The Suite Life on Deck Character description, analysis and casting breakdown for Smudge from Forever Plaid Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Assumes that the audience won’t like him. Jersey Boys Character Breakdown The others are very protective of him. Filled with Christmas standards that have all been "Plaid-erized," our boys are back to do their Christmas Special. The comic engine of the show. He is only in the group because he sings the high notes beautifully. He has a great deal of compassion for the music and the group. Forever Plaid is one of the most popular and successful musicals in recent memory. Rehearsing in the basement of Smudge’s family’s plumbing supply company, they became “Forever Plaid”. • "Birdman of Boston" • "Nurse Zack" • "Club Twin" • "Risk it All" • "Nugget of History" • "Miniature Golf" • "Health and Fitness" • "Back in the Game" • "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" • "I Want My Mummy" • "Aptitude" Bowls the audience over with sheer stage presence and musical prowess. The voiceover wonders what happens when unfinished lives are cut shortL perhaps they wander forever, coming back to the world of the living to provide harmony and to support arts programs. Will they find the perfect chord? ), The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited, Music Theatre International - Copyright 2020. Wears glasses, which hide his good looks and sex appeal. Sparky, Smudge, Jinx and Frankie discover they share a love for music and team up to become their own idols – The Four Freshman, The Hi Lo’s and The Crew Cuts. An accompanist will be provided. Mr. Bodine explains that, while the Plaids can be silly, they take being Plaids very seriously. A pianist dressed in formal attire walks across the stage to the piano. A member of Group Three, she likes to laugh and find the humor in any situation. Zack and Cody make a hole in a wall, and Arwin helps them fix it. Tulare, CA, Accessibility Statement Terms Privacy |StageAgent © 2020. Gladys says that they were all too busy with school and extracurriculars to have time for love, especially with Mr. Bodine drilling them for their college entrance exam. Smudge and Corrine would obsess over the records and the jukebox itself. The leader of the group. She is very smart and ahead of the others, but has to overcome her fear of performing and learn to sing out. Can’t tell his left foot from his right. He lives his life terrified. Mr. Bodine and two students leave to look for flashlights and an emergency generator. With a warm and clever book by Stuart Ross, Forever Plaid is a delightful, mischievous, and unashamedly heartwarming homage to the sweet and innocent sounds of the ‘50s and the ‘60s, ... Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! "Forever Plaid" is the thirty-second episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After finding their old equipment, the Plaids start to come around. An encounter with Mr. "C" softens him up. Nevertheless, it's time to get back to the show. Cliff is pushed to the piano and plays a well-known favorite. *Our system only provides suggested monologues or songs for select characters if we have matching monologues and song information in our database. A dedicated, inspirational, and happy person. He has a chronic nervous stomach and is very reluctant to perform. It is at the moment that the story of Forever Plaid begins. Disenchanted!" Rehearsing in the basement of Smudge’s family’s plumbing supply company, they became “Forever Plaid”. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Miss Fairfax adds that they only have two hours to complete their mission. A member of Group Two, she is very confused and dyslexic. Assistant principal of the school. A moon appears before silhouettes of the Plaids appear against the moon and they rise up to heaven. Next, it's Jinx's turn for his part of the show, but he's afraid that he won't remember it. Philadelphia, PA, Accessibility Statement Terms Privacy |StageAgent © 2020. Zack and Cody make a hole in a wall, and Arwin helps them fix it. Minor: Addison • Antonia • Laura Bird • CALLIE • Theo Cavenaugh • Corrie • Drew • Ella • Haley Grille • Gwen • Jason Harrington • Kyle Lawford • Coach Little • Mrs. Madigan • Becky Moldune • Rebecca • Reina • Serge the Concierge • Spencer Moseby • Stacey • The Meanager • Brandi Tipton • Vance • Dana Wohl • Princess Zaria, Season One: "Hotel Hangout" • "The Fairest of Them All" • "Maddie Checks In" • "Hotel Inspector" • "Grounded on the 23rd Floor" • "The Prince & the Plunger" • "Footloser" • "A Prom Story" • "Band in Boston" • "Cody Goes to Camp" • "To Catch a Thief" • "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel" • "Poor Little Rich Girl" • "Cookin' with Romeo and Juliet" • "Rumors" • "Big Hair & Baseball" • "Rock Star in the House" • "Smart & Smarterer" • "The Ghost of Suite 613" • "Dad's Back" • "Christmas at the Tipton" • "Kisses & Basketball" • "Pilot Your Own Life" • "Crushed" • "Commercial Breaks" • "Boston Holiday" The Glee Club Version of Forever Plaid builds on the original story and songs of Forever Plaid and makes it more accessible for high schools and glee clubs alike. The Professional Theatre at Southern Utah University. Upgrade to PRO Mr. Bodine backs her up. The cult hit is brilliantly rearranged for high schools and glee clubs to allow for larger cast sizes. Fog and changing lights indicate that the audience is being transported to an otherworldly place. A naive and faithful member of Group Four.

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