. The channel, under fire for producing alternative facts, has been ranting endlessly, “explaining” how they present news in a creative manner – not like Doordarshan’s drab bulletins – which often means inserting analysis of imaginary events. Next time when someone's check actually bounces, they will say imma bounce...hahahah . (*never-heard-before). #noclue #whatisthisreporting pic.twitter.com/5JttvhpLIk, We use cookies for analytics, advertising and to improve our site. ‘Imma Bounce’ seems to be everywhere! He reportedly died by suicide but the case has acquired many different dimensions, ranging from whether it was murder, whether he was drugged, and whether money was swindled from his accounts. Used in place of "I am going to..." Technically should be spelled i'mma but since this is a shortened version, we leave out the apostrophe! We'll send you more. 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Try Now. So here is a list of ten things you need to know to solve this mystery (why list?). Falcons, Raiders Lack Of Pass Rush Big Part Of Loss To Bucs, Chargers Snap Losing Streak, But Plenty Remains To Correct. !...did these times now anchor ever go to college? It comes as a relief for her that no other financial codes like “WTF”– standing for “Where r The Funds” – have been found in the chat messages, yet. Anyway, I hope that I have solved the curious case of ‘Imma Bounce’. . This fake news stuff is just sooo addictive! One: The BizarreTimesNow channel told us in gory detail that ‘Imma Bounce’ is a bounced cheque. "Imma," is informal for "I'm going to," Originally part of AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) the phrase gained major popularity on the Internet in the last few years. At least ten agencies are involved in the probe (names not revealed to protect their privacy). സുശാന്തിന്റെ മരണത്തിൽ റിയ ചക്രബർത്തിയുടെ പങ്കുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട് സൂചനകൾ നൽകുന്ന ടെക്സ്റ്റിംഗ് സംഭാഷണത്തിന്റെ വിവരങ്ങൾ തങ്ങൾക്ക് ലഭിച്ചു എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞാണ് ടൈംസ് നൗ ഇക്കാര്യം പുറത്തുവിട്ടത്. Oh dear!! Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter And Get News Delivered Straight To Your Inbox. Times Now Airs Webinar as ‘Secret Talks’ Between Activists, Times Now Uses 3 Idiots Shooting Point to Report on Chinese Side, Times Now Falls For Fake Account of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister. Soslang They deny these absurd theories and say that these words are a secret instruction to the bankers to bounce a cheque the moment they see it. Six: Financial experts disagree that ‘Imma Bounce’ is a cheque or a person. Bounce simply means to go - it's a slang term. Liked this story? Eight: Some Twitter users have insisted that the WhatsApp chats of Ms Doe should also be searched for phrases like “catch you later, alligator.” These may indicate an animal smuggling angle. Anushka Sharma, Dhanashree Verma & Others WAGs Who've Attended IPL Matches, Every Candid Photos From Neha Kakkar & Rohanpreet Singh's Wedding, Kings XI Punjab beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 8 wickets, Rajasthan Royals beat Mumbai Indians by 8 wickets, Chennai Super Kings beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 8 wickets, Kings XI Punjab beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 12 runs, Kolkata Knight Riders beat Delhi Capitals by 59 runs, Rhule Hopeful McCaffrey Will Return Vs. Times Now's interpretation of Rhea Chakraborty's messages has left Twitter LOLing. It doesn't have anything to do with bounced cheques. Ten: (Finally!) However, showrunners at Times Now did not consult UrbanDictionary , before writing the script, which led to some hilarious responses from social media users. This is absolutely hilarious... https://t.co/Q4uHeLWLNu, I mean Times Now said 'Imma Bounce' to journalism a long time ago but this is still hilariouspic.twitter.com/r7Mrw3UWtr, Such a globally popular internet slang imma bounce and they are teaching their poor viewers that it means bounced check? We will call her Jane Doe (to protect the identity of those investigating her) and the channel has been efficiently generating millions of pieces of evidence per day, through its own investigations. interpreting imma bounce which simply is a slang/ contraction for I am going to bounce -in typical Marathi it means - mein toh katt loonge to IMMA as acronymð & a â bouncedâ cheque. For example, if your friend tells you, "Let's bounce", he/she means, "Let's go." interpreting imma bounce which simply is a slang/ contraction for I am going to bounce -in typical Marathi it means - mein toh katt loonge to IMMA as acronymð & a â bouncedâ cheque. Four: This TV channel has access to some of the highest quality leaks emanating from one of the best-known crime investigations (in the history of crime investigations), into the death of the Bollywood actor. OfBoomer told the press that the FIR is about the appropriation of linguistic artefacts from persecuted communities and that such acts promote enmity between millennials and non-millennials.

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