"We have a very, very exciting new project that we’ve been working on for the last four years and it’s going to happen in June this year.”. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Music fans begin to set up camp as gates to Glastonbury Festival open. Back in February, staff at Arcadia were getting to grips with "giant bits of machinery", as they prepared to unleash a new creation on Worthy Farm.  |, JEFF GOLDBLUM & THE MILDRED SNITZER ORCHESTRA, NICK LOWE'S QUALITY ROCK & ROLL REVUE STARRING LOS STRAITJACKETS, JOHN ILLSLEY THE LIFE & TIMES OF DIRE STRAITS "AN AFTERNOON OF MUSIC & MEMORIES", FUN LOVIN' CRIME WRITERS WITH MARK BILLINGHAM, CHRIS BROOKMYRE, DOUG JOHNSTONE, VAL MCDERMID, STUART NEVILLE & LUCA VESTE, RADICAL ROUND UP: BILLY BRAGG, EMILY BARKER, STELLA DONNELLY, CONNIE CONSTANCE, DEBATES: QUEER LIBERATION - HOW FAR HAVE WE COME WITH ALEXANDER LEON, ASIFA LAHORE, LESBIANS AND GAYS SUPPORT THE MINERS/MIGRANTS, ZENA DAVINE FROM QUEEN ZEE, NIM RALPH, DEBATES: THE HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT - WHO'S RESPONSIBLE WITH WINDRUSH ACTIVIST, GARY YOUNGE, JOINT COUNCIL FOR THE WELFARE OF IMMIGRANTS,LAURA CLARKE, JOHN HARRIS, RADICAL ROUND UP: BILLY BRAGG, JOSH O KEEFE, LILY BUD, DEBATES: HOW TO SAVE OUR PLANET WITH CAROLINE LUCAS MP, FRACKING NANAS, CLIVE LEWIS MP, SCHOOL STRIKER, MINNIE RAHMAN, JOHN HARRIS, DEBATES: BREXIT - HOW DO WE PUT BRITAIN BACK TOGETHER WITH LISA NANDY MP, ANAND MENON,JOHN DOMOKOS, DR.FAIZA SHAHEEN, JOHN HARRIS, RADICAL ROUND UP; BILLY BRAGG, GEOFF BERNER, ARLO PARKS, HUSSAIN MANAWER, DEBATES: LIVING ON THE EDGE - THE FUTURE OF WORK WITH EMILIANO MELLINO, TUC, STRIKING UCL CLEANER, ROS WYNNE JONES, DEBATES: HOW TO RESIST THE RISE OF HATE WITH HOPE NOT HATE, DR.FAIZA SHAHEEN, AMOS SCHONFIELD, MAGID MAGID, RENI EDDO-LODGE, SICARIA SOUND X L U C Y X JOSSY MITSU X SHERELLE. Wiley, a British rapper who is often cited as the “godfather of grime”, praised Stormzy’s stardom and said he’d “never seen anyone reach these heights as quick as Stormzy has done”. Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip, for instance, will pleasure you on no less than eleven occasions (and each will be as good as the one before)…, And whereas Mik is really putting in the hours, down at the other end of the charts we have The Ooh La Las – whose cabaret show may be repeated (twice) but lasts a mere…, More esoterically, and just for comparison, working on an average of three people per act and an average height of 165cm per performer (luckily Muse aren’t playing or Matt Bellamy would have pulled the average down considerably…) that means that if you stood all of the artists in a big wobbly tower of talent it would dwarf Everest by almost a kilometre…, But the sobering thought is that based on four to five hours sleep per day and achieving a gallant 45 minutes in every hour of watching stuff the VERY most of the festival that any one person is ever likely to actually see at Glastonbury is a MINISCULE…, However if you could do the lot the grand total for the number of shows you’ll eventually sit through is a whopping…, And here they all are… we’ve helpfully highlighted all the shows we are aiming to get to in red... see you in the field…. Kick-off was at 8 pm BST on 27 June and England won the game 3–0. The "Romeo and Juliet Stage" will make its debut this year and will be the first of its kind. Glastonbury Festival confirmed via their Twitter account that they would show the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup quarter-final match between England and Norway on big screens at the West Holt's Stage, after a plea from England Women's player Georgia Stanway whose brother would be at the festival and would have no other way of watching the match. AKESPEARE, AFT RAP TAKEOVER FT BLACKSMITH, CARASEL & GUESTS, ACOUSTIC BRASS OFF WITH NEW YORK BRASS BAND, DAS BRASS, THE BRASS FUNKEYS, DAT BRASS, CRAIG CHARLES FUNK & SOUL DAY WITH GUESTS, LONDON REMIXED UKG ORCHESTRA FT. BLUE LION BAND, MC KIE & ENAMIE, COUNT SKYLARKIN PRESENTS DEREK'S ISLAND DISCS & FRIENDS - A TRIBUTE TO DJ DEREK, STEPHEN LEWIS AND THE BIG BAND OF FUN LIVE, JAMES BROWN DANCE PARTY WITH DECADENT TIMES, BIG FISH LITTLE FISH / JEROME HILL & CHRISTIAN LAING & SPECIAL GUESTS, BIG FISH LITTLE FISH W/ BARRY ASHWORTH & MARK XTC, "INVITATION TO HER’S” BY HER’S, PLAYED IN ITS ENTIRETY, GUERRILLA THEATRE VS. BIG OIL: WITH REBEL THESPIANS "BP OR NOT BP", THE BULLZINI FAMILY CIRCUS - TIGHTROPE MASTERCLASS, THE BULLZINI FAMILY CIRCUS - TIGHTROPE WORKSHOP, PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL AND THE CARAVAN OF LOST SOULS, JURASSIC 5'S SOUP PRESENTS: FULLEE LOVE COLLECTIVE, GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL POETRY SLAM - HOSTED BY BRIAN MCMAHON GALLAGHER AND THUNDERCLAP MURPHY, NORTH BASE & FRIENDS (OLD SCHOOL JUNGLE SET), HOTEL CLOSING PARTY: DANIEL AVERY B2B HAAI, HOTEL CLOSING PARTY: SETH TROXLER (RHYTHM CONTROL SET), MARIBOU STATE'S HOTEL HIGH TEA: MARIBOU STATE (DJ SET), JOEL GRAINGER MUSIC,/ EMILY SCAIFE ANIMATIONS, WURLITZA LIVE RE-SCORED SILENT SHORT ONE WEEK, WURLITZA LIVE RE-SCORED SILENT SHORT CAMERAMAN'S REVENGE, WURLITZA, LIVE RE-SCORED SILENT SHORT CHESS FEVER, WURLITZA LIVE RE-SCORED SILENT SHORT CHESS FEVER, RADIO 1 BROADCAST WITH ANNIE MAC & JACK SAUNDERS + SPECIAL GUESTS It won't just go down in Glastonbury history - it'll go down in our country's cultural history. – As many as 2,800 performances will take place from Wednesday until Sunday night. This is just the start, congrats big Mike, looking forward to see you do more achievements like this.”. And we are nearly there now.". It was trumped by Coachella in California, which was attended by 250,000 people in 2017, albeit over two weekends. In Pictures: Music fans arrive ahead of Glastonbury Festival. The performance was political, iconic and the ballet was beautifully powerful. Admission came with free milk from founder Michael Eavis’s dairy farm. A statement from the festival reads: "Sonic is back this year with a whole new look and sound! "It's going to have everything you'd expect to find on a pier, including Punch and Judy, an arcade, carnival shows, a fortune teller, a wheel of death and more. – This year Glastonbury will host 79 stages across numerous areas. A spokesman for Arcadia said: "Same field - new world! AFT RECORDS TAKEOVER WITH CRISSY CRISS, CARASEL & VERY SPECIAL GUESTS, MY NU LENG & M8S WITH VERY SPECIAL GUEST CLIPZ, RANDALL (ACID HOUSE SET), ALEXIS + DREAD MC, TOTAL REFRESHMENT CENTRE X MAKE SOME SPACE TAKEOVER WITH STEAM DOWN SOUNDSYSTEM (FT WONKY LOGIC, NADEEM + BROTHER PORTRAIT), EMMA-JEAN THACKRAY (DJ SET), TASH LC, LEXUS BLONDIN, EMMA WARREN + MORE, WORM DISCO CLUB (OLD SCHOOL JUNGLE RINSEOUT), THAI YOGA MASSAGE WORKSHOP WITH DANILA CIENCIA, CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL AND YOGA NIDRA WITH PENNIE LUDLOW, INTRODUCTION TO BREATHWORK WITH KERRY VEITCH, THAI YOGA MASSAGE WORKSHOP WITH DANILA CIENCIA, CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS + YOGA NIDRA WITH PENNIE LUDLOW, KUNDALINI STYLE KINDNESS MEDITATION WITH KARY, BREATHBEATS : BREATHWORK & PSYCHOACOUSTIC SOUNDSCAPES WITH THE BREATH GUY AND DJ TOM MIDDLETON, ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC WITH DEBORAH WARDEN + BETHAN DIXON, DISCUSSIONS LED BY MAX DALDA MULLER, COUNSELLOR + WELL BEING PRACTITIONER, SOFITO DJS FRANKIE FRANCIS AND HUGO MENDEZ, LYRIX ORGANIX SUB:SYSTEM FEAT NATTY SPEAKS & GUESTS, THANKS FOR TRYING (LIVE PODCAST) W/ ASIM CHAUDHRY (CHABUDDY G) & SPECIAL GUESTS, SUBWORK TAKEOVER FT. DR SYNTAX, NATTY SPEAKS AND TENZ, DJ JIGÜE & EL MENOR - BAHIDORA X RUM SHACK TAKEOVER, ROSA PISTOLA - BAHIDORA X RUM SHACK TAKEOVER, TRASH MANOR: LINDSEY WALSH, PEACH TRASH, ANNIE & CHRIS HOLT, INJA LIVE PA, FT KELVIN 373 (CLUB MOMO TAKEOVER), DJ DIE ANYTHING GOES SET (GARDNA & FRIENDS SHOW), GARDNA & EVA LAZARUS (GARDNA & FRIENDS SHOW), JIM BITCH OLD SKOOL RAVE (100% VINYL SET), ASBO DISCO - SUNDAY FUNDAY, FT TOM SPIRALS, AFT RECORDS ALL STARS FT, SINAI, MOVE, DUBBZ, Each has its own identity, with many being curated by individual teams. "So get your dancing shoes on and groove to the tunes from the hottest underground dance music scene.". The Gully Stage and The Blues will merge together to create one single stage as part of the Silver Hayes field revamp. The Grammy-award winning singer Adele said on Instagram: “I’m so proud of him, Stormzy just monumentally headlined Glastonbury in his own right with one album!! The six-day operation came after festival organisers urged attendees to take their rubbish home with them. HIGH CONTRAST Glastonbury Festival 2019 - Latest news ... – This year Glastonbury will host 79 stages across numerous areas. Stormzy also played a speech by the Labour MP David Lammy on the disproportionate number of black, Asian and minority ethnic people in the criminal justice system. Tickets sold to local people that live within a specified radius of the festival. GET THE LATEST UPDATES ON WHAT'S HAPPENING AT GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. was given permission to expand from its previous limit of 203,000, due to undertake a public consultation earlier this year, How to get Glastonbury 2021 tickets: 9 secrets, tips and tricks from the experts, 45 quiz questions about Glastonbury Festival, How the Central Somerset Gazette reported the first ever Glastonbury Festival in 1970, A poo in a bra in a tree - weirdest things found by Glastonbury litter pickers, Major road near Yeovil town centre to close for week of roadworks, It is one of the busiest residential streets in the town, Body found on former Lidl site in Taunton, Police do not think her death is suspicious, Coronavirus: The 20 Somerset neighbourhoods with the largest COVID-19 outbreaks, A total of 629 new cases have been confirmed across the county in the last week, Woman and children threatened by boy with knife in Bridgwater park, The incident happened in the park on Chamberllin Avenue, Somerset coronavirus cases rise by more than 200 in 24 hours, Across the UK 19,790 people tested positive for Covid-19 in 24 hours, Police chase BMW 'dangerous driver' before it drove wrong way down ring-road, The car ended up going down the A4174 the wrong way, Locals' anger at plans to turn village pub near Taunton into housing, The pub has been on the market for the last six years, Pub-goers stunned as 85 cows stampede through town centre, Police were called out to bring the unusual incident under control, MP tells Yeovil headteacher to 'rein in left wing activist employees' in Twitter spat, The pair became embroiled in a disagreement, Closure of Wells mental health ward 'ill thought out' and coming at 'absolutely the wrong time', The closure of the ward was announced in January, Bargain Buys to close down with 20 per cent off everything, "I'll probably get lynched but let's have a Lidl or Aldi", Woman left with 'life changing' injuries after crash, A Mercedes and two motorcyclists were involved in the crash, Isle of Wight Nave Andromeda mission: Helicopters used in operation thought to be from Somerset, Wildcat and Merlin helicopters were seen leaving a Somerset airbase on Sunday afternoon, Huge police presence in Somerset car park, Seven police vehicles, two fire engines and two ambulances were parked in Taunton's Crescent Car Park, The micropub that's thrived during the coronavirus pandemic, The micropub covers just 40 square metres, Thieves steal mobile phones, tablets and smart watches from shop, Discount store to close down - sale launched, Somerset cricket legend's granddaughter is Miss England hopeful, Imani-Jayne Botham, 19, hopes to be crowned Miss England, Moment meteorite shooting across sky captured on doorbell camera, You would have had to be up early to catch a glimpse of this shooting star, Mum faces prison after refusing to send her kids back to school, Katy Simpson says she doesn't want to increase her exposure to the virus, Main route closed in both directions after crash, 135,000 plus the potential for a further 7,000.

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