You’re probably trying to get rid of these yellow jackets on your own, but in some cases that may not be possible. If you don’t know where the nest is, if you’re allergic to yellow jackets, or if you’ve tried several strategies and still have a problem with yellow jackets … If you want to avoid chemical solutions that might be toxic, then you’ll be happy to hear that non-toxic alternatives are available to get rid of Yellow jackets, as well. Crushing or violently killing one of these wasps in the proximity of others releases alarm pheromones that trigger the others to attack. There are a range of yellow jacket pest control options that you can use depending on what methods you are most comfortable with, including traps, baits, sprays and foams.. Spray treatments can be effective individual yellow jacket killers and can help destroy small to medium-sized colonies.

To keep yellow jackets from returning, properly seal any entrances or holes through which the pests could enter the siding. Unless your infestation is severe or in danger of growing worse, try to repel or deter them as opposed to killing them. So, if we do not wish to harm or kill the wasps, what we need to do is dissuade them from bothering us for the period that they are around. Seal away anything that might be sweet smelling. Here are some ideas: Repelling wasps - … This will give you ample light with which to work, but the yellow jackets will be settling in for the night, lowering the chances that you will be stung while working with the chemicals. An Effective and Non-Toxic Solution for Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets’ Ground Nests I’m not someone who delights in killing pests, and I don’t often advocate for their demise. Other people have had the same question and learned that mint oil is very effective in killing various types of insects, not just wasps and Yellow jackets. Don’t tempt yellow jackets: Yellow jackets love a picnic, so do your best to eliminate potential food sources. If you’ve had a party on your patio or deck, don’t leave any trash or scraps out. In this way, we can get rid of wasps without killing them, whilst allowing them to get along with their jobs in the eco-system. In fact, I usually do my best to avoid killing them (e.g., if an indoor spider gets too close for comfort, I usually capture it in a jar and release it outside). Yellow jackets are aggressive and territorial. Apply dust or insecticide at dusk. If you keep garbage cans outside, be sure to cover them tightly with a lid.

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