"And food grows only because the sun is shining. to get the bunch of tiny particles moving) people usually burn coal or burn gas. According to the US government's Energy Information Administration, When stored energy is being used to do Are windows securely guarded and the cords short and out of reach? from one place to another. International Energy Outlook 2016. We call that energy "electricity" after the electron's work. The 2-year-old who runs off to chase a bird at the park isn't intentionally defying you. Science is ripe for study all around us. energy. Letting the flashlight run without using it is clearly a waste of that energy. Why doesn't changing a file's name change its checksum? Most important of all is to explain your kids about danger that electric current can cause, and how to stay safe and alive. Energy is another word for power. Keep it simple. To make sense of how these tangible objects move and behave we build artificial mathematical constructs: force, fields, energy, ... .You don't see or feel energy, you postulate everything is made of something you call energy to conclude it is the only tangible thing. Together, The food we eat comes from plants and animals, which our stomachs digest to make a energy by a wide range of appliances. That would get the concept across that motion is simply the transformation of the sun's power. burner at the bottom, so it systematically heats up all the gas inside. To give an example, often people say that a ball thrown upwards decelerates on the way up 'because' its kinetic energy is converted into potential energy, and then accelerates on the way down 'because' its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. A solid understanding of solar power will help children recognize the importance of renewable power sources and clarify the role they can play in energy conservation. Then you have … efficiency (saving energy) and it's like a completely free way or "Do you want to play on the swings or the slide? I'd explain (to start to provide information for your 'waste' discussion) that, to get these physical 'resources', great amounts of human work must be done. Nice explanation. energy-efficient light bulbs than build new power plants. Step 3: Ask your child's doctor if you have any questions. Note carefully that Feynman's father didn't say the word "energy." electrical potential energy as lightning, giant sparks fly from the sky The point is that a limited resource (coal, oil, gas) was burned in order to warm the water, and mom and dad had to pay for both the water and the warming. According to the US Department of Energy, world energy use is forecast the atoms jiggle about—and the more kinetic energy they have. We don't want to waste gas because the world has limited hydrocarbons (or as you tell him, raw oil to make gas from).

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