It’s nice to get any amount as part of the class action, but disappointing that the estimate was so far off, especially since most of the claimants, like myself, used’s monthly diaper bundle, so the company should have been able to use its records to pretty accurately guess how many class members it would have. The affected products were distributed in the United States and Canada, and can be purchased as individual packs or in Honest Diaper Cakes, Baby Basics Gift Sets and Baby Arrival Gift Sets. You don’t need a code to file. Thank you. I had proof of purchase and received only $2. If it was not a bundle listed it would count as individual products. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at When should we expect to receive our refund? That can take from months to years. Shop Target for The Honest Company Disposable Diapers you will love at great low prices. So I received a check in the mail yesterday, 2/26/18 however I’m not sure which case it pertains to as I’m now learning there are 2 cases. If the bundles are listed as a bullet they count as one item. These @Honest diapers on my baby bear are the cutest! Most settlements can take from months to years after the deadline has passed to be paid out. Now, an area of LA county coastline has become fondly known as Silicon Beach. Purchased several of your products over the last few years. Aunt Jemima Frozen Products Recalled for Listeria, This Dad Has the Best Diaper Genie Back Trick, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. I got three post cards in the mail because my husband and I had accounts and made purchases with Honest Company. (keep in mind that as the purchaser she is the class member). One sponsored post generated nearly 600 views and 38 comments. I still have my ID# & Confirmation # also from email I received back in August about this. If we are to check our inbox for updates what email address would it be from? That question is best directed to the class action administrator. Maybe June-ish? Scroll up and look for the subheading titled “contact” on the page for this settlement. Anyhow, from what I’m reading, this seems to be the 2nd settlement. Who knows, still a nice surprise. You can claim $2.50 per product. I think alot of people are confused. I submitted receipts for my product purchases. You received less because the settlement had more participation than expected. It’s so exciting when our @honest diapers arrive each month! Any feedback would be appreciated!! 16-CV-01125 (because I had two different email address and accounts). The second check for a paltry $9.54 was for this Marketing Litigation Settlement. I sent in my claim form about a month ago and haven’t received any further info regarding my claim. I submitted a claim and was told I’d receive a check for around $400. Seems like people are only getting about 10% of the amount originally “quoted” to them? Or each item in the bundle would be $2.50? I reciecived 50$ and had all proof and was quoted over 500$? Are Inclined Sleepers Like the Rock 'n Play Safe? Or is it too late to do that even though I already submitted them? I see that many people had the same problem. I also received two checks yesterday as well. amandajanejones – Honest ambassador Amanda Jones is a graphic designer and mom from Chicago, Illinois with nearly 140K followers. I read online that an appeal was filed, and haven’t seen anything since. The recall includes multiple wipes configurations sold in the U.S. and Canada, as well as wipes in Honest’s diaper cakes and in some gift sets. I have over a hundred items and as I was filling out the form it really started to upset me that I used these products, gave them as gifts and recommended them for two years. ’. In addition to ultra-responsive social media posts, influencer marketing was one essential tool they used to achieve a strong customer connection. Every member of the affiliate program has access to exclusive images, banners, articles, and content to get them started. Thank you. Submitted my code and everything back in September and have had diaper bundles and essential bundles nearly monthly for years. When can we expect to receive a check? )”, The Admin. Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is recalling some of its baby wipes because of possible mold. Was there a separate site or form for soap? So when you get the pre-generated amount that’s incorrect is what you are saying? I had over 4 years of online orders that ranged from diaper bundles to their cleaning products. How will The Honest Company make this right? If I have a subscription, then the company already has a record of my purchases. The affected batches are as followed: No other products from The Honest Company are impacted by this recall, but consumers can enter their lot number in a search field on the company's website to see whether their packages are included. What is up with this? Did I have to file an additional claim? I was expecting over $50 so Based on the other comments I will just expect this as payment in full. In fact the publicity was such that they had far more claimants than the percentage they expected. I have well over $1000 in qualifable purchases. It sounds like this is the amount I spent on these items using my account (not what would be paid in settlement?). In order to verify retail purchases (i.e., purchases not on of Products the Class Member must submit to the Claims Administrator a receipt. A bundle is eight items but the deadline has passed. How utterly delightful! Could it be that you filed for both? I did not receive a code but had 2 years of bundles and orders. No big deal as I went ahead and attached the screenshots from my honest account at the time that same day. I saved the file submitted and I verified the amount. I have been receiving bundles of 6 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wipes, and other added items, every couple of months for the past two years, what is the best way to claim all of those items? We love the honest diaper prints and they just launched these limited edition diapers available at ?? How do I reach out to class counsel?! I received an email and have somehow lost it. Frozen Berries Were Recalled From Costco & Kroger, 113,000 Pounds Of Ground Beef Was Recalled, How to Get Your BOB Jogging Stroller Fixed, General Mills Recalls Bags of Gold Medal Flour, CDC Warns: Throw Away Your Romaine Lettuce Now. I have used 30 of these products. The terms and conditions of the Settlement Credit are as follows: (a) to use the Credit, the Authorized Claimant must already have or must create an account; (b) Credits will be available to upload at for nine (9) months after transmission, but once applied by the Authorized Claimant to his or her Honest account the Credits will not expire; (c) Credits can only be loaded into an account once, but once loaded can be applied to multiple purchases if sufficient funds are available; (d) Credits are not redeemable for gift cards or cash, including no cash back; (e) Credits will not be valid for prior purchases; and (f) Credits will not be replaced if lost, stolen, expired, or damaged. If your bundle was one of the bundles listed it would count as one product. is not the class administrator. The reality of the settlement appears to be a pro rata distribution. Unless, my check total was recorded incorrectly. (I’m a monthly bundle member at Honest) Is there anything I can do to still file? (Major plus that they’re also so soft, hypoallergenic and super absorbent) #honestcompany #honestambassador, A post shared by Alissa (@missalissa) on Apr 18, 2018 at 12:15pm PDT. That’d be extremely helpful because as of now I have no idea what is happening to my claim or how I will be notified about my refund. I originally thought that this was not needed because I was an honest company member. a bundle counts as one items, even if there were 8 items in it? The other one is still in appeal. Why wouldn’t you contact all the know clients? As explained more fully in the Settlement, Honest also agrees to implement the following regarding its labeling practices for the Products: (a) Honest will not place on labels for the Products statements that the Products are “all natural” or “100% natural.” Honest agrees to implement the terms of this subparagraph on or before three (3) months after the Final Settlement Date; (b) Honest will not place on labels for the Products the phrase “no harsh chemicals, ever!” if the Products contain Methylisothiazolinone or Cocamidopropylamine oxide in an amount that is more than incidental. My question is were there two claim forms to fill out or were the claims divided by type of product? I filled a claim I had a claim number and I hit the link but I no longer have access to that email how Can I change my address I have since moved from filling my claim. Also, if I fill out the claim form myself do I need to upload screen shots of my order history on my account or can I just leave it blank and click submit? all of my receipts are online in my honest account. I used their diaper/wipes monthly service for over 3 years along with many other products. Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, this resulted in each eligible claim receiving a pro-rata share of approximately 9.079% of their Allowed Amount. If you have any questions about the affected products, you can call 888-862-8818 Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 5 PM PST. Not sure if yours are affected? almostmakesperfect – LA resident Molly Madfis has 53.7K followers and shares photos of her son Arlo in action, modeling his Honest Company diapers. I have the claim form that I printed with my settlement info on it. I got a check today from Honest Marketing Litigation and it was about $160. Required fields are marked *, Honest Marketing Litigation Settlement The area has long been known as the birthplace of many prominent startup companies, Apple, Google, and Facebook included. May I please have some clarification? If you feel you are a member of the class please consider filing a claim. I did add my email in Section III, is that all I need to do to claim purchases from their website with my account? There were to Honest settlements that took place at the same time and I suspect this one is for the soap. Hi, I know I filed a claim for this case on 8/24/17. You can call the administrator to obtain clarification. Honest agrees to implement the terms of this subparagraph on or before twelve (12) months after the Final Settlement Date; (c) To the extent the labels describe the finished Product as “natural,” “naturally derived,” “plant-based” and/or “plant-derived” Honest will: (i) Define the term(s) on its website; (ii) For the Product(s) using the term(s), space permitting and where appropriate, provide the URL to the Company’s website; (iii) Define the term(s) either: (A) in reference to the Product’s bio-content as meeting the testing standards specified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture “biobased” certification program, or (B) based on regulatory and statutory definitions, such as those in the European Union.

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