The other downside to multi-effects boxes is a potentially steep learning curve. I don't have to spend a lot of time scrolling through effects menus or getting a foot controller to adjust effects parameters. Some of the modulation/delay guitar effects are useful but all dirt sounds like garbage. It is very handy to just plug in and go without futzing with a computer. This would be strictly for home use. new destination. There are lots of out there. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer Which is better, individual guitar pedals or multi-effects pedals? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. With many effects its under 10ms, which is hardly noticeable, but with busier, effect heavy patches that number increased as high as 30-40ms, which made it difficult to play in a band setting. But for a while they were all the rage. They were expensive at first and complex. Nobody really wants to see someone staring at a laptop screen blankly while they're trying to figure out why their signal died. You know Duran Duran ... and such. Will they be pushed out by the next music movement ? It is more obvious with keyboards. Do you think things are going in cycles ? They had great pedals and amps. One pedal could replace 20 or more old school pedals. Looking for the perfect Guitar Effects Software for your sound? Some of the more sophisticated units have deep menus that take effort to master. Logic) compare to a multi-fx pedalboards (i.e. While some DSP effects may blow you away with their ability to mimic dedicated stomps and vintage amps, real tone snobs usually prefer the original pedal or amp on which the simulation is based. Press J to jump to the feed. But I understand this sub loves the real deal. Learn more with our Guitar and Bass Effects Buying Guide. The Line 6 HX Stomp multi-effects pedal includes more than 300 effects and amp models as found in their M-Series, Helix and legacy products. We still used lots of FX after. Thanks for the insights. If you’re looking for maximum bang for your buck, multi-effects processors for guitars and basses typically offer dozens or even hundreds of effects in a single unit. It is certainly a different way to create sounds and it works. I prefer my old Roland GP8 over sims. The place for all things related to guitar pedals. The mini moog was a relic. After due deliberation, we’ve concluded the answer to this often debated question is: It depends. restrictions. I have used a few zoom pedals which were basically little computers. In most situations digital software is inescapable ( at some point in your creative process) ! Just a discussion about this. Prices subject to change without notice. SansAmp (original) vs SansAmp Classic (reissue) vs SansAmp Para Driver DI Ver. So what do you think ? The OD-3 has a wide range of overdrive sounds with playing dynamics response that gets high marks from players. In most situations digital software is inescapable ( at some point in your creative process) ! Best Compressor Settings for Vocals, Guitars, Drums and More. The Musician's Friend Team is dedicated to delivering musical instrument and pro audio industry news, performances, interviews, product reviews and more. Then again, you’ll likely run into many guitarists who have barely scratched the surface of their multi-effects pedals—they’re happy with the vast selection of effects their unit offers right out of the box. Essential Gear Buying Guides, Artist Interviews & More. A few years back I was mixing on protools for a guitar band. I have heard some amazing mixes and heard a few a/b samples of distortion on an acoustic guitar that sounded amazing. 2. But I think with pedals … But the computers are getting more and more dependable. The modulation, delay and reverb were particularly good, the delays even easily being able to hang with real Deluxe Memory Men and Space Echo units. OK - I am not trying to have a final answer cut in stone. Same with vinyl. Generally speaking, given their single-minded nature, single-effect pedals offer more authentic sound and playing dynamics than DSP copy cats. Boss ME-80) compare strictly in terms of audio quality of the effects? In order to pack all those goodies into one single box, compromises are required. Some were quite close, but others were absolute garbage. I want to hear some ram's head big muff Pi emulation and some univibe sounds. I've grown to enjoy the creative limits that hardwire effects offer, as well as their superior reliability. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Instead of having dedicated circuits aimed at producing a range of, say, overdrive effects, a multiprocessor uses digital signal processing to emulate those sounds. Also, without having to deal with loads of cable and ABY pedals, there's loads of complex signal routing options at your fingertips. There are lots of software pedal solutions out there. The zoom pedals were popular for a while and considered cutting edge. He had all his FX set up like that. Latency certainly can be an issue. More and more the crash issue is being eliminated. I record with the effects on the guitar - they are subtle but do the job. But when I'm in a mix and want some modulation after-the-fact .... virtual pedals do a great job. First there was korg and moog analogue instruments. Also, if you do a lot of covers, a multiprocessor can be a lifesaver. Conversely, if your focus is on a relatively narrower range of sounds, convincing tone is a priority, and you’ve got some budget to work with, building a small collection of premium stompboxes is a better way to go. Where should you put your money? We've compiled the 11 best guitar effect programs to help you find the right one. They run concerts now with computers that potentially and sometimes do crash. all of the items in your cart may not ship to the Many also can import new effects and patches from the web. Also, if you plan on doing anything complex with effects then you're going to have to spend time programming each patch in advance if you plan on playing live. The only part of it I hate is that my wallet might be plotting my murder :(. Or go for a versatile guitar multi-processor with a huge range of effects, editing and patch-saving capabilities? Anybody who is recording with cubase, protools, logic or garage band must have at some point added delay to a guitar - or modulation or distortion using the FX plug-ins. Then the price came down - but then DIGITAL synths came out and you had all the 80's synth band stuff. But on a per-effect basis, they cost more. I looking to get a multi-fx for my guitar setup. Weigh in below and tell us how you roll. The true digital units that came later sounded like ****, but they got better over the decades. There are a lot of cool multi-effects pedals out there with ability to tweak, twist and transform your sound in a million directions. But let’s face it. Eleven Rack Users Group and Preset Exchange for the Avid Eleven Rack. What's better: specialized, single-effect pedals or a versatile guitar multi-processor with a huge range of effects, editing and patch-saving capabilities? At a moment’s notice you can call up a good fuzz sound for that “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” request. Publisher does not accept liability for incorrect spelling, printing errors (including prices), incorrect manufacturer's specifications or changes, or grammatical inaccuracies in any product included in the Musician's Friend catalog or website. The old Roland GP8 was a bunch of analog pedal circuits controlled by digital - and it sounded great like those classic pedals. And they usually allow you to edit and save effect combinations and settings as presets or patches. Into specialized, single-effect pedals? If you change the Ship-To country, some or I spent a day comparing a bunch software pedals from different companies to the actual hardware pedals they were supposed to emulate. That said, the best units make editing patches and other functions pretty intuitive. The distortion certainly leaves a bit to be desired, which is understandable given the difficulty in replicating things like diode clipping and the headroom that analog distortion circuits have. So do I. But now - HEY- they are back like a mother-fucker. The BOSS OD-3 does one thing and does it well. It was a real mixed bag, and it wasn't like one company was consistently better either. Then one day I was jamming through my laptop as usual when my computer froze unexpectedly. And once I got a good pedal (i.e. Tracking Bass!...Can't get that warm, fat even sound! For the guitarist who wants to explore the world of effects without breaking the bank, Its great. At one point I remember John McLaughlin was unsing a macbook on stage running his acoustic guitar through protools. I am curious to know does anyone use them or consider it ? I think korg also had a digital pedal. I used a Behringer MIDI foot controller to control Guitar Rig on my laptop for about a year. But you know I have never seen any discussion on digital software pedals on this sub. What do you use—an effects multiprocessor or a pedalboard jammed with dedicated stomps? The presets were nice but only for recording. It took me ~5 minutes to get it all back up and running when I realized: if I plan on doing any gigging in the future, this system isn't going to work for me. So is there a great guitar pedal software that seems to be a must have even if you don't use it exclusively ? And now boutique pedals are everywhere ! I'm fairly new to guitar, but I've tried a few multi effect units (and currently own 11 rack), and they definitely sound better than plugins. One thing that should be known is that your signal is always going to have a little bit of latency. They all had their gems and duds. There's an incredible amount of effects, amp sims and cab sims for users to muck around with. perhaps just to get a few fill-in sounds here and there ? Do I Need Dedicated Guitar Pedals or Multi-Effects Pedals? I have never run my guitar through a computer audio I/O then into an amp. My question is how does software (i.e. I really should try it. Virtual instruments are like anything - they are tools. Share Quote 1st May 2014

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