Bosa and Kumerow both played 3 years for the Dolphins and were gone. And in ’59 he was indicted for tax violations after he listed his occupation as “beer salesman” and tried to write off his Mercedes-Benz as a business expense. Unfortunately, Leon Lett was a fantastic Defensive Tackle in the NFL, but he will always be more famous for having 2 out of the top 3 of ESPN’s 25 Biggest Sports Blunders. He was active for the divisional playoff round game at New England and had six tackles. Best RB Duo College Football 1967 and 1968. If some guys in dark suits and sunglasses knock on my door, I did not write the following post on my blog. Sasha Banks and Bailey had an exceptional more. He was in power for six decades. A couple of years after dropping out of school, Accardo was arrested a few times for petty crimes. In early 1978, Accardo was in California to escape the Midwest’s biting cold when robbers broke into his suburban Chicago home. He is a big receiver and the NFL loves big receivers, and he has some speed and some excellent hands. New Hampshire is not exactly a hotbed for high school football talent and Bosa was about 6-4, 215 and playing in the Defensive Line. His specialties: understanding legal loopholes, expanding the mob’s reach and prospecting for new revenue streams. He made All America and many other honors as a senior at Boston College and then was drafted in the first round of the 1987 NFL draft taken with the 16th pick by the Miami Dolphins. Bosa chose his Mom’s and Uncle’s school, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Joey Bosa was almost the opposite of his father, John Bosa in that everyone in the country wanted him to come to their school and play football. Learn how your comment data is processed. ", More AP NFL: and In the late 1890s a young couple named Francesco and Maria Accardo from Sicily migrated to Chicago, like so many others from Southern Italy. Yet none of them could ever hope to be considered the most feared and fearsome member of the clan. 2 on Fortune magazine’s ranking of American gangsters, to which Kumerow replied, “To me, he’s just my grandfather, and I love him. Candidates for U.S. House District 15 make final pitches to voters as Election Day approaches. Kumerow moved to defense and played Outside Linebacker in college. Both of them played on National Championship football teams in 2014. Supposedly, these were the only jobs that Tony Accardo ever had. “Just consider his span. In the mid-’20s he caught the eye of the real Scarface. Wisconsin Whitewater is Division III and that level has had a playoff system in place for years. At about the same time and over in the Chicago, Illinois area, there was a high school athlete Named Eric Kumerow. Tony Accardo is a figure frozen in lore, a star in a game that, at least locally, is no longer played. But, it was on the football field that Kumerow’s star status shined the brightest. Question or comment? Nothing was ever proven to convict Tony Accardo of any illegal activities, but his descendents have proven to be pretty good football players. I know he appreciates it and we appreciate it as well.". Required fields are marked *. Nick Bosa’s great-grandfather was a blood-thirsty mobster who was a member of Al Capone’s organization. The daughter of Chargers defensive lineman Brandon Mebane was remembered before Los Angeles' playoff game against the New England Patriots. There was so much star power that all three cage matches could have been the main event their own pay per view. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Joey Bosa is the great grandson of Tony Accardo and he played high school football at Ft Lauderdale St Thomas Aquinas High School and was one of the top recruits in the nation. During pre-draft interviews after Eric’s junior year in Columbus, NFL teams asked about Accardo, concerned that he might influence games. That’s probably where Eric Kumerow got his 6-7, 250 size from. To tie this story together, Eric Kumerow is the grandson of Chicago Mob Boss ‘the Big Tuna’ Tony Accardo. Wisconsin-Whitewater won the Division 3 national championship. In ’93, Bosa married Kumerow’s sister, Cheryl, and they had two sons, Nick and Joey. Short on formal education but long on street smarts, he went to work for local crime syndicates and neighborhood bootleggers, executing muggings and serving as a lookout, before graduating to armed robbery. Eric's sister Cheryl married John Bosa, who played defensive end for the Dolphins. Wearing sunglasses, he invoked the Fifth Amendment 172 times. But, he transferred to Wisconsin-Whitewater. Young Tony Accardo had made it to the big time of organized crime. The Patriots asked fans to stand and observe a moment of silence for Makenna Mebane, who was born with a rare genetic condition known as Trisomy 13 that causes delays in development and affects several organs. Ahora hay una nueva opción para tener una vida más activa.... En San Benito Alerta contra presuntos estafadores. Here's a ranking of the top 10 wins in franchise history. Again, I did not write any of the above if any mob looking fellas show up at my front door. “If you’re a mobster and you don’t die with your shoes on, you must have been doing something right,” says Lindberg. Korver and the Bucks chose to protest their playoff game against the Magic on Aug. 26 following the shooting of Wisconsin resident Jacob Blake. You did your research. Jake played Wide Receiver at South Elgin High School in Bartlett, Illinois. Joey Bosa was almost the opposite of his father, John Bosa in that everyone in the country wanted him to come to their school and play football. | [DOOR FLIES OPEN], Tribute to MJ and Make Your Life Count and So Must I, 1st Rounder You’ve Never Heard of Series #1, Granville Liggins Oklahoma Defensive Lineman 1967, That most famous Quarterback Class Revisited:1983, Charles Waggoner SMU What Might Have Been. Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks shined and Randy Orton was Crowned New WWE Champion. Para los residentes que viven o transitan cerca de la calle Trenton y Bicentennial. (Not that he ever admitted it. Tony Accardo denied all to his last days and he was one of the only so-called mobsters that died of natural causes when he passed away in 1992. Not that there weren’t close calls. ), “Accardo may not have had Capone’s mystique, but he was extraordinarily powerful,” says Rich Lindberg, a Chicago author and historian. They adopted two sons, Joseph and Anthony; had two biological daughters, Marie and Linda; and moved into a sprawling home in River Forest, Ill., replete with an indoor pool and bowling alley. He moved back to the Chicago area and he had a son of his own named Jake. Bosa cracked the starting lineup midway through his freshman year in 2013. Miami again drafted 16th the following year, choosing Eric Kumerow, a linebacker from Ohio State whose father and uncle had been NFL offensive linemen. Kumerow has a little bit of his father’s size at 6-5, but is a slim 205 pounds. Just as Joey Bosa and his Ohio State Buckeyes won the national championship in 2014 during the first playoff games in the history of the sport, Jake Kumerow’s team also won a national championship. In a scene later bastardized in the 1987 film The Untouchables, Accardo took the men out back before the main course was served and bashed their skulls in with a baseball bat. Your email address will not be published. Despite these acts of violence, Accardo was, really, more brain than muscle.

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