Well, maybe someone using the pool to, uh, relieve themselves. Wasps are attracted to the colors white and yellow, but cannot see red. Required fields are marked *, BENICIA, VALLEJO, FAIRFIELD, VACAVILLE, DIXON, NAPA & ST. HELENA, Copyright 2018 MyQuali Digital Marketing Service. While they smell great to us and help freshen up our clothing, bees hate them. When things go wrong is when we interfere with the natural order of things, and start spraying insecticide all over the yard, which will just kill everything, beneficial or not. They’ll be able to relocate the wasps, and you’ll be able to start enjoying your pool again. Bees are dying in record numbers all over the world. Their reputation is, they’re basically jerks waiting to chase you and sting you just for fun. Just remember that every being has its place in the ecosystem, even wasps. This will usually be a pest control company, so make sure you tell them you want the wasps relocated, not sprayed with insecticide. Just make sure it’s a small amount that the wasps can go through quickly. If you’re only seeing an occasional bee flying around the pool, it’s not a big problem. After all, they are great for the environment and they are just trying to use your pool to cool off, just like you. You can buy fake wasp nests and hang them in other areas of the yard, preferably away from your house as well as the pool. Water bugs in your pool? Much like wasps, bees are very territorial. how important bees are to the environment, How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool, How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs In Your Pool. They’re also scarier. By entering your email address you agree to get a weekly email newsletter from Swim University. 3. That’ll definitely put a damper on things. Original Get Lost Wasp Natural and Safe Non-Toxic Hanging Wasp Deterrent – for Wasps Hornets Yellowjackets, 2-Pack Effective Decoy Repellent. Given how important bees are to the environment, their destruction should always be the very last resort after you’ve tried everything else at least twice. West Nile Virus. In the meantime, there are several tricks you can consider to keep the bees and wasps away from your pool area: 820 W Cottonwood Lane, Suite #2 1. Then maybe it really does work! A dip in your pool is often a great way to spend those hot summer days, but nothing can ruin a good time faster than a sharp sting from a wasp or bee while you are taking a dip in your pool. Just be sure to change the sheets out every so often as they’ll lose their scent, and probably their effectiveness, over time. It'll help you save $100 right away on pool care! Still, in some cases, you may have to destroy their nests or even hire an exterminator to do the dirty work for you. In any case, if you don’t see a reduction in the number of bees around your pool, then go ahead and chalk this one up to urban legend, and get back to creating that alternative water source. It often seems as though these flying creatures prefer to hang out by the pool area with the family, though little children and most adults would be hard-pressed to feel comfortable taking a dip when wasps are around. Are the bees still making themselves at home around your pool? It’s an inexpensive experiment, and if it doesn’t work, you’re only out a few pennies. 520-347-7204, Copyright © Poolman | Privacy Policy | Pool Service in Phoenix, Fort Worth, San Diego and Las Vegas, How to keep wasps and bees away from your pool, Revamp Your Pool Without Breaking the Bank, Poolman Named as a Top 50 Service Company, Poolman Phoenix Account Named Best Hotel Pool in 2018. Again, you can use this to your advantage. Important: Use a small amount of meat that the wasps will be able to go through quickly. While you may be tempted to destroy them if they invade your swimming sanctuary, remember that they are innocent and are very good for the environment. If you're wondering how to keep ducks out of your pool, wonder no more! Arrange them around your pool in decorative baskets or even use them as doilies underneath other objects. Try hanging a bit of leftover cheap steak or beef in an area away from your pool. Just make sure it’s a small amount that the wasps can go through quickly. This will draw them away from the pool as they head to the feast. We'll respect your privacy and unsubscribe at any time. It's important to know how to keep frogs out of your pool not because of cleanliness, but to live harmoniously with the creatures in your yard. In fact, you can help and protect them instead because the pool itself is a danger to bees. If there is pollen close by wasps have two reasons to hang around. 6180 Egret Court, Suite A., Benicia, C A 94510, Your email address will not be published. If you can’t find a beekeeper, an exterminator may also be able to move the nest. They may be able to remove the nest for you, without damaging it or killing the bees. To keep these critters away, you might want to hire a professional pool service like Poolman to implement effective controls against the stinging foes. Find out what your Quali can do for you at MyQuali.com. Wasps love raw meat. Others say dryer sheets do repel some insects. Call a Local Beekeeper First, even though they’re not as cute as bees, wasps are also important pollinators. 2. Place them early in the season before the wasps start building their own nests. We say, give it a shot. Or maybe someone in your home is allergic to stings, and you need the wasps (or bees) moved right away. You may be able to call an exterminator and have them move the nest as well. Wasps also eat other pests such as flies, aphids, and centipedes. You can purchase fake wasp nests and hang them around your house. To Add to Pool Supplies List: 1 Full Lemon; Cloves; Tip #2: Plants. 520-347-7204, 6955 N Camino Martin, Suite #105 Fitting, right? Nothing can ruin a good time in your pool faster than a sharp bee sting. The sooner you figure out how to keep bees away from the pool, and encourage wasps to move into the condos you set out, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your pool worry free. 4. Tucson, AZ 85741 When creating a water source for them, make sure you keep it going all summer and put something that they can climb onto in the pond/waterer in case they fall in. Some sources say it’s an old wives tale. Wasps are very territorial and do not want to live close to other wasps. To keep these critters away, you might want to hire a professional pool service like Poolman to implement effective controls against the stinging foes. They will see the nest and move on to another location as they don’t enjoy sharing territory with other bees that are not from their hive. These are great for keeping insects away from your pool or hot tub. Make sure you try everything we discussed above. 10/25/2020 06:48 pm UTC. That way they already have an established water source and are less likely to bug the pool. Too much, and it may rot, leaving you with other icky problems. How to Keep Wasps and Bees Away From a Swimming Pool, Aquatic Therapy Is Useful For Many Medical Conditions. So how do you get rid of them without killing them? Bees won’t get too close if you have these out. A great way to keep wasps away is to cut a lemon in half, stick whole cloves in the lemon half, place it on a dish, and leave it outside. Yes, seriously. Wasps are very territorial and don’t like living near other wasps. Fill the hollow space in the pedestal column with sand or water to weigh down your birdbath and keep it upright for all your feathered guests, If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. The last thing you need is toxic chemicals blowing into your pool water or landing on the grass where you, your kids, and your dog may walk barefoot. But at least that’s not physically painful, though it may seem like it is. We cut out all the confusion of pool maintenance in this easy-to-read illustrated ebook and video course. This naturally deters the wasps away while smelling nice at the same time! A piece of cedar wood or Lilly pads will work. Just make sure you change them periodically as over time they will lose their effectiveness. But that’s all part of how nature works. You may have noticed this if you’ve ever had a cookout, and had wasps continually trying to land on those burgers and steaks before you put them on the grill. This will draw the wasps away from the pool as they head to the feast. The good thing is, you can make this work to your advantage to keep wasps away from your pool. This will draw them away from the pool as they head to the feast. They’re like the Jets and the Sharks that way. We’re not talking about a whole pond in your back yard. Think of this as a last resort. Granted, they sometimes also eat beneficial insects such as spiders and yes, bees. Set up Fake Nests Since then, his mission is to make pool and hot tub care easy for everyone. However, many of these solutions are very effective at deterring these critters from paying your pool a visit. Try to keep sugary food sources such as sodas, candy, fruit or hummingbird feeders away from the pool area. Always consider using a Fort Worth pool service such as Poolman to handle your maintenance needs. If these solutions don’t work, try calling a local beekeeper to come remove the nest. Just be sure to specify that’s what you want done instead of having insecticide sprayed in the area where your kids and dog play. Use Dryer Sheets Keep the bees’ water source filled all summer, and remember the water will probably evaporate more quickly than the bees can drink it, especially if you live in a hot climate. Your email address will not be published. You have several options available that don’t entail killing bees. Let’s take a look. Luckily there are many great ways to keep wasps and bees away from your pool so you can enjoy a sting-free dip during those hot summer months. Why not? Of course your dog walks barefoot. Arrange a few dryer sheets around your pool in decorative baskets, then watch what happens. Wasps apparently love raw meat. It's not as difficult as you may think and mostly takes a little time and patience. But does your pool look like every bee in the neighborhood turned out for a party? So the more you’re able to peacefully coexist with all the creatures in your back yard, the happier you’ll all be. All you need is a few tools, a couple of chemicals, and a little time, and you can get rid of them for good. This will give the bees a way to climb out should they fall into the water. In addition to flowers, a certain kind of wasp is essential to pollinating some varieties of figs. The bees are looking to drink. So keeping bees away from the pool is for your safety and theirs. They may land in it to drink water, but then become unable to fly out of the water, and end up drowning. Deploy Decoy Wasps Nests 3. So if you set up an alternative water source for them then you’re actually helping the bees. 2. Others say it’s a waste of a good dryer sheet. Wasps love raw meat. A shallow birdbath or dish will do the trick. Make sure you place these around your pool and home early in the season before they start building those nests. So before you start swatting or spraying them, consider these alternatives. The good thing is, you can make this work to your advantage to keep wasps away from your pool.

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