Tina " Frost " Lin Tsang is an defensive operator featured in the Operation Black Ice expansion for Rainbow Six Siege. Jan 17, 2019 - Explore Rosey's board "Frost R6" on Pinterest. Secondly, if an attacking operator tries to shoot the Welcome Mats as they vault through the window, they will likely only be able to destroy one, allowing the second Mat to catch them. At the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), she graduated top of her class. A good example was when she told me about her parents’ recent anniversary party. Welcome Mats are the only trap in Rainbow Six: Siege that aren’t powered on or electric, meaning they’re the only traps that IQ can’t detect with her gadget, and that Twitch can’t counter with her Shock Drones. Welcome Mats will immediately put any Attacker stepping on them into a DBNO state. Unlock Her SAR training in mountain-climbing, parachuting and diving extends into her recreational time. This is largely down to her trap, a modified bear trap called the Welcome Mat, which traps and instantly injures anyone who steps onto it. Welcome to the Rainbow 6 subreddit, a community for R6 fans to discuss Rainbow Six … The Sterling Mk2 leg-hold trap (Welcome Mat) is deceptive in its simplicity and everyone knows it serves as only one highlight of Tina's skill as a trapper. Quote. Für diesen Inhalt ist ein Spiel erforderlich (separat erhältlich). But both types of Welcome Mats are able to be hidden within barbed wire. Rainbow JTF2 A completely mechanical device that is undetectable by electronic scanners. [3], I confess I find Tina Lin "Frost" Tsang's energy exhausting. Frost is one of Rainbow Six: Siege's trap operators. She rearranged my shelves during our meeting… It does look better. If an enemy is trapped, they will be injured, and will need to be healed by a teammate, otherwise they will bleed to death. This edition of "R6 Community Discusses" will focus on the operator FROST. Her ability to self-actualize will be critical if we continue to have her working alongside other strong personalities such as Specialist Taina "Caveira" Pereira. She was added to Rainbow Six: Siege on February 2, 2016, as The Welcome Mat is visibly destroyed after the Attacker caught in the trap dies or is rescued. "Tsang grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Rather than push the issue, I introduced her to Specialist Sannaa "Nomad" El Maktoub. […]Field reports highlight Tsang’s focus and perseverance. May 4 Position Evaluation Lead: Specialist Liu "Lesion" Tze Long with Specialist Tina Lin "Frost" Tsang. Not that Tsang is nervous. Voice Actor The Welcome Mats are non-detectable by Tacther's EMP or IQ but they can be destroyed by weapons. Not that Tsang is nervous. Follow. Explosives can very easily destroy a Welcome Mat that's within their blast radius. Frost comes with a Shotgun, the Super 90, or a submachine gun, the 9mm C1. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree and officer training, Tsang was stationed on Canada’s west coast at CFB Esquimalt with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria (JRCC Victoria). Dungeons & Dragons gifting guide – the perfect gifts for you or loved ones, How D&D helped people keep friendships alive during pandemic lockdowns. She was introduced in the Operation Black Ice expansion alongside Buck. Her Gadgets, a deployable shield or two barbed wires, can be used to hide her three Welcome Mats. This page was last edited on 20 June 2018, at 12:41. Bad weather rolled in and then, a week later, help arrived. Ihr Gerät muss alle Mindestanforderungen erfüllen, um dieses Produkt öffnen zu können. Verfügbar für Deutschland Bewohner. Ask. 32 This helps to obscure it from view from anyone looking into the window from the other side, and makes it more difficult to shoot while vaulting through. No Frost rework release date has been given, but given the number of reworks we know are currently in progress, you can expect to wait a while longer. […], Beyond that, it was a challenge finding a subject outside of operations that excites her. And if working together with another trapper, like Kapkan or Lesion, you may even be able to take out a couple of attackers before ever facing them head on. It’s more akin to a fine-tuned athlete. R6 Frost < > Most recent. Well placed traps can take a lot of health off the enemy before they even reach the objective. Lass Frost mit der Division-Maske, dem Waffen-Design und dem Talisman aussehen wie ein Mitglied der Strategic Homeland Division. 5'8" (1.72m) Armor Rating Her Barbed Wire is a useful tool to pair with her Welcome Mat gadgets, as it can help obscure them from attackers. Weight Be your friend’s bipods this Christmas . Vielen Dank für Ihre Meldung. […], Tsang’s mission planning is meticulous and she brings this same careful viewpoint to her everyday life. Bleiben Sie bezüglich der aktuellen Sonderangebote, Produkte, Veranstaltungen und mehr von Microsoft Store auf dem Laufenden. Not many adults make me feel like an old man. Guides editor. Specialist Tsang and I have good synergy during operations, so I was happy to help run the Welcome Mat through some tests. Date of birth Ubisoft has confirmed that a Frost rework for is still being considered for the Rainbow Six Siege defender. Frost's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1985, however this has since been removed. She was later invited to join Joint Task Force 2." Equipped with a floor mounted, rubber and metallic spring loaded leg-hold trap, Tina Lin Tsang uses a non-lethal means of immobilizing her prey. The first we heard about a operator overhaul for the Canadian trapper was back at the Six Major Paris in 2018, which confirmed that she was being considered for a gadget or kit upgrade, but Rainbow Six Siege game director Leroy Athanassoff has offered some additional details on what specifically the team hope to address about her. To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on Twitter and Steam News Hub. Her reluctance to offer details and frequent use of "should have" indicate she feels some shame. When the pressure plate is engaged, two sets of jaws at ankle and shin height deploy, locking the person in place. Der Dauerfrost des Winters führt zur Winterruhe der Natur. Defender Not really. Frost can choose from either a quick-firing pump action shotgun, or a large-clipped submachine gun as a primary weapon. Welcome Mats DBNO enemy players that walk or jump onto them, and prevent the player from crawling away. Frosts „The Division“-Set ist jetzt erhältlich. Sie sind jetzt für den Empfang von Microsoft Store-E-Mails registriert. *Suppressor's dampen a weapons sound at the cost of reduced damage. Zeige deine Begeisterung für den E-Sport mit dem Gold-Frost-Chibi-Talisman, der Rejoneador-Uniform mit passender Kopfbedeckung und dem Rojigualda-Waffen-Design für die Super 90. Tina Lin Tsang 4. sixrainbowsacrossthesky . Much like other trap operators, there are a couple of different strategies to get the most out of her utility. Growing up in British Colombia, Tsang developed a respect for Canada's indigenous cultures and urged me to visit Haida Gwaii territory should I visit West Coast Canada. Durch Klicken auf „Registrieren“ stimme ich zu, dass ich Informationen, Tipps und Angebote zu Microsoft Store und anderen Microsoft-Produkten und -Diensten erhalten möchte. [1], Tsang was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Statistics Reblog. Drawing on her background in Mechanical Engineering, Tsang helped design and modify the Sterling Mk2 LHT, or "Welcome Mat," who portable design allows for the discreet deployment in a variety of areas and environments. A Medium Armored Operator, Frost comes equipped with three Sterling MK2 LHTs, nicknamed "Welcome Mats." Frost is one of Rainbow Six: Siege's trap operators. Feiere die Profiliga von Rainbow Six Siege mit dem Gold-Set für Frost. Chat. Welcome Mat placement is imperative to successfully trapping attacking operators. ●●○Normal, Tina Lin "Frost" Tsang is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

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