He has completed certification classes from THX, ISF, and Control4. ANTOP says it has a maximum range of 80 miles, and supplies a power adapter that allows it to reach that distance. Streaming will get you lots of great TV programming, but an antenna will get you free live programs from the major networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW, Univision, Telemundo, and PBS. If you don’t mind sacrificing a few miles of range, you can connect this antenna to your TV directly via its detachable 16.5-foot coaxial cable. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right HDTV antenna for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list. The 12-foot coax cable for connecting to the TV is detachable and long enough that it should be sufficient to position the antenna in most rooms (especially if you’re mounting it behind or above your TV). It has a maximum range of 35 miles, maximum resolution of 1080P, and a paper-thin design that makes it easy to stick onto your window. Like the original, it comes with a 10-foot removable coax cable. Cons: Requires additional DIY work to install. In most situations, an indoor antenna should be placed as high as possible—near the ceiling—and close to a window. We researched and tested to find the best-looking and best-sounding home theater equipment that will take your personal setup from functional to enjoyable. Antop’s new Big Boy AT-406BV amplified antenna is designed for UHF and VHF, with extendable rods, and claims a range up to 80 miles. If you’re just not getting good results with our pick, try testing the antenna in other locations in your room. We scanned for channels multiple times with each antenna. Cons: It’s a little tall and hard to hide. He also teaches poetry classes. The Winegard FreeVision is an indoor/outdoor antenna that requires a few minutes of assembly and looks more suited to attic or outdoor placement. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Convenience, Security & Collision Avoidance. Amplified indoor antennas offer the performance of an outdoor antenna by boosting weak signals. It has two amplifiers (one can be powered via USB, the other requires you to plug the antenna into a wall), and a 30-foot detachable coaxial cable. You won’t be impacted by this limitation if you live in an urban area, but you should think twice about getting this antenna if you live further away from one. If you want an HDTV antenna, but don’t like the idea of attaching something to your wall or window, ANTOP’s antenna is a good choice. Amplifier: HDTV antennas don’t require an external power source to work, but some come with an amplifier that can help improve the strength of its signal. A pricier antenna, but potentially worth it. Sign up for our newsletter. Adjusting the position of the Wi-Fi device seemed to help, but that defeats the benefit of being able to locate it where you get the best broadcast reception. This helps reduce the phenomenon known as coupling in which the antenna magnetically couples to something (often a person standing near it) and distorts the signal. They were watchable, but audio stumbled occasionally. Its metal construction makes it heavier than other wall-mounted antennas and harder to hang. Kelly Williams, Senior Director of Engineering and Technology Policy, National Association of Broadcasters: Technology Department, phone interview, Chris Woodford, Antennas and transmitters, Explain that Stuff, June 16, 2015, Antennas and Digital Television, Federal Communications Commission, November 5, 2015. Get $25 off when you spend between $250 - $499.99 or $50 off when you spend $500 or more with your Mastercard online¹. Putting the antenna outside will allow it to receive broadcast signals from all angles, and the signal won’t be diminished by having to go through a window or walls. The Premium model, which I tried, comes with a large indoor/outdoor curved antenna with a stated 60-mile range.

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