Additional Resources. These are generally set per federal or state mandated guidelines, which are often at levels higher than our instruments naturally detect. Typically, hemp should fall between 6% and 15% moisture content. I have additional questions. Santé Laboratories Mycotoxins are metabolic products of plant spoilage fungi that induce toxic responses when consumed. Preservative testing Santé Laboratories has responsibly developed and validated multiple, best-in-class analytical procedures to support hemp and CBD products for compliance and peace of mind. • Using LC-MS/MS, Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2 and Ochratoxins A, and Total are analyzed. Once you have completed your service order, you will receive an email with a summary of your purchase, sample size requirements, shipping instructions, and a chain of custody form to be completed and mailed in with your samples. We want to help farmers and processers of industrial hemp guarantee … All products are responsibly developed in Texas’ first ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited GMP-compliant facility and validated with best-in-class procedures to serve a variety of customers in the global marketplace. Ohio based cannabis and hemp lab testing facility. Order hemp testing or cbd product testing today, get results in 5 business days! This assay tests for TYMC (total yeast and mold), TAMC (total aerobic microbial count), E. coli species and Salmonella species. Sativa Testing Laboratories provides accurate, USDA and Virginia state-compliant hemp testing for local growers, processors and manufacturers. They can enhance the cannabinoids and play an important role in the therapeutic effects that different strains offer. Happy Thanksgiving from ATL! Go to Hemp Testing. Third-party testing with Atlantic Test Labs ensures the integrity of your products, at a fast, and affordable rate. 2020 Botanacor Laboratories ™, All Rights Reserved. We use cryogenic freezer grinding to assure a homogeneous sample is being tested. For information on registering a hemp testing laboratory with the Drug Enforcement Administration please visit the DEA Division Control Division website. An official website of the United States government. Our online test ordering is open for business 24/7, but our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday (Nov. 28 & 29) so our team can enjoy the holiday with their families. Suite 650 Focusing on the safety of hemp, cannabis, and CBD products from seed to sale, EVIO Labs leads the industry in consumer safety testing throughout the United States and Canada. Some elemental impurities have a high degree of toxicity and are of public health significance. Aflatoxin is produced by Aspergillus species and is a group 1 carcinogen, proven to cause cancer. Suite 650 Do I need to separate the samples per test? Want to learn more about the future of Hemp Testing? We use RT-qPCR over traditional plating methods because we are able to detect and quantify more species present in the sample in a shorter amount of time. Domestic Hemp Production Program must be registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to handle controlled substances. • Using a Halogen Moisture Analyzer to provide the most repeatable and sensitive results. Select the tests you need or  discuss with our representative to understand which make sense for your product. Founded in 2014, EVIO Labs is the the leading provider of hemp testing and CBD product testing. This site is also protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that’s been signed by the U.S. government. Click to order a test. • THC Present/Absent; Shelf-Life Stability Testing following ICH guidelines; Density Measurement to report mg/ml for liquids; Moisture Analysis to report dry weight for plant material; % Label Claim. Yes, Santé Labs has an innovative and talented formulations and product development team specializing in nanoparticle-based formulations. 8201 East Riverside Drive We also understand the importance of meeting the needs of the wider landscape of niche customers from the broader health & wellness industry; those who may be an influential voice to wellness consumers & may require a more bespoke nano formulation solution. 5 business days from when your sample is received. No backlogs or delays. DEA Registered SATIVA TESTING LABORATORIES Growers, processors and manufacturers simply want to know what they need to do to get their products to market. Our pharmaceutical background and history in the cannabis field makes us perfectly versatile for providing third-party testing on hemp and CBD products. We provide an expert approach to every aspect of hemp testing – from regulatory and compliance testing, to analysis for contaminants and potency. Analytics. Nationwide Accredited Hemp and Product Testing. AcetamipridAbamectinAldicarbAncymidolAzoxystrobinBifenazateBifenthrinBoscalidCarbarylCarbofuran, ChlorantraniliproleChlorpyrifosClofentezineCyfluthrinDaminozide (Alar)DDVP (Dichlorvos)DiazinonDimethoateEthephonEtoxazole, FenpyroximateFipronilFlonicamidFludioxonilFlurprimidolHexythiazolImazalilImidaclopridKresoxim-methylMalathion, MetalaxylMethiocarbMethomylMyclobutanilNaledOxamylPaclobutrazolPermethrin (trans)Permethrin (cis)Phosmet, Piperonyl ButoxidePropicanazolePyrethrinsSpinosadSpiromesifenSpirotetramatThiaclopridThiamethoxamTrifloxystrobin. Contact Us to receive your FREE farmer's sample kit today. Bill introduced to legalize CBD as a dietary ingredient.

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