Doug Vaughn 7 © CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. The station is owned by the Meredith Local Media subsidiary of Des Moines, Iowa-based Meredith Corporation. Until 1955, it also aired ABC programs that WTVI declined to broadcast. [11] Channel 4 moved from Cole Street into the new facility, known as One Memorial Drive, and remains there to the present day; the Cole Street studio was soon acquired by KDNL-TV (channel 30), which has operated from there since it signed on in June 1969. According to Auletta, KMOV preempted 103 hours of CBS prime time programs in 1987, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the network prime time schedule. [13] On May 16, 1986, the original iteration of Viacom, the former CBS Inc. subsidiary and future parent company, completed its $122.5 million purchase of the station; so as to comply with an FCC regulation in place at the time that prohibited TV and radio stations in the same market but with different ownership from having the same callsigns, KMOX-TV's callsign was slightly modified to the present KMOV almost a month later on June 18. Although KMOV's newscasts were critically favored, they were rarely rewarded with a ratings win over long-dominant KSDK, with the 10 p.m. newscast regularly winning at least a 20% share in viewership, while KSDK averaged about a 30% share. Dallas-based A. H. Belo Corporation acquired KMOV in a three-way deal also involving two stations in the Seattle–Tacoma market. The DOJ claimed that Gannett and Sander would be so closely aligned that Gannett would have dominated spot advertising in St. Why 15% of US consumers can't use Netflix, Dropbox, and other cloud services. KMOV 2005-Chambers, Matt: Weather forecast, Matt Chambers 2008 Chamrez, Steve KMOV 2005- Chang, Ellen KMOV 2003- Charles, Fran KSDK 1991- 1992 Chase, Amy KSDK Chase. [14][15] Despite the sale, channel 4's operations continued to be based alongside KMOX radio at their downtown studios on Memorial Drive; KMOX would relocate from that building in 2012. KMOV has seen significant ratings growth since 2004, and beat KSDK at 10 p.m. both during the November 2004 sweeps period – the first time in over a quarter-century that KSDK did not place first in any timeslot – and during the May[55] and November 2006 sweeps periods; it also became the most-watched late evening newscast in the United States during the latter period. [8] CBS had already taken control of channel 4's operations that March, and changed its call letters to KMOX-TV in reference to its new radio sister. Jobs | CBS spent the latter portion of 1985 repurchasing a large portion of its stock to help block the Turner takeover. However, KMOV also saw growth in all of its other newscast timeslots, even where the station does not benefit from a strong CBS lead-in. Kent Ehrhardt … KMOV 1986- 1987 Diffin, Stephanie KSDK 2013- Dougherty, Mickey KMOX-TV 1981. Once Turner sold his stock, CBS was saddled with significant debt and needed to raise money. [23] On December 23, 2013, shortly after the Gannett/Belo deal was approved and completed,[24] Des Moines, Iowa-based Meredith Corporation – which already had a broadcasting presence in Missouri through its ownership of fellow CBS affiliate KCTV in Kansas City – announced that it would purchase KMOV, along with KTVK and KASW in Phoenix (the latter of which Meredith would later sell to the Nexstar Broadcasting Group) for $407.5 million. The theme was dropped by the station in 1986 after Viacom took control, though from 2001 to 2008, the station used the Frank Gari-composed "CBS Enforcer Music Collection", which uses a music signature derived from the WBBM package. She did such a great job during her initial stint at KMOV, and when she covered the unrest in Ferguson, she was awarded the NATAS Emmy Award for General Assignment Reporting in 2015. His reporting has taken him across the country to expose scams, rip-offs and government waste. [52] Connors filed a discrimination lawsuit against KMOV. Dow, Duane Dowell, Ollie KDNL – 1997 Doyle, Christine KMOV Draganchuk, Steve KPLR 2004 Drake, Lisa KSD 1965- 1966. KMOX-TV led the ratings in St. Louis for most of the period from the late 1960s to the early 1980s, as was common with most of its CBS-owned sister stations. Courtney Bryant is an evening anchor and reporter at CBS affiliate KMOV in St. Louis, Missouri. In July 2018, the "CBS Enforcer Music Collection" theme returned to the station, replacing their previous theme, the Gari-composed "The Edge."[54]. In September 2008, KMOV premiered Great Day St. Louis, an hour-long daytime talk show, mostly focusing on entertainment and lifestyle topics in the St. Louis area (the show is currently hosted by Matt Chambers, Kent Ehrhardt, and Laura Hettiger). Ad Choice | List ranges from Kristen Cornett to Russ Mitchell, plus much more. 11 situation. Watch Destiny Get the Parks and Recreation Intro Treatment. When Viacom took over in 1986, this changed rather drastically. Profession, Salary & TV Career : Hettiger first began working at KMOV in 2012, acting as a General Assignment Reporter for the News 4 This Morning show. KMOV randomly replaced CBS prime time shows with programming such as Billy Graham Crusades and National Geographic specials, syndicated movie packages, and occasional local and regional sporting events, all of which allowed the station and Viacom full control of the ad time airing during the preemptions. This allowed Meredith to air Cozi TV for the first time in the St. Louis market (it had entered an agreement to air on Meredith stations in early 2016, but KMOV's circumstances with MeTV and MyNetworkTV under their previous Belo ownership prevented Cozi TV from being carried until that point). KMOV carried MeTV on their second subchannel from 2013 until February 1, 2018, when it moved to KNLC-TV (channel 24), which was sold in December 2017 to MeTV parent Weigel Broadcasting. Bob KSD 1960- 1976 KETC 1978-Chase, Bob Cheatham, Craig KMOV 1999- 2015. Courtney previously worked for the former Israel Broadcasting Authority in Jerusalem. The network originally won the permit to build a new station on channel 11 – the last remaining commercial VHF channel in St. Louis – in January 1957. Before joining KMOV, Courtney worked as the evening anchor and a reporter at KBAK, the CBS/FOX affiliate in Bakersfield, CA. Syndicated programs broadcast on KMOV-DT3 include King of the Hill, American Dad, Family Guy and Chicago P.D.. As a CBS-owned station, channel 4 cleared the entire network schedule (and broadcast 24/7 as a result). On cable, the station is available on Charter Spectrum channel 4 in both standard and high definition, and on AT&T U-verse channels 4 (SD) and 1004 (HD). Savard, a native of St. Louis, attended Parkway North High School and Northwest Missouri State University where he graduated with degrees in English and journalism in 1986. [48][49] Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers continues to display the station's virtual channel as its former VHF analog channel 4.1. Virtual reality isn't just about gaming. As part of the transaction, A. H. Belo (which spun off its broadcast holdings into a separate, similarly named company in 2008) sold KIRO-TV (then a UPN affiliate, which was included in the deal because the company had recently acquired that market's NBC affiliate KING-TV) to Cox Enterprises, who concurrently sold its existing Seattle–Tacoma station, KSTW (a CBS affiliate then), to Viacom. By late 1985, CBS was in rough financial straits, an after-effect of successfully fending off a hostile takeover attempt by Ted Turner the year before. The station's original studios, built by KWK radio in anticipation of television, were located on Cole Street in Downtown West. [21], On June 13, 2013, the Gannett Company, owner of NBC affiliate KSDK (channel 5), announced that it would acquire Belo.

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