Hi Everyone can anyone tell me whats wrong. . Opt for a health insurance plan. Funny wifi names BOXING legend Jim Watt has been devastated by the death of his TV star daughter Michelle – the second of his three children to die. Jim Way. Hi Possilboy, keep posting your photos ,it will give us all something to argue about and keep our minds active. Hi All I remember a few years ago I went to watch Jim Watt fighting in the Govan Town Hall and he was actually fighting Freddies brother Angus , and if I remember Angus had Jim down in the first round , but Jim was always a slow starter and eventually won .. Jim Weddle & Sons. Hollywood Agent Jim Wiatt’s Journey From William Morris to Endeavor to New York. The Daimler DS420 was produced between 1968–1992 and through its long and illustrious lifetime only 4116 were ever produced. I have 1 of Saracen primary class of 1958 on my p.c and don,t know how to upload it on too site. Jim Trenary Used Cars. Jim Watt MBE (born 18 July 1948) is a Scottish former boxer and commentator who became world champion in the lightweight division when Roberto Durán left the title vacant in 1979 and the WBC had him fight Alfredo Pitalua.Watt knocked out Pitalua in twelve rounds. cheers Margie. Tips on buying a new mattress hi all it was another donation to the bookies try again next week and dvon3d i also new your da and granda here is a couple did you know that carbeth st was once carbeth road possil school, QUOTE (possilboy @ 13th Jun 2009, 09:21pm). And on Aug. 4 at 12:45 a.m., “for over two hours Kessinger searched Google for wedding dresses,” according to her web history analyzed by investigators. Elso the lads are right about Jim Watts son. cheers Margie. Cheers Margie. Avenue Magazine: Wedding Guests Avenue Magazine editor Steve Sandor shares details about the magazine’s latest edition which focuses on helping you be a great wedding guest. She had so many goldies the gran weans were babysitting her. Sorry if i offened anyone. It can be full of excitement and nerves all at once. Cheers Flim. The Daimler DS420 Limousine (as it is known) was built between 1968 and 1992, capable of carrying up to 7 passengers, over 4000 were buit in its 24 year span, some where state Limousines such as used by our Royal Family. ... Jim Watt-Smith Planning and Design. By the way lads don,t let Elso fool you all into thinking shes a wonderfull granny. They are the McKay familly there was Jackie , Jessie and Richard (Dick), James & only surviving member is Janet . Your wedding is one of the biggest days that will occur during your life. Car Dealership. MSN games Jim Watt walks onto the scene spiritually, emotionally and physically ready to do what the president wants done . I hear of Jim and Jean Watt . We purchased ours from Jim Watt WBC world champion boxer 1979 to 1981 . Hi All-So we are all agreed that the boxer is Jim Watt and he stays in Bishopbriggs , I believe he had a wedding taxi business in the Briggs , unfortunately his son was killed in an accident not too far from his home , I was at the Kelvin Hall when Jim won the world championship, what a night Cheers Flim, [quote name='possilboy' date='12th Jun 2009, 09:22pm' post='244112'], [quote name='flam' date='12th Jun 2009, 09:42pm' post='244119'], hi elso here is one for you will be having a few myself this afternoon watching the races lets make this a happy weekend, elso dont get me wrong thats for your grand weans, Hi Possilboy I can assure you that Elso appreciates that for her own grandchildren as well as her Wee Granny that stayed in Possil Cheers Flim. You may find that preparing for it is one of the hardest parts about it. Possilboy did you back a winner? i,m not getting the posts the way i did when i joined the site, and possilboy were you the school bully? Ms Watt, 38, was left in crippling pain following a lumbar puncture procedure. We purchased ours from Jim Watt WBC world champion boxer 1979 to 1981 . Call 01772 816 407 | 01704 892 320 | 07581 153 116. Hi Elso and Flam, Im sure that,s Jim Watt in the photo. 1985 Daimler DS420 Wedding Limousine B7 VOW. Elso,sorry it was me not possilboy that in that last message, and sorry again because it was Allander St not Killern St. Have a look at posts 43&44 in lost friends and relatives, looking for possilpark friends. i came from 22 sunnylaw street, possilpark and moved to milton in 1977. He died in a car smash. Jim Trenary of Union CHEVROLET. hi margie if you send a message to gg he will answer your question on the posts and elso i think i must have passed on my memory lapse to you dont worry you might need another wee holiday haha, hi denny 67 sorry i have not got back to you i remember you i was in your house in denmark st quite reguarly i remember your ma having a baby when davie and i were about seventeen davie was working at the flour factory then i was the painter and jim graham was in the saracen foundry he later became a tile layer we all used to go to the barrowland every sat and played football at possil ym i came from carbeth st and jim from bardowie st also frank buchanan ran about whith us he was also from bardowie st cheers john watson, hi auldavie hoe you got the photo and is it big enough if not iwiil post it again when my brother inlaw comes down he knows how to make them larger another wee photo. Think your all mad as a brush! Jim Watts Performance Horses. If you saw a previous post to you elsewhere on the site, I think I was in the same class as your relative that died in Killern St. QUOTE (ashfield @ 11th Jun 2009, 12:33pm), Hi Elso You could be right about the boxing photo , but it looks to me if it is Jim Watt (Killearn St ) as a southpaw,you are correct about Freddie marrying Cathie, she stayed at 82 Sunnylaw St with her parents ,Harry and Lizzie also her sisters Ellen and Betty ( Deceased-( Tomboy-Good football player ) her brother was called John ( Big Boy ) McVey , died a number bof years ago,I met Freddie a few years ago coming up from London to Glasgow on the Train I believe he worked on the rigs at the time,I also think they stay around the Briggs area.He came from a boxing family He Played football in the square..he came from a boxing family Donnie,Angus and was it John etc! I think it was out the back roads near their house in Kirky. ... Jim Wedding & Studio. There are so many things you know you have to do, and other decisions that you never knew you had…, Imagine a car insurance policy that can be controlled by a mobile phone app, which tracks your driving record and reduces your premiums. Cheers Margie. I have just sat and read through all 50 pages of Possilpark and was really interested as My inlaws that I Married into are from Derwent St . Man bun Cheers Margie. Car Dealership. hi elso they are of possil school the first one is ardoch st entrance the second is carbeth st taken about 1930 this one is carbeth st, hi flam played many a game on these pitches cowlairs park, hi mhoira cant say i know any of the people you mentioned exept jean watt she was in the same class as me at saracen school here is a photo jean is fourth from the left bottom row i an sitting next to her in the middle the photo was 1955, Hi Possilboy, were you about ten years old when that photo was taken? Local Business. If you wish to book any of the vehicles or just check availability please. Cheers Flim. hi guys and lassies elso the wee man in the photo is jim watt world champ he now stays up by bishopbrigs and you are all right about possil school the girls entance was in carbeth st boys in ardoch st i had to stand there every morning and take the names of late comers got a few hidings for my troubles there was another entrance in bardowie st cheeres john. Jim … My aunt gave me some old photos of my dad when he was young outside the close at 22 Sunnylaw street, i'll try and put them on, when i figure out how to. also the photo you put on would be around the same time my brother was there but not sure if he was in your class or the one above you. hello elso, I think Jim Glendding stayed above the Fagans, its good to know some people from sunnylaw street, i keep in touch with Daniel Fagan , John Keith and Andy Cook. He was deposed from the newly merged agency he helped create, but now former William Morris chieftain Jim … Contact by either phoning or by emailing Jim. Ha! QUOTE (possilboy @ 11th Jun 2009, 09:06pm). Hope your all havin a relaxing weekend. Jim Watt is one of my brother in laws godfather and Jean is a good friend of Janet . Youve got awe weekend tae go. . The future of Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is near, and it is based on what, where, when, and how much you drive. Elso, you're right, I was there before your time. You take it easy wi the wee goldies. Hi all. Margie says Jim Watt lives in Kirkintilock, and i definitly know Jim Watts wedding cars where in Maryhill years ago then it became deflunked,didnt know about his son,anyway i never liked him(Jim) or his sister Jean! Posted by James Watt — May 22, 2020 in Travel 0 On the surface, it might appear that evolution and nature designed human beings to be land dwellers, but when you think a little deeper, you realize humans are also designed to go much further than just land. Sports & Recreation Venue. The popular presenter, 38, died suddenly at her home. QUOTE (possilboy @ 14th Jun 2009, 12:42am), This is a "lo-fi" version of our main content. Hi again Possilboy, forgot to ask you how to put photos on the board. ahaope you back a winner. I think he was in the same class as frank buchanan. All you need to know about Black German Shepherd, Advantages of hiring heating service professionals, All you need to know about Black German Shepherd, Reasons to consider online education for your child, How to improve your personal fashion and style, All the tips that you need to do interior painting like a pro, Worried about rising medical expenses? QUOTE (possilboy @ 10th Jun 2009, 11:18pm). To view the full version with more information, formatting and images, please. This is a Beautiful Bridal car with 7 seats, or makes a superb additional car to our 1955 Bentley S1, both cars are finished in Matching cream paint with identical cream and green interiors. On the basis of data recorded by technology hidden within your phone or on a device…, We are living a life where material things have got so much importance and that is why we have lost the peace somehow. 17 photos taking you back to Edinburgh in 1981 (Part 2) There was much change in the city of Edinburgh as the nation settled into a bold but economically uncertain new decade. Designer. We recommend that our Classic Wedding Cars be viewed by appointment so that couples can see the high quality of the vehicles on offer. Also we will have to stop possilboy posting all the photos as we are all getting confused and he,s enjoying every minute. Business Service. Some psychiatrists and doctors have reported that every single person must spend some time in nature for a healthy mind and…, Would you live in a futuristic city hi gang iwill not post any more photos for a wee while i seem to confuse you all and welcolme devon3d if you go daft dont blame me it is sat morning here so have to go and study my race form i dont seem to win a lot i wonder why. Also dvon3d I knew your family well, like elso we stayed a couple of closes away from your dad. There is no doubt that luxuries fascinate people but they distract people from the real peace. Hi Elso Either I,Possilboy and Margie are losing our marbles we are not talking about the boxer with the black hair and moustache,we are talking about the SOUTHPAW with blonde hair (Jim Watt ) I knew Freddie quite well to settle it all to save us all losing our marbles could you pop round to Freddies and Cathies and ask them or Ask Jim and Margaret Ha! This is a Beautiful Bridal car with 7 seats, or makes a superb additional car to our 1955 Bentley S1, both cars are finished in Matching cream paint with identical cream and green interiors.

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