To this day, I still make a stink face from Rocky’s verse, it was just that good. His eponymous debut mixtape was released on April 14, 2017. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. On this syrup, on this syrup, on this lean (On this lean, uh) Uh, I be on some other shit and God knows that that bitch ain't celibate (Smash, smash) It always makes my day listening to NO. What is there to say about Magnolia that hasn’t been said? Damn, I don't give a fuck about shit at all (Fuck about shit at all) Yeah, nigga, money dancing to the bank, uh (Bank) This album is pretty much the mumble rap illmatic to me, Though imo it coulda dropped let it go, dothatshit, lame niggaz and had 2, But there are so many insanely good highs on this album it’s fucked, Sometimes I legitimately think Location-Woke Up Like This is the strongest four-track run in trap history. Here’s the page if i dont start to share them, Suggest some songs that all use a common sample! BEST SONG: NO. I’ll start: But in all seriousness it’s a really good song, and shows you a little bit of that video game style beats Carti hops on, and it’s a pretty hype song. It feels like a song you’d hear in a spaceship when exiting the atmosphere. Good job, Harry Fraud. Pussy niggas hating to get relevant (Relevant) It’s funny how times change. It’s really relaxing and beautiful. It’s a really good-feeling song, again, really overlooked and underrated. His eponymous debut mixtape was released on April 14, 2017. Go recommend me to review sum else: Going back to Self Titled, I realized how many songs people absolutely don’t listen to. If it feels like something: it feels like playing Mario Kart. Sometimes, I feel people don’t even like Carti’s music, instead, Carti’s social media antics and visual art style is all they care about, and the concept of him being an actually good mumble rapper. 01-YUNGXANHOE 02-Talk 03-I Got Depressed Hoes (feat. Carti obviously isn’t just trying to make unimportant bangers like most rappers do nowadays, putting no importance to their music, but instead you can clearly hear he’s trying to make his own unique style and marking his name on the map. It’s well made with VERY clear effort. I have been a fan of Carti since then. Anways…. PS: Carti is pretty legendary for getting Hit-Boy on the album. He changed his artist name to Playboi Carti in May 2013. It’s beautiful, Carti is catchy and can be either relaxing or lit, depending on what mood you’re in. Thumb through the check, man, I can't fuck with ya (I can't fuck with ya)

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