http: uk-tier-2-employer-sponsored-visas and also this thread=> http: uk-tier-2-employer-sponsored-visas I have applied for tier 2 visa and got this.. Any help much appropriated. Now why would they give you information on what you can do with a visa if they haven’t given you one? As a regular applicant for U.K Visa application, you should be ready for anything like rejection or approval. Furthermore, we notice that the content of both emails differ in many ways. First of all, by looking at the subject of the email we see that the first application gets only a simple ”visa application” and the second application gets a detailed ”UK visa application in Turkey (Ref: 12345678).” The second one shows where this application was processed and adds a reference number so that it can be tracked or referenced for future use. Applications made within the UK by standard service also take around three months. For the extension application, you do not have to rely on the employment income of the sponsor. You will be required to produce company accounts and company bank statements in addition to your own bank statements and payslips. Details on collection times at the Visa Application Centre for your location is available at, *** IMPORTANT: If your application for a visa is granted then it is your responsibility to check the validity of the visa issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number or entries required, and that it is valid for the purpose of your trip. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. South and South East Asia Region. You will book a biometric appointment after submitting the application and will choose the appointment centre that suits you best. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Then, for approved application, the email is different. I got my decision mail on 14th working day. But what is the cutting proof to your acceptance is found at the end of the email which says, ”Please visit for more information about the UK visa and what it permits visitors to do whilst they are in the UK.” So basically they are telling you to visit this website to know what you can do with a UK visa while you are in the UK. The type of application is called settlement. Applicants over 65 years of age are exempt from the language and knowledge of life tests. If you need to reply, please send it through ( Log Out /  Getting your vignette. You should be in the country three years before the date of the application and should not have been absent for more than 270 days in the last three years or 90 days in the last 12 months before the date of the application. Spouse visa requirements can be summarised as follows: In order to sponsor your spouse or partner, you need an annual income of at least £18,600 or savings of £62,500. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. By paying for a super-priority service you can expedite the processing time to 24 hours. It is important you do not go to the Visa Application Centre straight away. ( Log Out /  This applies to all, including people coming from a majority English speaking country. For others these tests are mandatory. Hey, I got an email from VFS to collect my documents. If the sponsor is working for a company owned or partly owned by a family member, evidential requirements are similar to those related company directors. To get details write a reply to:, How to invest in Bitcoin $ 2783 – get a return of up to 8527%:, Thank you for your UK visa application, a decision has now been made. Please visit for more information about the UK visa and what it permits visitors to do whilst they are in the UK. If the income over the last financial year is insufficient, it is possible to rely on the average of the last two financial years. Hello, According to following links, emails without reference number indicate that visa gets refused. If you are relying on income, it has to come from the approved sources, such as employment, self-employment, rental of property, income from dividends or investments, or pension. From my personal experience and research done through reading about and asking other applicants who have applied, I have noticed that the email sent for a rejected applicant differs from that sent to an accepted applicant. Sometimes, there is a clash as the financial year may be completed very recently and the accounts not yet available and not yet required by HMRC. Hey, How long after your Visa was taken under consideration did you get this email? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. More complex applications can take up to six months. The reason that they give you a reference number is because that is your visa approval number and they use this number to add you to the list of visa approved applicants. From my personal experience and the research I have completed by reading about U.K visa application and asking questions to other applicants that have applied, I’ve found out that the emails sent to rejected applicants are different from those sent to approved applicants. You will have to pay international students fee, though, until you have indefinite leave to remain. On the other hand, when we look at the second email, the content is somewhat similar at first but they add that ”you can track your application status” because they want you to be updated regarding your visa so that you get it as early as possible and be ready to travel. This is why I have decided to share with you these emails below in order for applicants to know beforehand; instead of waiting to see it on their international passport. You will have to demonstrate that you owned the funds for at least six months, even if they were not in the cash account for the entire six month period. Full details are set out in Appendix FM SE of the Immigration Rules. It may be worth noting that if you have another visa which leads to settlement after five years, your qualifying period for ILR will roll back if you switch into the spouse visa route. Boost revenues quick. Simply read what were the reasons for your refusal and contact your university to explain to them what the Home Office have said and they will guide you on how to make a new application that will solve these problematic issues that the Home Office has found in your first application. I wanted to share this information so that applicants will know beforehand rather than wait to see it on their passport because as a student who is preparing to travel to another country, you certainly would want to prepare for a rejection or an approval. The reason that they give you a reference number is because that is your visa approval number and they use this number to add you to the list of visa approved applicants. However, if your visa is rejected or approved, you will still receive an appropriate notification in the email address you provided during your registration. If you are relying on exceptional circumstances or not sure if you meet the requirements of the rules, we will recommend an initial consultation to address. If you have applied for a U.K visa, but have not heard back from the consular office, you will be worried because you want know if the visa application was rejected or approved. If your circumstances change or the marriage breaks down you have to be proactive and seek legal advice as soon as possible. In exceptional circumstances, where refusal of the application would cause significant hardship you may be able to rely on third-party support or other sources of income. Charter High School Vs Public High School: Which One Is Preferable For Your Kids? in detail, so that thing is maintained over here. If you met it through studying in a University or you come from a majority English speaking country, the language requirement is considered met. In conclusion, I do not write this based on my own experience alone but based on the many people that I have asked which applied for a student visa (other visas included). The way we prepare the application makes it easy for the caseworker to process and approve it without asking for more information or referring the matter to a senior member of staff. This certainly concludes the argument and clears any doubt left within the applicant’s heart. Get thousands of people who are ready to buy sent directly to your website. Savings can belong to the British or non-British partner or both. If the British sponsor has worked with the same employer for more than six months, they can provide evidence of their salary for the last six months.

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