Why are his answers so brief? Did his Ferrari contract allow him to do that?

Rarely have I seen Kimi in such good form in an interview situation. To access your subscription or free account. Was he training hard for his return to the grid? This is fine by me as the man has a nice wry sense of humour and is the master of the understatement. The lap, in a Suzuki Liana, was neat and quick. Not a logo or sponsor in sight. He is not prone to hyperbole, so his assessment of Raikkonen’s first lap in Portimao is particularly striking. “The first bit is OK but the rest of it is s***. “Instead, he just has to take questions on basically what went wrong. “It’s a scar yes, I had a good doctor to fix it, so…”.

Was that good? And yes, you’ve guessed it, I am also a fan of Mika Hakkinen. Check here for latest versions.

In his regular post-race column on Sky F1, Brundle said: “Kimi Raikkonen, from 16th and the ‘dirty’ side of the grid, made up 10 places in what was surely one of the greatest opening laps in F1 history. I was not disappointed. These days that is rare indeed. So there we had it, Raikkonen relaxed and unplugged.

So there we had it, Raikkonen relaxed and unplugged. With its two fastest riders…, “I guess when it’s going for you, it’s just going for you… you just have to enjoy it while it lasts and take what you can when you can.” Colin…, The stupidest journalist questions can sometimes elicit the best answers. It was a very strict contract, but as long as you don’t get hurt too badly, it’s OK.”. What about Abu Dhabi? His modus operandi is an acquired taste but he is far from dull, and that’s OK by me. Ultimately, Raikkonen’s flying start counted for nothing because he finished the race in 11th position and missed out on scoring World Championship points for what would have been only the second time this season. I am probably in a minority (again), but I am not a big fan of the Top Gear programme on BBC television. By the time you read this Kimi will be out in the Lotus in Melbourne. Sign-up now for access to a limited number of articles. And his comments about the special meaning of helmet designs for drivers? Is it true he was asleep in his motor home 30 minutes before his first Grand Prix in Melbourne in 2001? The latest news, updates and more straight to your inbox. Clearly bored by a lack of speed on the straight, Kimi took a long look at his surroundings. “He has a lovely smile,” she declared.

Cars are the same, people are the same. “I didn’t really ask them. It happened again in Portugal, with Bottas having been leading when he was passed on lap 20 by Hamilton with the Finn eventually finishing 25 seconds behind after both had been put on the same tyre strategy. Is that big scar on his lower left arm a result of a snowmobile accident last winter? Ferrari's 1997 F1 challenger wasn't the fastest car on the grid. Ironically,…, Lewis Hamilton put on one of his most dominant performances of the season to clinch his 92nd victory in Formula 1, becoming the series' most successful driver of all time.…, Formula 1’s visit to the Algarve International Circuit for a race might prove to be a one-off, but thanks to Lewis Hamilton the venue will have a place in the…. I like sleeping.”. What about those F1 press conferences? He prefers to keep his part in the proceedings to an absolute minimum. Home News Kimi’s opening lap ‘among greatest in F1 history’. Kimi Raikkonen admits he wondered what the rest of the field were doing as he overtook 10 cars on the opening lap of the Portuguese Grand Prix. Brundle also described how awkward it is becoming to conduct interviews with Valtteri Bottas after he has once more been put in his place by his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton. So I was keen to see Kimi out on their test track last week in what they call a reasonably priced car. “Not in the motor home, I found a nice place under a table. “If Hamilton wasn’t around he’d be a megastar,” said Brundle about Bottas, who admitted he had no answer to the pace of his colleague who broke Michael Schumacher’s record of F1 race wins by achieving his 92nd victory. Kimi is refreshingly free of the platitudes that have become common parlance in 21st Century Grand Prix racing. Thanks then to BBC Top Gear for this enlightening pre-season conversation. Next, the subject of modern circuits. The conversation with Clarkson came first, as a build-up to the 2007 World Champion’s lap of the track. Finally, the snowmobiling. Brundle drove in 158 Formula 1 races himself and has watched and commentated on hundreds more. Same story.”. A conversation with Mr Jeremy Clarkson was also promised and that, I thought, just had to be seen.

Thanks then to BBC Top Gear for this enlightening pre-season conversation. The lap, in a Suzuki Liana, was neat and quick. I discovered this some time ago, on the eve of the 1991 French Grand Prix, when Wayne Rainey had qualified…, The occasion of Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking 92nd grand prix victory was a virtuoso performance in a Mercedes with an advantage that was exaggerated by Red Bull’s wrong tyre choice. It’s not just Abu Dhabi, it’s many other new circuits also.”, “I don’t know, nobody knows where everybody is, it’s complicated to say from testing, but we will see. Never one to use 10 words when five will suffice, like the majority of Finns, Kimi doesn’t really do interviews. Kimi Raikkonen’s opening lap at the Portuguese Grand Prix was among the best of all time, according to Martin Brundle.. It’s normal, I always sleep before the race, there’s a little bit of time. So now you know. Low grip conditions were made even worse by light rain at the start of the race, meaning the medium tire was tough to warm up.

The veteran Finn showed all his experience and talent to move up from 16th position to sixth in his Alfa Romeo at the Algarve International Circuit, which was low on grip and made even more slippery by a very light rain shower.

An anti-dandruff shampoo is also a sponsor. What had caught his eye? It wasn't even the second-fastest car and yet Michael Schumacher arrived at the final race of the season leading…, Honda is having its toughest season since it returned to grand prix racing with the fabulous oval-piston NR500 in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The veteran Finn showed … “Little bit harder than normal, should be OK.”. My wife does not watch Top Gear but she wanted to see Mr Räikkönen, about whom she has heard me speak. “There was a very nice helicopter,” he told us. What had caught his eye? Our car is not too bad.”. He is not known among journalists to be what’s called a ‘good talker’. “There was a very nice helicopter,” he told us. If the car is half-way good, he will be right there amongst the other World Champions. Kimi ambled on, blue baseball cap, blue shirt, blue jeans. “A textbook study for budding racing drivers which will endure in perpetuity, the 41-year-old’s catlike reactions were truly impressive.”, Masterclass ‍#PortugueseGP @F1 pic.twitter.com/2s7JUjGW3R, — Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN (@alfaromeoracing) October 25, 2020, Get your hands on the official Mercedes 2020 collection via the Formula 1 store. “If you’re going to have to fight Hamilton then it might as well be in the equal fastest car, but if Lewis re-signs for multiple years then Valtteri will surely have to look elsewhere on the grid for his own self-esteem and motivation.”, Follow us on Twitter @Planet_F1 and like our Facebook page, Kimi’s opening lap ‘among greatest in F1 history’. Kimi Raikkonen’s opening lap at the Portuguese Grand Prix was among the best of all time, according to Martin Brundle. How did it feel to be back? Asked about the car he is to race this season, Kimi seemed a little unsure about its pedigree. I am, however, a big fan of racing driver Kimi Räikkönen. “Well it’s, er, it’s not a Renault. Lotus is just a sponsor. I mean, it’s very twisty in the middle part and you cannot overtake.

I mean, the Renault factory built it, so…”. “It seems to be working… maybe you should try it.”. For a better experience, keep your browser up to date. “You can make it very complicated, but you can also be straight and tell the true story, that’s much easier.”. Clearly bored by a lack of speed on the straight, Kimi took a long look at his surroundings. “Very normal. I find it uncomfortable to interview him immediately after a race, looking in his eyes to see a mix of fading adrenalin and disappointment, trying to find the right words to tread a middle ground of celebrating another podium while he’s been trounced again by his team-mate. Is it a Lotus or a Renault?

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