The best solution is to stay every night or every two nights in a different accommodation along the chosen path. First, cities, like Tanabe or Shirahama in the west and Shingu in the east, that are conveniently located at the trails starting points with generic hotel  complexes.

Budget-wise, accommodation prices range from an average ¥5,000 (~US$47.74) per night at a family-run minshuku inn, to ¥20,000 (~US$190.95) per night at a traditional and more luxurious inn such as a ryokan. Kumano Kodo is the name of the ancient pilgrimage routes crossing Kii peninsula: This region, of steep relief and covered by abundant forests, was always considered by Japanese people as a sacred entrance gate to the immaterial and hidden world of kami, Shinto deities that are thought to be the founders of Japanese civilization.

After paying a visit to the shrine, reach Oyunohara and its impressive torii ⛩️ gate in an easy walk.

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⬇️ Further down this page, discover our visit guide in Kumano Kodo and around. The views from the well preserved passes offer expansive scenic vistas over the Pacific Ocean.

…, New World: this is the literal meaning of the name of this highly emblematic Osaka working class area. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. We established a non-exhaustive list of recommended gears to hike the Kumano Kodo: Several options are available to visitors and pilgrims for staying in Kumano area. It is the most popular route for pilgrims from western Japan. These pilgrims used a network of routes, now called the Kumano Kodo, which stretched across the mountainous Kii Peninsula. The Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage is the name given to several hiking routes that criss-cross Japan’s Southern Kii peninsular. Isshoni means "together" in Japanese: share your trip details (dates, places you would like to visit) and find companions to travel in Japan. | The Kumano Kodō (熊野古道) is an ancient network of roads – dating back more than 1000 years – running through the mountainous interior of the Kii Peninsula. It is characterized by steep trails that cross over three passes of over 1000 meters elevation along its 70 km length. Hiking along the Kumano Kodō's trails is a way to see a side to Japan far from city lights, where forested mountains hide ancient places of pilgrimage, You could cover a lot of ground on a trip to Japan, or very little, and still get to experience the best of what the country has to offer. As temperatures go down, the area’s onsen hot springs become increasingly enjoyable. All Rights Reserved. We also recommend avoiding the rainy season ☔️ in June and typhoon  season in September. Its very old origins,…, Abeno Harukas, Japan’s highest skyscraper, is located in the south of Osaka in the Kansai region. © 2020 Lonely Planet. This is where your walk on the Nakahechi portion of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route begins. Michi-no-Eki is a well-known rest area on the road to Kumano Hongu Taisha. For those who don’t feel like walking, it is possible to ride a bus. It is sometimes possible to find sake  cups, biscuits or fruits offered by pilgrims to ask for protection during their journey. Hongu Taisha is the most important of three famous shrines known as the Kumano Sanzan. There are four main routes and two additional itineraries to reach the sacred zone of Kumano Sanzan, home to the three great shrines Hongu Taisha, Hayatama Taisha and Nachi Taisha: On Nakahechi trail, we especially recommend the short Dainichi-goe hike that connects Yunomine Onsen ♨️ village and Kumano Hongu Taisha in less than two hours.

Ise-ji; Nakahechi & Kohechi; Those generally visited by foreigners…, Wakayama is the capital city of the eponymous prefecture, located at the west entrance of Kii Peninsula, in…, Sumiyoshi Taisha is an important Shinto shrine located in the southern part of Osaka. We do recommend by the way to contact Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau before a hike to check weather and trails conditions. This site is in no way comprehensive, authoritative, or possibly even accurate! The three shrines are indeed located several kilometers away from each other. Memorize them at a fast pace with our method. In the heart of the mountains, it is possible to enjoy hot springs in Yunomine and Kawayu Onsen, in private baths and even public baths directly in the river. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Then continue along the white sand bank of Otonashi River, and head to the forest to start climbing on an old stone stairway. The pilgrimage route runs south from Tanabe along the coast to Fudarakusan-ji Temple. After paying homage in Ise, devotees would continue on the Iseji route to Kumano. However, be wary of bus schedules as there are very few local lines, and of travel time as the trip can last half an hour to two hours according to the destination. Hiking is thus an important part of Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, and offers an experience of ancestral Japan, whose beliefs and mystical practices are still alive nowadays. These are pilgrim trails, connecting historic shrines and temples with deep spiritual significance.

If Kanpai helped you in some way or another, we'd love you to share the website around! This route has a diversity of mountain passes, bamboo forests, terraced rice fields, and beaches. Some buses can even be a few minutes late, which is quite rare in Japan. On this 3.5 kilometers trails, two landmarks monuments help hikers to make sure they did not go astray: the small stone shrine Tsukimigaoka-jinja, hidden between two cedar trees, as well as Hanakake Jizo, dedicated to children protection and engraved in stone. According to the legend, Jimmu (or Jinmu), Japan’s first emperor and descendant of Amaterasu, the sun goddess, launched a military expedition to conquer the country. The Nakahechi pilgrimage route starts from Tanabe on the western coast of the Kii Peninsula and traverses east into the mountains towards the Kumano grand shrines. But booking accommodation only in these places can make travels to each spiritual sites quite long. Walking the ancient Kumano Kodo is a fantastic way to experience the unique cultural landscape of Kumano’s spiritual countryside. When traveling with suitcases, the use of Takkyubin luggage delivery service is highly recommended, so as to carry only what is necessary during the hike. Notes and tips on walking the Kumano Kodo UNESCO World Heritage pilgrimage routes. Copyright©2020 Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau. This site is meant to provide a clear and simple — but extremely general — overview for folks looking to walk the various UNESCO recognized pilgrimage paths of the Kumano Kodo.. When he had a hard time succeeding, he received from the three-legged raven Yatagarasu, sun’s messenger and symbol of Kumano, an invitation from Amaterasu to come meet her in Kii Mountain Range. Kii Peninsula is still a spiritual training place for Shinto priests and a place of worship for believers, of any social background. Walking the ancient Kumano Kodo is a fantastic way to experience the unique cultural landscape of Kumano’s spiritual countryside. The Kumano Kodo is actually a network of several ancient pilgrimage routes that converge on Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, a powerful Shinto shrine in the mountainous heart of Wakayama Prefecture. In July 2004, the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes were registered as UNESCO World Heritage as part of the “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range” property. To enjoy your experience in Kumano, we recommend staying at least three days, to take the time for a spiritual walk and to visit Kumano Sanzan’s three shrines.

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