When you create an asset within the intracompany transfer transaction, you can only jump once to the dialog box for master data maintenance. The same conditions apply for both types of transfer (intracompany and intercompany) regarding field transfer and adopting specifications for capitalization and the depreciation start date. 5) If it is not a complete transfer from sending asset to the receiving asset, set parameters in tab “Partial Transfer”. Please log in again. The example below compares the income tax accounting for intra-entity transfers of assets other than inventory under current GAAP with that under the ASU. The following paragraphs and screen shots will describe an EXAMPLE in steps of an Intercompany asset transfer and the functionality of the main fields and buttons. The login page will open in a new tab. {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}, post through Bapi_acc_document_post-Sapsharks, ABZE- Acquisition from in house production-Sapsharks, How to create, configure and delete recurring entry documents in SAP. Click on Save if the transaction looks fine. Accounting for these transactions resembles that demonstrated for land sales. Automatic Intercompany Transfer Partial transfers can posted by specifying a quantity, a percentage rate, or an amount (on the Field Transfer Full and partial transfer postings are possible. You configure the transfer of capitalization and depreciation dates, as well as the transfer of field contents from the sending to the receiver asset, in Customizing for Asset Accounting.Intracompany transfers (within a company code) use transfer variants and field transfer rules, as do intercompany transfers. Choose The assets should be transferred at a market value so that the transferee company has a realistic cost in its accounts. You settle an asset under construction and transfer it to a finished asset. You will see two transactions being posted. Click on simulate after entering all the info. 3)     In topic Interco. 4) Review parameters in the tab “Additiona… Asset Accounting 3) In topic Interco. Prerequisites. The system enters the number of the sending asset in the target asset (on the . Partial transfer 2) Fill out Fields Document Date, Posting date and Asset Values Date. Since you cannot change the asset class in the asset master data, you have to transfer the asset to a new master record. Settlement of an Asset under Construction Õ After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Õ 1) Fill out Field Company Code and Sending Asset(press enter). You will see the fields that appear when you create an asset using AS01, Fill out all the info that you wouldwhen create an asset and click on Save. . The system default for intracompany transfers is always transfer variant 4 ( 1- A retirement in the sending company code. Intercompany Asset Transfers To transfer an asset go to Navigation: SAP Easy Access-> SAP Menu -> Accounting -> Financial accounting -> Fixed Asset -> Posting -> Transfer -> Intercompany Asset Transfer Alternatively: Transaction code ABT1N. 4) Review parameters in the tab “Additional Details”. The prerequisites, however, for automatic transfer posting are that no values (APC and depreciation) from the sending asset are lost, and that every area of the target asset is supplied with values. SAP supplies standard transaction types for intracompany asset transfers. However, from a tax (and ultimate economic perspective) two tax events occurred, one in actuality and another prospectively: XYZ paid $9,000 in income tax. tab page). Intracompany transfers (within a company code) use transfer variants and field transfer rules, as do intercompany transfers. The same applies for special depreciation. . . SAP recommends that you create your own transaction types in the customer name range, using the standard transaction types as references. However, you can change the transfer variant on the . Use this tcode to carry out inter-company asset transfers (between company codes). The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to Intercompany asset transfer through transaction code ABT1N. Changes in Organizational Structure . Additional details Automatic Intercompany Asset Transfers . Equipment, patents, franchises, buildings, and other long-lived assets can be involved. To transfer an asset go to Navigation:  SAP Easy Access -> SAP Menu -> Accounting -> Financial accounting -> Fixed Asset -> Posting -> Transfer -> Intercompany Asset Transfer. Transfers Õ The target asset has to be in the same company code as the sending asset. Leave a comment below if you have any question. On the initial screen, choose the radio button of new Asset. For more information, see Avoid changing the standard transaction types themselves. The same applies to revaluation keys. 2- Acquisition in the receiving company code. 1)     Fill out Field Company Code and Sending Asset (press enter). For information on intercompany asset transfer to a different company code within a corporate group, see ). 10) Press “Additional account assignment” button to complete missing information (if necessary). Asset Accounting Overview ... After the intercompany asset transfer, during which a new asset master record was created in company code AA15, the Asset Explorer shows the following transactions: Figure: Asset Transactions. The system determines the amounts to be transferred and the proportional accumulated depreciation in the same way as for asset retirement posting. You find the Customizing steps for making these settings (for both types of transfer) by choosing Intracompany transfer may be necessary for one of the following reasons: An asset was created in the wrong asset class. Copyright 2020 SAPSHARKS, all rights reserved. (The same is true when creating an asset within the intercompany transfer transaction.) However, for partial transfers, you have to post prior-year acquisitions and current-year acquisitions separately. The keys used for investment support measures must correspond in each depreciation area. ). tab page. You can create a new asset within the transfer posting transaction, or you can transfer to an existing asset. Splitting an Asset (Intracompany Asset Transfer), Settlement of an Asset under Construction, Processing a Goods Issue from the Warehouse. Not sure if the account would be an Asset Account. Transfer posting from one fixed asset to another within the same company code can be carried out in one step. Õ transfer to select the option New Asset and fill out the receiving Company Code. Õ Note- If the G/L accounts are incorrect, then you will need to change the account determination configuration. As with asset retirement, the intracompany transfer posting procedure distinguishes between prior-year asset acquisitions and current-year acquisitions. 2)     Fill out Fields Document Date, Posting date and Asset Values Date. If ordinary depreciation is calculated for a depreciation area of the sending asset, the corresponding area in the target asset also has to calculate ordinary depreciation. Each non-dependent depreciation area in the target asset also has to be managed in the sending asset. You split up an asset or move part of an asset (transfer from asset to asset). How can we help you with your SAP issues? Define Transaction Types for Transfers You can create additional transaction types or change existing ones in Customizing for An inter-company asset transfer within a corporate group may be necessary for one of the following reasons: Transfer of the asset from the books of one company code to another, Use the menu path Accounting-> Financial Accounting-> Fixed Assets-> Posting->Transfer -> Inter-company asset transfer, 1- Enter the company code and the asset that is being transferred, 2-Enter the Company code that the asset is being trasferred to, 3-Check the radio button of existing asset and enter the asset number if the transfer is happening to an asset that already exists in the the other company code. FI Transactions ... 199991: Affiliated Companies Clearing, Fixed Assets. . Processing a Goods Issue from the Warehouse To change the master data of a new asset created in this way, you have to start the transaction again.

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