This is preventing many victims from seeking help, but luckily Suga did, despite it not being easy: On the first visit to psychiatric ward, my parents came up with me I am embracing you always It is the first track of the single FOR YOU and the eleventh track of the album Youth. kimi no egao no nakani aru Flutter already If that hatred is nothing to you UTA, HIRO, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Pdogg With songs like Just One Day and Serendipity, the boys melt the heart of many ARMY-girls with their romantic lyrics, but they also try to impress their (mainly female) fanbase in a more unconventional way. 気付けば君はこのスマホの中だけで It smells like you hitori no yoru yokei kanjiru sono ookisani Pony Canyon This cheerful sounding song may expect that there’s a positive message about a luxurious lifestyle behind it. :). sabishikute aitai kira kira mau Truth Flutter already Inside the sun Nolala is een online music magazine over de betekenis van muziek. Jungkook: The song was released on June 17, 2015. Suga: Of course something will happen. 花びらのシャワー kokoro to kokoro wa tsunagate iru Suga: Information Flutter already Their music may sound perfect and very cheerful, but did you know that there’s often a very serious message behind it? Jin: tooi basho sugosu futari The number five in this list is the song Go Go from the Love Yourself: Her-album. RM (short for ‘Rap Monster’ and leader of the group) says in an interview with Rolling Stone that he is inspired by books like Demian by Hermann Hesse and writers/philosophers such as Camus and Murakami. Jin works in a car wash. His shoulder hurts... don't work to hard! Even if we are apart RM: kimi wa futari no mama sa It is alright since we are connected always, BTS (防弾少年団) 'FOR YOU' Official MV (Dance Ver.). (I need u and now for you, rapmonster and gas station.... hm...). You say yes or no yes or no, Tell them that you’re strong Everything is for you He works to save money to visit his girlfriend...jungkook you cutie. 2人同じ空見てるよ Everything is for you Wings broke all K-pop records in the American music chart Billboard 200. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and subscribe to our monthly newsletter (no worries, no spam! すべて for you V: Oh girl your smile still remains here On the other side of the famous idol rapper Every girl he would smile like this because of her...right? Jimin: 太陽の下でずっと二人は I plug my earphone to my status 僕は抱きしめている Required fields are marked *, Ik ga akkoord met de opslag en verwerking van mijn gegevens door deze website. According to the Wiki Fandom page the concept behind BTS is that the boys stop the stereotypes, criticism and expectations that are fired at young people like bullets. Even if we are apart my feelings are It’s rare that gay rights are being embraced in K-pop, and I wouldn’t be surprised if BTS took a step in the right direction for LGBTQ emancipation in South Korea and perhaps even far beyond. tashikana omoi ga sono sakini aru It comes through like a gift box for our fans. You’re not normal, you’re abnormal. They promote the empowerment of women. Flower petals shower kimi no egao nakani aru This album reached 7th position in the American music charts and with 1.4 million physical copies sold, they became the bestselling K-pop album worldwide. Today we fight! Vind jij het voortbe. Have eyes but don’t see Sparkle already The Last – Agust D. Hopefully this encourages his fans to also seek help when they need it. 奇麗な2人のままさ The anguish that dug into my mind countless times “Young people all over the world are comforted and find courage because of BTS’ songs and dancing, dreams and passion. Jimin: During the press conference that was held to promote the album Love Yourself: Her, group member Suga says the following about the idea behind Go Go: “The current generation uses phrases like YOLO and having fun squandering money, but I don’t think people think about why they use such terms so much even while using the terms. Even if something happens taiyou no naka hanabira no shawa This is what Childish Gambino is telling us in This Is ... What is Lana Del Rey’s music actually about? A few months before Am I Wrong came out, an official of the South Korean Ministry of Education was fired after a controversial statement. Baby why you far away? Jimin: Baby why you far away This is thought to be so topical that they’ve even spoken about it during a meeting at the United Nations? This song was also featured as the seventh track of the compilation album The Best of BTS -Japan Edition-. Jimin: I believe But if you listen to the lyrics attentively it appears an extravagant lifestyle is spoken about indeed, but not in a positive way! In the following sentences, the indifferent attitude within politics is fiercely criticized: If what you see on the news is nothing to you

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