From doomsday devices to versatile dirt boxes, we pick out 20 essential distortion pedals for the modern guitarist. At zero the mids almost completely disappear, and at maximum – the pedal starts to self-oscillate, producing feedback screeches like something more commonly found in a Death By Audio pedal. En effet, un amplificateur était conçu pour « amplifier » le son et non pour le dénaturer a priori ! Check out our other lists for reverb, overdrive, fuzz and multi-effects pedals, too. One of the best distortion pedals around right now, Price: $199 | Controls: volume, mid contour, tone, gain, bright/even switch, gain/boost switch | Sockets: input, output, power | Bypass: relay true bypass w/ soft switch | Power requirements: 9V power supply, 9V battery. La distorsion habituellement rencontrée dans le rock est obtenue grâce à une transformation du signal depuis l'instrument jusqu'aux enceintes. With both effects independently switchable, this stompbox is a dual board solution. Entre les années 1960 et le début des années 1970, la distorsion était essentiellement obtenue via les amplificateurs, les guitaristes utilisaient l'astuce de réduire le volume de leur guitare pour éclaircir le son et de l'augmenter pour faire apparaitre la distorsion, ce qui est peu pratique en situation de scène. The 100K resistor is used as a collector resistor and the two capacitors are used for the audio input and audio output related purposes. The compressor is highly functional – though never overwhelming. ... is the world’s leading authority and resource for all things guitar. When today’s electric guitar players are looking for rough, heavily saturated tones, they seek out one of three methods: overdrive, distortion, and fuzz. There’s a lot more to this present-day pioneer than bridge and vibrato manufacturing. amplificateur : transistors, diodes, tubes, types de composants et matériaux utilisés (germanium, silicium, alimentation électrique : présence d'un bruit de fond (la plupart du temps indésirable et supprimé par divers moyens), enceintes : elles peuvent produire un effet de distorsion si elles sont poussées dans leurs retranchements. La grande majorité des pédales produisent une distorsion à partir de circuits à transistors, diodes et amplificateurs opérationnels : Boss DS-1, Proco RAT, etc. Blackstar unveils the mega-affordable, livestream-compatible ACOUSTIC:CORE 30, Levara, featuring guitarist Trev Lukather, share debut single, Heaven Knows, Joe Bonamassa gives Guitar World an exclusive video tour of his newly-acquired Albert King-inspired Flying V and ’59 Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty", PRS closes out its 35th anniversary with Paul’s 85 Private Stock run of guitars personally spec’d by Paul Reed Smith.  | Informations But where overdrive doesn’t change the fundamental character of your guitar’s signal, distortion is more aggressive. “I plug it in when I want an over-the-top sound that dominates everything. With the help of its three-knob EQ section, the Red offers a plethora of heavy distortion tones – spanning stoner rock to blackgaze. Des pédales plus onéreuses[réf. With a long career involving unpredictable twists, turns and collaborations Paul Simon is one of the most successful songwriters of the last 60 years. But how will this affect in distorted sound? Walrus Audio’s Red is all about achieving saturated high-gain tones that blanket your entire practice space. D'autres pédales utilisant des tubes de préamplification sont alimentées en 220 volts et doivent être considérées comme préamplis à part entière. Nous contacter After two decades on the indie fringes, Pulp struck gold in 1995 with a No.1 album that’s a vital collection of songs about love, class and leaving an important part of your brain somewhere in a field in Hampshire. It might be easy to discount the JHS PG-14 as a ‘shreddier’ tube screamer – but there’s some real dirt to be found within this gem, thanks in part to its two most unique features: a mid-frequency preamp for intense tone sculpting, and a push knob that kicks in amp break-up characteristics.

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