The Japanese Honey bees have evolved and developed a weapon that wont leave them defenseless like their European cousins. Japanese bees are said to endure high temperatures, and after an hour, can kill the hornet using their ‘thermal bee ball’ technique. But if the hornet scout is inside the hive, 500 worker bees will form a spherical assemblage around the hornet, trapping it inside like in a ball. The Japanese bees are usually attacked in autumn. European honeybees, which are also found in the US, have been observed to attempt to sting the hornet. apanes honey bees, confront this incredible giant hornet, using a different fight strategy called “hot defensive bee ball formation”. The bees then start to vibrate and produce heat, somewhat ‘cooking’ the hornet. The honeybees vibrate their … The hornets try to steal their larvae and eat their honey. While the hornets may be much bigger in size compared to the Japanese honeybees, the large number of bees in the hive allows them to gain the advantage and defeat the hornet. This hornet is in for a painful death. The Japanese Honey bee is approximately ½ inch compared to its adversary the Japanese Hornet, approximately 2 inches.

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