), (Fred suddenly gets bumped by other girls rushing towards Judy. Fred: Oh! He turns to face her.). They blast loud music from speakers, trash the majority of the house, and record everything that was going on, as if they're partying with a lot more people. Fred notices a car screeching to a halt, and an annoyed driver.). (Fred rings the doorbell on Bertha's house. Kevin and Judy sing a duet in the song together. Why do you care? Daydream sequence ends, where he disregards the ketchup bottle. Asian people have stolen my girlfriend and her stuff and her family. Look, it's your little friend. Kevin's mom: Oh! He tries covering himself, to no avail. Fred: Fridays are usually my favorite day at school, but I need some food for my body because... (He yells.) (Fred encounters a mysterious wire in his way. (He whimpers.) Oh, my God! Yeah. [3][4][5][6] The film casts Siobhan Fallon Hogan and John Cena as Fred's parents[7] and pop singer and actress Pixie Lott as Fred's crush Judy. ), (A map shows' the bus' route to Meadow Lane. Bertha: Don't be a wong-i-mong-pong. Fred: These aren't pajamas. Huffington Post author Greg Mitchell made note of the film's production when noting the proliferation of web comedy and dramatic series as a perceived threat to network television. I'm not gonna tell you. Judy exits her house in search of him, but it is too late. Fred's mom: (She brushes it off.) Gary! A fad like PetRocks? You went through the woods? (to Kevin.) Fred's dad: (He punches his fists.) He'll embarrass me. (She hiccups.) Kevin: Well, you're not ignoring me because you just talked to me. Judy has such a beautiful Southern accent. I'm drowning. I don't even know! (At school, Judy and her group of girls have a conversation as Fred stalks them from behind.). Kevin: (He's incredulous.) ), (Fred's dad's muscular arm reaches out and clamps Fred's mouth shut. Derf! ♪ 'Cause I really love you / Stop ♪. However, she also appears to be a troublemaker that tells Fred to do bad things, like throwing a beer bottle at a car and pushing an old guy in a wheelchair into a wall ("Fred Meets Bertha"). Get out of the way! Kevin then shoves a pizza onto Fred's shirt, causing him to unintentionally vomit on Judy's party dress. Bertha: Yeah. Mom, drive around the block. I'll just bring my whole wardrobe. I have butt-loads of energy. In an attempt to get revenge, Fred decides to throw a party of his own to which no one will be invited. Well, you're talking! (The deer leaps out of the way while an oblivious Fred still talks.). Judy, I've came all this way just for you! Fred: You know, we're a really good, like, duo. Fred: (He starts pulling out money.) No, no. I was so close. Fred's mom: Honey, no singing. Just process it. You're right. Mama. The camera freezes and the name "Kevin" appears beside the passerby. Gary: (to Lorenzo.) Meadow. (Daydream sequence. (Derf snaps his fingers and points at his eyes.). (The sentence "My God, you have a very annoying voice." It was an epic fail of me not to go to Fred's. (Fred's dad throws his son over his shoulder and slams him onto a table.). I didn't think that video was funny. You're gonna kill us? Pet shop employee #1: And I'm grooming Lancelot. This party is off the hook. (After a couple minutes has passed, Bus 7 finally approaches the bus stop. (Fred drags the trampoline near the wall.). Fred: (He's amazed.) Kevin: Hey, Figglehorn, where you going? https://figglehorn.fandom.com/wiki/Fred:_The_Movie/Transcript?oldid=8356. (A map showing Fred's whereabouts and route to Judy's house is shown. Fred's dad: You're a great singer! Following this, Judy visits Fred's house and asks if the two may sing together, and Fred accepts the request. (Fred hallucinates a wolf howling in the distance.). Fred: I mean, the woods has got trees, deer, birds. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? (Bertha sees Fred covered completely in sand.). Asian people kidnapped Judy. I mean, are you just creeping around Judy's house or something? My God, Gary! Here I come to harmonize with you, Judy. You should look. I don't know why everyone's asking me that. Fred: Oh! So what? Gary! Are you going to a butt-face convention? I'll bet you Kevin never would have thought of this. Bertha: Hey, Fred! Where are you going, anyway? (Once Fred drops the trampoline, he cups his hands around his moth and yells, presumably in Kevin's direction. Fred: (He's very puzzled.) We don't want any of your cookies. But it doesn't even matter because five girls already signed it, so... (Fred notices something suspicious about the cast.). I've been told since day one I have perfect pitch! (Back in Fred's bedroom, Fred is wearing his clothes.). Fred's mom: You sure know how to throw a little party. How did you know? So long, dong-o-o-fong-u-song. Will I need ketchup? What's wrong? Fred: Don't you want to hear about how I got here? Oh, my God! It was also released in a triple pack box set along with Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred and Fred 3: Camp Fred on December 4, 2012. Judy: (She's annoyed.) In the second movie, she assists Fred in trying to prove Mr. Devlin is a vampire and later trying to convince everyone that Fred was the vampire. (After the bus drops off Fred and his pet, he goes to Judy's house. He approaches Fred from behind.). Here goes nothing. He accidentally bumps over her purse, but he finds find her wallet inside, gets some money inside, and sneaks out.). ), Fred: (He's admiring the house.) Fred: (He scrunches his face up.) Fred: Yeah. Fred: Yeah, it's going to be awesome! I've just had a law passed that will have Kevin arrested for the way he sang to you. (Fred shrieks and sprints into his house before Kevin could beat him up.). You're, like, the best friend I've ever had. Did your girlfriend, Judy, show up? I'm taking the risk. I'm Fred. Judy: I need someone like you to be honest with me. Fred's mom: Maybe that's because they moved. ), Fred: One for you and one for you. (Fred is shocked to see the video's viewer count, which is rapidly rising.). I will spray you. ♪ Beep, beep, beep ♪, (A car horn suddenly alerts Fred to his whereabouts, causing him to scream. A dancing Kevin notices Fred trying to strut, but cannot pinpoint who he is. Yeah, we aren't really sure yet. (Fred discreetly pulls a dog from an open cage and stuffs it in his shirt. But you weren't laughing, were you? (The door rattles, which spooks Fred. No? I figured out what I'm going to do! ), (At night, Fred cannot stop crying in bed. Who's doing it? They're loungewear. In the first movie she is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy, but in all subsequent appearances she is played by Daniella Monet. Whoa! Fred: (He's determined.) ¡Ese es un joven muy raro! Manager: Yeah, well, nobody wants to see you in your underwear. Fred: I know. A man inside points toward Fred in confusion, causing Fred to gasp in horror. (He releases his surprise.) gives her full name as Miss Butt Slut. Come on in! Fred's dad: She knows exactly where you are. The UK version cuts the following from the movie: Fred hitting the wire while digging and Kevin breaks his arm. I can sing. Fred: (He's humiliated.) Yeah. Fred: I don't want Kevin to make fun of me in front of Judy. That's like three more people than last time! Mom, I'm not friends with him! Why are you wearing your pajamas? Judy: (She's hurt.) So, I'm just preparing for the worst. It's the shoes. Derf: Dude, my question needs to be answered first. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 0% rating based on 13 reviews with the average rating of 2.46/10. It's right there. Judy: (She looks down.) Judy: (to her friends.) You want some more? He takes tabs on where it passes by him, and hides where Judy or her mom could not see him while they pass by. Sucker! Judy: (She blushes.) Oh, my God! I'm here! (Fred has a flashback to when he was playing ball with Evan Weiss, a young, ginger-haired boy when he was a child. Fred: The Movie (stylized as FЯED: THE MOVIE) is a 2010 television comedy film written by David A. Goodman, directed by Clay Weiner and produced by Brian Robbins. I dug all the way to China! I'm really upset right now. He faces the camera when he finishes.). Kevin! Fred: Oh, my gosh! Plain horrible. Huh? Harry: Can I get, uh, green apples, please? (Daydream sequence. (The sentence "Sorry, I don't speak English." This is a good party. I've got to call the police, and the cops, and the FBI, the CIA and the FBI, and the Army, and the cops and the SWAT team. (The camera points at Bertha and freezes when she appears over her fence. He likes it. I think I know what it means. Hello, this is Fred, Fred Figglehorn. Maybe I shouldn't be here because, no offense to you, Judy, but this party is so lame! I don't know who to call. She's my girlfriend, obviously. (He tries finding them.) However, it also sprays water on himself.). 911 dispatcher: (off-screen) 9-1-1, what's your emergency? Oh, my gammit! Two whole days of no school and pure happiness. I did. Just hold on. Tell your friends not to mess with us! Judy: (She's regretful.) Mom! appears on-screen.). It's nice, geez! (Mistaking Fred's dad's truck as Judy's parents' truck, Fred's mom activates her automatic machine gun from behind and aims it at the truck.). Hey, I know that guy. Fred's mom: Yeah, well, i'm a big talker. Kevin: (He's annoyed.) And then Kevin was like "Oh, let's throw a piece of pizza at him. The police car drives away from them, and Kevin screams as the daydream sequence ends. Fred: (He quickly exits the road.) What is that? Fred: Oh, my God! Fred: Although, if you ask her if she's my girlfriend and she says no, it's because we haven't told a lot of people yet and we were kind of keeping it on the down-low, you know, people will be jealous, you know?

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